List products w/ one feed to Google, Facebook, Bing, Pinterest

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One feed multiple channels

Use our feed pull URL across numerous channels: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Commission Junction, Bing just to name a few.

Easily transfer data

Product data is exported to a file and available at a unique URL.

Optimize product data

Customize your product listing data to increase sales, a key factor to being successful on Google Shopping and numerous channels.

有關 GMCFeed

GMCFeed - The Only Tool You Need to Optimize and Sync Your Products to Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Pinterest + More.

Perfect for Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop product catalog syncing as well as Pinterest Shopping listings and Google Shopping

GMCFeed syncs your Product Catalog with Google Merchant Center, Facebook & Instagram Product Catalog, Pinterest + many more which then allows you to create Google Shopping Ads/Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Instagram Shopping... Expose your products to the world!!

Install Today and we will optimize your data for FREE!

How does it work?

After initial setup all products will sync daily. A true set it and forget it app. We even help to optimize the listing and provide support on integration.

  1. When you install the app, we automatically generate a URL with your product feed.
  2. You place this URL directly in your Channel: Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Bing, etc. and we give you step by step instructions with pictures on how to do it.
  3. From this point your product data will update daily.
  4. You can optimize and correct the data even easier using our tool and if you need help with any errors we're happy to help. Simply drop us a message.

For the Marketing Professionals:

  • Optimize Products to submit for Feed Channels
  • Custom rules to alter any field: ie. titles, custom labels, product type
  • Google Ai for google_product_category creation
  • Custom filter rules to submit only the products you want listed
  • Manually view/edit data in a grid like excel sheet.
  • New feed pull URL created can be used with numerous channels below.

Autonomous Daily Product Export of Your Data

  • Settings allow to export product data once or twice daily.
  • Parent level Metafields (custom fields) included.
  • All required fields included to be utilized in Google feed format.

Easily Transfer Data

Data is hosted at an accessible HTTP address in .TXT format. ie. /csv/

Feed Channels that Accept Our Feed Format

  • Google Shopping
  • Facebook
  • Commission Junction
  • Bing
  • PepperJam
  • Criteo
  • Pinterest

Support Up to 70,000 SKUs

*For higher SKU counts please reach out.

What Makes Us Unique from the Competition

  • We utilize AI for Google Product Categorization.
  • We SEO OPTIMIZE titles/description with a command line custom rule generator.
  • Create Custom Labels for hundreds of products in seconds.
  • Manage SKU level changes for the ultimate flexibility.

And the Most Important:

  • One simple URL for MULTIPLE CHANNELS!
  • Install Today at no cost and request your #Free Feed setup

Expert assistance and troubleshooting included


  • Facebook,
  • Pinterest,
  • Bing,
  • Commission Junction,
  • Criteo,
  • Google Shopping



Free Plan


  • Includes features:
  • Up to 50 SKUs
  • Custom Filter Rules
  • Custom Rules
  • 1 Time Daily Export
  • Metafields

Starter Plan

每月 $9.99

  • Up to 3k SKUs
  • Ai Google Categorization
  • Custom Filter Rules
  • Custom Rules
  • 2 Time Daily Export
  • Metafields


每月 $19.99

  • Up to 10K SKUs
  • Enhanced Optimized Rules
  • 3 Time Daily Export
  • Metafield Support
  • Multi Inventory Locations
  • Automated Shipping Settings


每月 $24.99

$3/mo for each add. 1K SKUs

  • 10K+ SKUs
  • All Benefits of Agency Plan
  • 4 Time Daily Export
  • Professional Setup
  • Premium Support 2-4 Hours Response Time
  • Custom Feeds

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

4.8 5 顆星

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ALZO Digital

This app met all my needs easily and quickly. The support was fast and very clearly written. We now have an accurate and easily maintained feed for Merchant Center. Previously we used 3 different apps as well as creating and maintaining a feed file by hand with each approach having a downside, GMCFeed is clearly the best solution.


Love it.
Fast, helpful support, any issues are resolved without any hassle. The app is easy to use, get's the job done and is less complicated than some others out there.

Amelia Grace Interiors

I downloaded this app and had some issues, after many emails between ourselves and pinterest, they managed to get the issue resolved as Pinterest deactivated my account due to spam.
The app developer could have refused to help, but they didn't and did manage to get my account reactivated after 6 days. I appreciate that given the hours worth of effort I had put into grow my account. Thus I have amended my review to reflect their assistance.



Hello Amelia Grace,

Happy to help clarify and resolve your Pinterest Catalog settings issue.

We work with hundreds of Pinterest accounts and have not faced any problem similar to yours. Was the Product feed added to Pinterest catalog section as found in the Documentation?

We attempted to contact you directly and also reached out to our Pinterest representative to help resolve efficiently.

We pride ourselves on our support and would like to help assist where possible.