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29. Mai 2021

It couldn’t be worse.
It's been a week since I paid a fee of $24 a month, but no one joins the alliance. For other applications, 20 people joined immediately. I asked the developer about this, but he only answered me recklessly, and it seems that the market was not activated in the first place. Never download it.

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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 29. Mai 2021


If you are looking for overnight success, then the app/affiliate marketing is probably not the right way to go. It takes a while for the affiliates to develop trust in your store and products and then they will actually start joining and getting you sales

Since your website is just 9 days old (domain registered 21st May 2021), and currently has a very low domain rating score, give it some time before it's Domain rating improves and your program becomes more prominent

Our marketplace has vetted affiliates so you won't get fake or fraudulent registrations, only the interested affiliates and agencies

If you are a new store and are getting a lot of signups without advertising your affiliate program, that itself is a BIG RED FLAG. Be aware of coupon sites, cookie stuffers etc, which will claim your organic sales as referral sales.

Also, the marketplace is available on the free plan itself, so you don't have to pay if you are not running a private custom label program. So we don't see what the downside can be of such an approach

Attaching a screenshot of the email thread from customer support, where our rep has guided you correctly on how to grow your program and you can see, there is no "recklessness" or "rudeness" in the messages

Hoping this message clarifies any confusions or miscommunication

As always, we thank you for your support and patronage

Bearbeitet am 17. Februar 2021

It's awful. doesn't track referred traffic and I'm assuming orders properly (impossible to tell at this point).
Asked for support and their response basically boiled down to "yeh its not working with your store, you should fix it"
Like what the actual eff?!?!
Obviously, this is potentially damaging relationships with my affiliates which is unacceptable. Not using this app and you shouldn't either. Period.

Cat Janiga Jewelry
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 17. Februar 2021


As mentioned in the email reply, there is an app/product variant which is causing automatic redirects of the URL's. So you will see the same problem with any tracking tool (since the URL is changed to something else)

Copy pasting the reply from earlier email

Do you have any redirection (app or other setup) which redirects the product to it's first variant ? Do you have any product variation app in your store ? Your setup is currently redirecting every query parameter to the variant id (not just for the goaffpro app, but for other analytics too.)

eg. if you are running a facebook/google ad, with campaigns eg.

You will again not get the correct results, since if you notice, the URL is again redirected to the variant id and the utm_campaign parameter gets removed (just like the ?ref parameter gets removed)

For normal shopify stores, if you visit a URL like

You will notice that the URL is not automatically changed. So, there is indeed an app/other configuration issue on your store which is causing this unintended redirect.

You should also connect with shopify customer support to know why the product page is redirected automatically to VARIANT ID query parameter URL.

7. Februar 2021

After installing the app, I keep receiving emails about Goaff Pro from India.
The emails say I am now "on a list to continue receiving future emails".
What in the heck is going on?

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Bearbeitet am 3. Januar 2021

guys make sure you read this before using this app , If there was the option of zero star, I Would definitely give this app and their team zero . The app has so many bugs , first of all you should know that if you are using checkout-x for your checkout page , The coupon code generated by this app will not work . so after 1 week using this app and then receiving negative feedbacks of my members , they told me that I can not use that with checkout X. so basically you might loose the trust of your affiliates when the code is not working ,they dont mention that since they want you to get the app and subscribe, and after that they will not mention until you ask . 24 hours after the first issue ,second issue showed up. the purchases from referral links are not getting recorded . means if your affiliate send the link to the referrals and they complete the purchase , the purchase will not be recorded and as a result , your affiliate thinks that you lied to them and you steal their commissions , as a result , you loose your members , be so much careful with this app since it might destroy your whole reputation as it did to me so far. now waiting for their response . update of review : There is no issue from me using checkout X for my shopify , I am aware of rules and aware of what I am doing , everything is in its place . I guess it is better for you guys as developer of this app to mention all details when someone want to use the details . I can provide details of how your support chat has responded to me when I defend my affiliate rights on getting their commissions . do not try to put the blame on me or checkout X or shopify . that is the issue for your app . I am asking why when my affiliate placing orders , it has not been tracked by your app and how they can get their commissions . and then your support replied there is issue with your app and they need to check and ask me to manually enter the details of those affiliates which did not get their commissions and raised the issue . basically if someone did not mention about their commissions and did not raise the issue , I do not need to do anything . a fabulous suggestion from your support team ,basically means we do not need pay their commissions if they do not mention anything . isnt that marvelous ? now you need to fix the issue of your app tracking the orders , otherwise you can clearly say that this app is not working . it is not about shopify or checkout X OPTION , IT IS ABOUT YOUR APP WHICH IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY . UPDATE : first of all I was not angry , I asked your support team about the issue and when they mentioned that i DO NOT NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OTHER MEMBERS WHICH ARE NOT RAISING THE ISSUE , I GOT angry . secondly I had no discussion with checkout X about this issue so far , and I am sure if i ask them they will definitely respond better than your support team and take responsibility . based on new rules if I uninstall checkout X which bring me thousands dollars sales , I am not able to install it back in 2021 , only old members like me can use the checkout X because we registered that in 2020. so basically this is one of those funny answers again. TO MENTION AGAIN , SINCE YOU ARE TRYING TO MISLEAD THE TOPIC , I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT COUPON CODE , I DEACTIVATE THE COUOPN CODE YESTERDAY SINCE YOU TOLD ME THAT IT IS NOT WORKING WITH CHECKOUT X .. TODAY WE HAVE OTHER ISSUE , WHY SOME OF THE ORDERS ARE BEING TRACKED BY YOUR APP AND SOME DO NOT. SO BASICALLY IT IS NOT CHECKOUT X ISSUE when some of them get their commissions and some not , that is obviously your app issue . so please do not take the topic on coupon code , that is already dealt with . I am asking why some of the orders are being tracked , and some are not . they all using the same method for checkout .... i need a clear answer , if your app is not working , why do you offer it in shopify app section ? better not be in the list and work properly rather than be there and damaging other businesses and their members trust on them . you need to raise your knowledge on it ,also raise your app functionalities . update ; so basically we go to the topic that this app is useless , also support team has no information about their own app . thanks we prefere to cancel our subscription before we get any more damaged by your app or your team from india and we will take the case to checkout X as well to see how they respond to what you have mentioned here . the funny part is when I asked your support team that why didnt you mention that it does not work with checkout X , THEY SAID THEY CAN NOT MENTION ANY OTHER APP SICNE THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED and now in this comment they are mentioning other app name here easily on public and they are destroying their public image as well. Thanks for your awesome, professional and knowledgable response !!!!!

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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 3. Januar 2021


Just to clarify, CheckoutX is a third party private checkout app (and not regular shopify checkout system). If you use a private app to customize your checkout, you are deliberately breaking Shopify's terms of conditions and because of this we cannot support this CheckoutX as the checkout system.

When you create this private app, you are warned multiple times by Shopify themselves. See below

Also see the "Play by rules" section of Shopify terms

We cannot support any store or app, which is deliberatly in violation of rules set by the shopify platform, as this puts us at risk of getting banned from the app store as well. And this has nothing to do with the app itself. If you use a shopify checkout or any shopify supported checkouts, the app works flawlessly.

Also, we understand that you are frustrated, but if you had followed the setup wizard which does the initial compatibility and tracking test, you would have known this right away.

Finally, we highly recommend that you get in touch with Shopify customer support and get explicit permission to use the CheckoutX system otherwise your shopify account may be at risk of getting suspended.

Thanks and Regards.

We understand your anger, and I assure you the support rep will be appropriately dealt with. I just want to mention that these unsupported checkout apps are breaking trust between app developers and merchants.

A small request, try the app without CHECKOUT-X system and see if it works or not. If the app works with normal Shopify checkout system then you know where the fault is, isn't it.

If you need more confirmation, ask the CheckoutX team, why they are not on Shopify app store ? Because it is their system that is broken.

Coupon codes of affiliates are in your (Shopify discounts page -> GOAFFPRO app -> View discount codes), they work on Shopify checkout, but the don't work on CheckoutX checkout. Please ask CheckoutX, why is that ?

I feel like, you (or the CheckoutX team) are passing the blame onto us for which we have absolutely no control over. We cannot add custom scripts to track conversion in CheckoutX (since they are outside shopify ecosystem), which is required for conversion tracking.

One of the ways to do tracking in such scenarios, is to create a custom coupon code in Shopify and then assign this coupon code to the affiliate (just like the HAPPY10 coupon code you have). The system can read those coupon codes and and correctly assign the sales.

Also for past orders, if your affiliates can tell you the order numbers, you can assign those sales to them via Sales -> All sales tab -> create new sale manually option.

UPDATE #2 - The orders geting tracked are only the ones which the affiliate himself placed (using their own email address as customer). So in that case, the affiliate's usage of link does not matter as they are explicitly tagging the orders to themselves with their own email.

Bearbeitet am 4. Januar 2021

He intentado volver al plan gratuito y no tienen ninguna opción para hacerlo. He intentado contactar con ellos en repetidas ocasiones por correo electrónico para solucionar este problema y no responden. Para cualquier otra consulta responden en 24 horas. Es una pena porque la aplicación es buena.
¿Al desistalar la aplicación pierdo todos los datos de mis afiliados? quiero seguir utilizándola pero en el plan gratuito

Zeta Drinks
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 29. Dezember 2020


As stated earlier, Simply uninstalling the app cancels your subscription, you don't have to do anything else to cancel your plan


Data will not be deleted. Simple reinstall the app to continue with the free plan. Your affiliate data, sales etc does not get affected during a reinstall

Let us know if this works for you

23. Dezember 2020

No support what so ever. Plainly sad. Emailed them bunch of times and never got an agent to email back.

Alea Inc
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 23. Dezember 2020


I don't think you are getting our emails. See the screenshot below of your last query to us and our reply

We are still waiting for your response on this.

Thanks and regards

17. November 2020

I don't see a point in using this app. Emailed support asking some questions on the marketplace, did not get a response. If you're looking for an affiliate program with a marketplace where affiliates can find you, this is not it. You have to find your own affiliates.
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 17. November 2020

Hi Puzzlev

The app is intended to provide you with a fair and unbiased handler to establish trust between you and your affiliates. The reason marketplace is currently in beta and not live yet, is because, by providing you with our affiliates, the trust with merchant is bound to break over long term.

The simple reason is that you cannot independently trust the tracking of an affiliate NETWORK, and have to have your own tracking methods to know that the sales being claimed by the network's affiliates are actually correct and not organic sales being reported as referral sales (by THEIR app)

Even if you use a affiliate network to get you sales, you still should have your own verification mechanism otherwise you will loose money to fraudulent orders and refund scams. We have been in this business for over a decade and know why offering a network is actually detrimental to the merchant's business.

Hope this helps clears your doubts.

22. Oktober 2020

I've been using this app for the last 2 months. The app is stellar and the documentation is thorough and detailed. However, the customer support is non-existent. GoaffPro mentions 24/7 customer support, but there's absolutely no responses. Even after contacting the support multiple times and sending follow up emails, no one gets back to you. Interestingly, my emails have read receipts and they're being opened; however, no one is replying back. Facing a glitch? Good look getting in touch with someone. Have a particular use case? There's no one to help. Need further explanations or clarifications? That's not going to happen. This is extremely unprofessional given that many people's businesses rely on this app's performance and the support team behind it. Overall a solid app, but if you're hoping for a useful customer service, look else where.

Yoga Fun Puns
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 22. Oktober 2020

Hi Ismael

Thanks for the review. But on further inquiry, I did not found the customer support lacking in your case

Your last email to us was 9 hours ago.

Before that the last communication was on 30th September. Which was responded to in < 4hours time. Screenshot below

Please allow for some time for the support team to respond to the tickets before giving reviews. There is only so much we can offer you on the FREE plan. Our premium plan comes with phone support, which might be better suited for you if you have a mission critical query.

Hoping for a long lasting relationship.

25. August 2020

Their support is very poor, we faced a problem regarding mail customization but haven't received a solution yet.

Dot & Key
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Bearbeitet am 19. August 2020

The features seems good, BUT very bad customer service, no support at all as what they claim themself 24/7 support, bullshit....! My Goaffpro Support Ticket #1597296771204 has been 7 days, no feedback at all! We paid and end up without their technical support,what do you think?

Idoromo Beauty Solution
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 20. August 2020

[Merchant update required]

Tickets were replied to shortly after you submitted them. Please ensure that you are receiving emails on your email address ( Also check if if the email s are not ending up in your spam folder.

Attaching the screenshots of the the tickets and their replies

Hope this helps. Looking forward to hearing back from you.