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11 février 2021

After installing this app, multiple addresses feature was working quite well. But after some days, this feature is not working properly. After adding multiple addresses to the products on cart page it shows an error "No Shipping Rate Available" and does not proceed to checkout.

Wholesalers Direct
11 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gist a répondu 11 février 2021


Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We are happy to take a look at why shipping rates may not be pulling through. We have reached out directly to you, and hope that we can get this sorted out right away.

You can also reach us at any time by emailing support@gist-apps.com

Talk to you shortly,


29 mai 2021

Not impressed with the support provided to me during my demo trial period. The support was so poor I decided to cancelling account / removing. It took 4 days into 7 day trail to receive a response (after two emails / and VM). One issue was solved by pointing me to a FAQ and being told its work right. (PopUp carts are not compatible). Second issue was basically ignored. Third issue was data flow to Shippingeasy. Its simply impossible with Shippingeasy to have a product level gift message print on their platform. Documentation shows they are compatible, but the compatibility is simply Giftship/Shopify API sending out the data. After a great calls with Shippingeasy (not Giftship) support - they confirmed they do not have the ability to parse/ print the message. I asked for an extension to try and resolve or find work-around but was refused and told the product is working correctly. Decided it was not in the best interest of my company to continue when a new user is given sub-par support.

Celebrations Coffee
7 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Gist a répondu 29 mai 2021

Hi Mike,

We appreciate the sincere feedback, and want to apologize for any time delay in sorting these issues out for you during your free trial.

When 3rd party apps and themes require more manual integration than out-of-the-box apps allow, it can take a bit more back and forth during the onboarding process to get everything working well. Hopefully we can pick up the dialogue and get everything sorted out!

We have sent over a private message to you, and we hope that we can work through these integration steps and get everything working well.