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Bearbeitet am 17. Februar 2023

Just no. If you ever change levels, they will charge you the old platform fee + the new platform fee in the same month (paying double essentially). No usage days taken into consideration, which should be illegal frankly. We had to fight with them to get a refund. And their platform isn't very good... yet we ended up paying them $2k. I would not use this platform if I were you and if you do, be very careful about changing levels and the extra charges that they tack on. There are other options that aren't after your wallet. And BONUS, the make it hard for you to cancel. BONUS BONUS, you have to pay for your usage rate based on the quantity of orders you have as a store including ones that are totally unrelated to this platform (99.9% of ours were).

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20. Dezember 2022

Extremely difficult to use, good luck with customer service. They have only chat from somewhere around the world no phone calls no meetings online support can only send you videos or PDF instructions swim on your own or die.

Secrets Of Tea
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27. April 2022

Terribly expensive, almost feels like a scam. The app charges for orders which are coming on our store and have nothing to do with a usage of the app. The fees are even higher per order than Shopify's own % order fee.

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Rise.ai hat geantwortet 3. Mai 2022

Hi there,
Itay from the Rise.ai team here :), I am sorry you're feeling that way!

Customer experience is our top priority and we completely understand costs are an important issue for any merchant, but I believe it can be clarified better in this case.

I've personally reached out to you several times and it would be highly appreciated if you respond so we can follow up.

Bearbeitet am 12. Mai 2022

WARNING When I tried to cancel my subscription they refunded the fee of $199 and turned around and back charged me over $618. They said it was my fault as I mistakenly clicked to change the plan when trying to look for a way to cancel it. When I reached out to support for help I was told I should have paid attention to the warnings about the monthly overages. I explained what happened and was told too bad. I paid $199 on April 12, 2022 to cover April 12 - May 11. I tried canceling on May 12. They are now refusing to refund me. This is outright fraud and a scam. Buyer beware!

Everything Keto
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Rise.ai hat geantwortet 23. Januar 2022

Hi there,

We appreciate the review and feedback after your conversation with Dana.
Please let us know if there's anything we can help with in the future.

Bearbeitet am 19. Mai 2021

Here is an honest and clear update of my experience with Rise: Obviously as a business owner myself, I understand how important reviews are and I am honestly not one to leave negative feedback but I do feel that what I have gone through is important to share. A little bit of background: I sell predominantly through Etsy but also have a Shopify storefront. It’s always been a little bit frustrating for me that Shopify does not natively support many (what I would personally deem ‘necessary’) eCommerce features out of the box — store credit/gift cards being one of them. Because this type of thing is not included in a basic Shopify plan, we’re essentially forced to download a plethora of apps to support “additional” features. At its basic level, yes, Rise does what it “should”. I was a regular, $19.99 monthly-subscription paying customer for close to a year, maybe even more — even though every month I would definitely be paying more for the app than I would actually ever be getting out of it. However, I felt like having the gift card/store credit option was a necessity, so what choice did I have? I always have been (and unfortunately, still am) on the hunt to find a way to centrally manage details/status/tracking of both my Shopify and Etsy orders in one place. In an experimental attempt to do so, I imported my Etsy orders in bulk to my Shopify store without thinking twice about it affecting anything else. Shortly there after, I noticed a charge from Shopify for over $600! I was floored! How could I be charged that high of an amount without it being confirmed/authorized?! When I went in to the billing details, I noticed that the charge was from Rise. Immediately I uninstalled the app, contacted their support and Shopify support. Again, we’re not talking a measly $20 here... we’re talking... $600! Shopify support was great! They were very prompt and dedicated to helping me resolve the problem. The first response I got back from a Rise support member, however, was absolutely ridiculous. He claimed that they were doing me a “favor” and I actually should have been charged much more. Copy and pasted from the response: “Our pricing is based on total store orders, hence for each additional order above the plan limit, you'll be charged a fee. You're on the Starter plan which includes up to 100 total store orders per month ($0.2 extra charge per order). The past month you've had a total of 8,274 orders, which results in an overcharge of $1,654.80 So instead of charging you that amount, you were charged for the value of the monthly Premium plan.” Confused, I tried to explain that these were IMPORTED orders and there is absolutely no clear verbiage about this in their terms/plan details/etc. I exchanged a few more emails back and forth trying to defend my position while being bounced back and forth by at least 5-7 different support team members. Almost every response I got was from someone different. Finally, they concluded that I, in fact, WAS mis-charged and would be refunded. The literal next day (and obviously before I had gotten my money refunded back), I had another email from a different support member requesting that I remove my initial review — which really didn’t sit well with me. Mind you, my first contact with them was on April 8th. It is now May 19th and I had to send them ANOTHER email yesterday because they still have NOT refunded me. I will leave the other names unmentioned but Dana was the only support member that I feel was truly trying to provide me with any real “support”. So thank you, Dana. I do appreciate that you tried to help.

The Urban Flair
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Rise.ai hat geantwortet 2. August 2021

Hi Allie,

We're sorry that you didn't have the best possible customer experience and for the stress the additional charge caused.

However, we're glad that this was resolved (back in May) and that the full refund was processed.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and for this reason we work with our merchants with imported orders to ensure they are charged correctly.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to distinguish orders processed on Shopify versus those that are imported. As a workaround, our merchants let us know when orders are imported so we can ask Shopify to adjust the fee.

Apologies again for your experience, and we wish you the best of luck with your store!

If any further assistance is needed, please email us at info@rise.ai

All the best,
Rise.ai team

1. Juli 2020

If I could rate 0, I would. In my personal experience, Rise.ai is shady and a company out to gouge the little guy. When a customer, like myself, sees "$0.20 an order" on their pricing page, I find it “convenient" how they don’t provide any other explanation about what that actually means, LOL! Until you get the $1,000 bill. As an extremely savvy Shopify website owner and Shopify app customer, when I read "$0.20 an order" that obviously means to me $0.20 an order made by an actual Rise.ai gift card, or, obviously when a Rise.ai gift card is purchased. Because let’s be honest, it would be INSANE for that to actually mean $0.20 of every order made in my shop haha. But it does. It means, regardless of their involvement, they will take $0.20 an order.

On what planet, in what galaxy, does Rise think they are entitled to $0.20 a damn order? Your app provides the LEAST amount of value of the 15+ apps I am currently using and your app is 5x -100x more expensive than my other apps even with a plan reduction.

AVOID Rise.Ai. Run.

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Rise.ai hat geantwortet 4. Juli 2020

Hi Bryce,

It is Roy from the Rise.ai team.

We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. However, similarly to many other Rewards platforms, our pricing structure is based on total store orders. You can find all the details here - https://rise.ai/pricing.

I took a look at our support logs and I can see that our support team explained to you our pricing structure within a few minutes of your ticket being submitted.

As our policy is 100% customer satisfaction you can reach us at info@rise.ai or at +1 646 8786419 so we could talk.


Bearbeitet am 21. Oktober 2019

Inexplicable charges and inability to retrieve invoices to understand how the charges have been calculated despite having zero usage. No thanks.

Dilly Blue
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Rise.ai hat geantwortet 22. Oktober 2019

Hi team,

It's Mark from the Rise.ai team. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Your feedback helps us get better!

Please notice that our pricing structure is based on total store orders. You can find all the details here - https://rise-ai.com/pricing. We would be happy to talk with you and understand how to make it even more clear so this won't happen again.

As our policy is 100% customer satisfaction - Please reach us at info@rise-ai.com or at +1 646 8786419 so we can talk.

I look forward to hearing from you.


17. August 2018

7 day free trial than $12.99 monthly for basic plan (20 cards a month & does NOT include your business name) and plans go up to $399.99 a month - Seriously!! This is the most expensive app for gift cards out there.

Oh, the $399.99 a month option cost so much because they allow your name on the card, let you add animation to your gift cards and customized email templates - totally worth $4800.00 a year (sarcasm).

Complete Rip-off!

Rachels Promise E Store
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Rise.ai hat geantwortet 21. März 2019

Hey Rachel,

I’m Roy, head of customer success of Rise.ai. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. However, our pricing structure is very different than what you suggest.
We have a $19/mo Starter plan, which includes all our basic Gift Cards and customizations features

Furthermore, our Premium plan is for merchants who use our automated Loyalty and Rewards program, Bulk Gift Card campaign tool and many more exclusive features.

You’re welcome to take another look and try our app again with our new retention and upsell tools. We’d love to have you back :)

21. Juli 2017

The one feature we need (the ability to send a gift card directly to the recipient instead of having the customer forward it) is only available in the subscription plan that costs $69 more per month

Floral Hardy Of Skippack
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Rise.ai hat geantwortet 21. März 2019

Hey guys,

I’m Roy, head of customer success of Rise.ai. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. However, our pricing structure is very different than what you suggest. You can see it here - https://rise-ai.com/pricing

Our “send a Gift Card directly to a recipient” feature is available on all plans. That along with many more new tools, such as our automated Store Credit rewards.

I would appreciate another chance to earn your business, so we can help you to build the perfect gift card and store credit program.

You may reach us anytime at info@rise-ai.com or at +1 646 8786419.

Bearbeitet am 2. März 2021

Very disappointed....The app messed up my site appearance. I was billed multiple times for this app, and over two days no one was able to fix the issue of the "Send A Gift" button. Then after several follow up emails, I received no response.

Lovespoon Candles
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