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25 marzo 2021

Communication is great in the beginning then to zero. The data is great, but Shopify's data is catching up to make Glew less valuable. Beware you will be auto renewed annually. Not enough there to justify the high cost anymore. Canceling now but have to wait 10 months for the auto-renew to expire.

Sullen Art Co.
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29 aprile 2020

We got a new debit card a few weeks ago, therefore after a year of them easily charging us, the card declined. I would have had our finance team reach out, but i had a death in my family from Covid19 and they wrote to me, the CEO, rather than anybody else in our company. They followed up every single day for two weeks threatening collection. During a pandemic? We're a large retailer - was it worth losing our business harassing me? It was clear our company was going to pay - we had always paid them. All of that harassment for $400? During this time in our nation? Gross.

Always Fits
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 4 anni
Glew ha risposto 29 aprile 2020

Hi there - this is Abby with the Glew team. We know this is a uniquely challenging time, and we are incredibly sorry to hear about the loss in your family.

We also sincerely apologize for the way your billing communication was handled - without us having been made aware of your extenuating circumstances, your account entered our standard outstanding payment process, with you as the billing point of contact. We have tried to be sensitive to all of our merchants’ varying situations and challenges in the current moment, and we apologize for the misunderstanding and that our communication fell short.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at if there’s anything I can do, now or in the future - we appreciate you working with us.