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Bearbeitet am 17. August 2020

this app forced me to use a buy option on my shop that ruined my motivation to do anything as i could not remove the paypal buy option and people assumed it was the only available payment method its actually cancer.

Hand Made Emporium
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 18. August 2020

[Merchant Update required]


Can you elaborate on this please ? Which PayPal buy button are you referring to ? The app does not affects your store's design or payment options in any way, not does it forces you to use PayPal

Perhaps you are confusing the app with some other app ??

Please get back to us at so we can resolve this at the earliest.

Thanks and Regards

5. Juli 2020

Não estou conseguindo integrar minha plataforma de pagamento, faço as compras através do link do afiliado e não aparece nenhum pedido para meu afiliado.

OSSCO - Original Street Style Co
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 5. Juli 2020

[Merchant update required]

Thanks for the review. Which payment platform is it ? Did you contact support for the helping with the integration ? If yes, please let me know of the support ticket number. You can also contact me directly at and I will make sure this gets done.

Thanks and Regards

Update: Still waiting for communication from your end. If possible kindly contact us at as soon as possible so we can get this resolved at the earliest.

Bearbeitet am 11. Juni 2020

07/11/20 - Thank you for attempting to fix the issue. However, GoAffPro is now no longer communicating with Klaviyo at all - nothing. How do we resolve this? Quickly?
We have emailed the address you provided with no response - our email was sent to you on 07/10/20 @ 3PM EST.

To resolve please email directly so we can move forward.

We had such high hopes for this app but have become quite disappointed.

Review after review speaks of how good customer service is and after repeated attempts to get help there has been NO response.

The issue we are having is this - GoAFFPro is not playing nice with Klaviyo. Plainly speaking the integration does not work properly and bits of information are lost in the transfer. This is Particularly true with respect to telephone numbers.

If we could get some assistance on this we would certainly consider updating this review but at the moment we are terribly dissatisfied.

Impact Mouthguards
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 10. Juni 2020


CTO of Goaffpro here, I am not sure, but I was unable to find any ticket number from your store ID. If you can send me the ticket ID at, I will be able to look at it thoroughly.

I did take a look at the phone number sync issue on your account and it should be fixed now. Klaviyo permits email and phone_number as standard sync items and you should be able to see the phone number information in your klaviyo profiles. Rest of the profile information would be in the extra information tags.

Hoping to hear from you at, so I can resolve this issue personally

Thanks and Regards

Bearbeitet am 16. Mai 2020

J'ai installé ce matin cette application. J'étais très heureuse de demander à mes clients de s'inscrire. Ce soir , je lis que vous m'avez bloqué ou bani. Je me comprends pas. Quelle est cette manière de travailler avec les gens? Dois-je désactiver? Informer mes ambassadeurs que ce n'est plus bon?
Merci de me répondre

I installed this application this morning. I was very happy to ask my clients to register. Tonight I read that you blocked or banished me. I don't understand myself. What is this way of working with people? Should I deactivate? Inform my ambassadors that this is no longer good?
Thank you for answering me
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 17. Mai 2020


I am sure there is a confusion. We do not ban merchants from the platform. In fact there is no such functionality in the system. Perhaps you are confusing our app with some other app?? Can you share with me at where you are seeing the “ban” ???


Follow up #1 - Following up on this ? Can you please update on this issue ?

23. April 2020

Right now I am about 3 days into my 15 day trial and my experience is not making me want to stay with the premium. The discount codes for my affiliates don't seem to work and I can't find anything helpful online to resolve the issue. I sent a message to them, but I am not hopeful for a quick resolution. Sent a message 3 days ago with nothing but a confirmation in response. I also didn't get an email about the affiliates that were waiting approval recently. I had high hopes, but right now I am thinking I may need to find another app.

Great Mornings Coffee & Tea
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 24. April 2020

Hi Kristin

Your support ticket was replied to within hours of submitting, but probably because your contact email was incorrect you did not get the reply. Please check the Contact Email in Settings -> Notifications tab.

Currently it is set to, which doesn't seem right.

Now coming on to your question. Since you had manually set the expiry of the automatic coupons to 27-Nov-2019 (by editing the [APP]GOAFFPRO discount rule in Shopify), the coupons stopped working on that date. To make them work again, we ask you to either extend the expiry or remove the expiration date altogether.

Also, your automatic coupons are set to apply on limited sets of products, so during testing, please ensure that your cart has those products, or you can also remove this limit in the Coupons -> Automatic Coupons section.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need help with anything else.

5. März 2020

I can't even set up coupons for my affiliates so none of them have discount codes they can use with their followers

Khai Clothing
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 5. März 2020


You can set coupons in the Coupons page. You can also enable Automatic coupons to be generated and assigned to each affiliate when they register.

Please get in touch with us at so we can help you better.

2. Februar 2020

Paid for the premium membership because it promised integration with ReCharge (another Shopify app). Integration did not work at all. Tried to downgrade my subscription, but no option. Contacted support, no reply. Writing this in the hope that I get a response. I would like a refund for the 2 month premium and my subscription downgraded.

Dr Heffs US
Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 5 monate
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 2. Februar 2020


I checked your support tickets and It seems we had replied to every one of them in prompt manner but we never got confirmation from your end. Can you confirm if your email address - is working and monitored by you ? See the replies screenshots attached -

Please do get in touch at or via our facebook support channel for a quick resolution of the issue.

Thank you for your support in the matter.

28. Januar 2020

Absent customer service does not respond to emails or respond completely alongside. Really a shame I installed it then remove it 2 times because no response to my emails of requests for help when I chose the paid plan. It is the first opinion that I leave

Kaylabé Produits cosmétiques naturels
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26. Januar 2020

Do not open!!! I tried to install 2 times and it is only on an infinite load page. Please fix this urgently

The Fashion Kings
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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 26. Januar 2020


Please connect with us at and we can help you get the app set up

You can also add to your staff account and our engineer will install the app and set the affiliate program for you

Looking forward to hearing from you
Thank you

Bearbeitet am 27. Januar 2020

it have some problem , When press setting don't show anything ,try to order The balance is not shown. I think it's not perfect.

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