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4 aprile 2023

We've been using Glew for a number of years and love it. Easy to install, simple to use and great insights to key metrics.

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7 ottobre 2022

I've been a user of Glew since they first released their product and a huge advocate for them. If you're in the Ecom game, you need a tool like Glew to help with analyzing Shopify and other platform data to make informed decisions using their vast reporting capabilities. I just upgraded to their Glew Plus and their Looker integration takes the data to another level. If you're just starting out, then is plenty, but if you want some advanced analytics, then I highly recommend using Glew Plus. Shout out to Lindsay and Charlotte for being amazing partners! 5 star recommendation all day, every day.

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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 4 mesi
6 ottobre 2022

Glew has been a great tool for our business insights into product buying and planning, as well as day to day Ecom metrics. I enjoy the starter view in the dashboard as it gives our team a really high level highlight of the key business metrics for our Shopify store and ad spend. Our team also loves that they do a daily snapshot email that hits your inbox every morning and lets you see how you did the previous day with revenue, AOV, CR, ad spend, etc. The thing that really makes Glew stand out from competitors though is how nice their dashboards and tools look. They do a really good job making the platform look and feel premium. This is what makes us want to keep logging back in for more data!

Richer Poorer
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Oltre 2 anni
21 settembre 2022

Glew is an exceptional tool for fast, easy, and actionable data. Although we outgrew this tool, its ability to track paid and home-grown channel performance gave us a clear view of what to do for our business.

100 Thieves
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23 agosto 2022

We have Glew Plus and use it to connect all the data sources for our ecommerce website. The onboarding process is well organized and the Glew team helps guide you through learning and set up. Glew helps us to see information from multiple sources in once place. This helps us understand trends and make business decisions.

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18 maggio 2022

Glew has been instrumental in helping us analyze our business quickly and efficiently. We are grateful for Glew's services and can't wait to continue to see how it impacts our business. The Glew team was incredibly supportive during the entire process. Our contacts, Katie and Lindsay, have been especially helpful. We are huge fans of the email segmentation features, marketing analytics, and the number of App integrations. We recommend this website integration for anyone any business looking for reliable data. Give the free trial a shot.

Evan Alexander Grooming
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Glew ha risposto 18 maggio 2022

Hi Evan! Josh with the Glew team here. I just wanted to say we sincerely appreciate the review and look forward to continuing this growth journey together!

25 febbraio 2022

Glew helped me identify some key parts in my business that not even Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics did. Highly recommend, if you want a quick snapshot of what's working and not working in your business.

Jamaican Care Packages
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Glew ha risposto 18 maggio 2022

Josh with the Glew team here. Love the feedback and support! If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask!

12 gennaio 2022

Glew Pro is an extremely powerful tool that has provided my ecomm brand with valuable insights on our marketing efforts. The tool can go very deep into your data and has a little bit of a learning curve so I strongly recommend working with your account rep, and attending the webinars. The webinars are really informative and helpful! The data that they have been able to collect (and visualize) about our customers & their purchase journey is top notch. The tool has a ton of value in understanding LTV and actions you can take from it. I would recommend using lapse point, as well as the lifetime orders segments to hyper focus on customer cohorts. They also have a unique metric called Product CLTV, that was invaluable for us understanding our most valuable products. This data has helped us refine our prospecting, retargeting and retention marketing strategies, and ultimately driving more efficiency with our organic & paid marketing efforts. For the price, it is a steal and has become an essential marketing tool for our growth-focused e-commerce brand.

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Glew ha risposto 18 maggio 2022

From all of the Glew team, we're so happy you're enjoying the product and really diving into the possibilities! Power users are so crucial to our improvement and development, and we wouldn't be here without you!

17 novembre 2021

use the app to get a quick snapshot of whats going on and review inventory, works well and great customer support thus far!

Crap Eyewear
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 4 anni
Data modifica: 9 aprile 2021

Glew has been extremely helpful to our company by giving us all of our data in one central location. I would recommend this to any company that is trying to grow their e-commerce business. We are now able to see our CAC and LTV all in one place where we can share with investors and our team.

Tiesta Tea
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