Increase sales with a new dedicated gifting checkout

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Dedicated gifting checkout

"Send as a gift" button is added to product pages. Clicking this button takes customers through a simpler, dedicated gifting experience.

Increase site purchases

Effortless gift checkout encourages more gift purchases and unlocks new transactions from existing site traffic.

Acquire new customers

Every GiftMagic transaction has a Sender and a Recipient - We turn Recipients into new site customers!

关于 GiftMagic

Increase site revenue with a single button!

GiftMagic button on product pages turns your site “browsers” into “buyers”, by offering a 2-click checkout specifically for sending gifts.

The Problem:

  • Visitors browsing your site often spot something they want to buy for a friend
  • Most will NOT buy the item on your site, because they don’t know their friend’s shipping address
  • GiftMagic button allows customer to send any item as an e-gift - directly to a friend’s phone, instantly! Friend then fills in their own shipping address

GiftMagic Solution:

  1. Unlock additional “impulsive gift” transactions
  2. Customers can truly shop “last minute” - because e-gifting is instant
  3. Reduce returns - because Recipients can modify their order before it’s dispatched (size/colour etc)

Simple button, powerful impact: Increase site revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce returns today!





Fitst 14 days free of comission. After that 10% fee only from completed GiftMagic transactions.

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