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Send your products as gifts via e-mail

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Provide digital gifting option

Customers can send thoughtful gifts online; no more impersonal gift cards or missed holiday shipping deadlines!

Spark joy for a gift recipient

Gift recipients are delivered a personalized email, providing an immediate yet meaningful delivery option.

Bring new customers to website

Gain more customer insights! Build customer loyalty with your gift giver and the recipient.


No more gift cards. Create a delightful gift giving experience.

Gifted helps you offer a differentiated gift giving experience to your customers. Your customers can now digitally deliver their loved ones a gift from your store. By clicking our “Gift This Item” button on your product page, customers can easily fill out details to send an e-card to their loved ones, ensuring warm, fuzzy feelings all around.

Gain valuable customer insights and bring new customers to your site.

With Gifted, you can bring the gift recipient directly to your website, which allows you to incorporate them into your marketing funnel and gain new customer insights.

How it works for the merchant:

Step 1: Install and Customize Gifted

  • After installing Gifted, you can customize the gift form and the recipient emails to match your brand. Receive a notification every time a gift is sent.

How it works for your customers:

Step 1: Choose A Gift

  • A “Gift This Item” button will be installed on your product page. When shopping, a customer can click on the button to gift the specific product.
  • The customer will be prompted to fill out the recipient's information and include a personal note. The customer will then be directed to check out and pay for the gift.

Step 2: Recipient Receives Gift

  • The gift recipient will receive an email in their inbox alerting them to the gift.
  • The email will include the personal note and a link to your store to “Unwrap The Gift.” This drives the customer back to your store to see their gift, do additional browsing, and enter your marketing funnel.

Step 3: Fulfill Gift

  • Ta da! A great gift has been purchased. If possible, provide a gift receipt for this order.
  • You’ve made a new sale and gotten visibility into two customers. A simple and stress-free gift giving experience for everyone.






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Premium Plan


  • Gift This Item button
  • Full gift experience
  • Gift form customization
  • Gift email customization
  • Logo customization

Basic Plan


  • Gift This Item button
  • Full gift experience

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Sonage Skincare

one of the worst app we used. The app slowed the website, did not sent email to the recipient which was the main function of the app. The development team does not respond to emails.


This app saved us! We use Amazon multichannel fulfillment and we didn't have the ability to do gift messaging - since our business relies so heavily on gifting, we almost had to find another fulfillment partner but then we got lucky and found this app. The experience is great for both customer and takes zero effort for sellers. Love love love! Thank you so much!

Ilyse G. Jewelry

Gifted was easy to install, worked immediately on each of my product pages, and looked great! Customers love the personalized gifting experience. Highly recommend!