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5. Dezember 2023

Unless you get Rohan, Greg or Paul to assist you, then unfortuatly all you will get is sent endless articles of how to supposidly fix things that are not working!!! No real customer services, in fact i have been told by one advisor on the live chat whilst trying to help with a issue " we dont have the fuction to assist with issues".
What is the purpose of a live chat if it can't help you with issues?
I would do your research, check the dates of reviews on this app and others before making a decision on an affiliate app, we are currently looking for alternatives.
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7 monate mit der App
23. Oktober 2023

we have been a loyal customer of Goaffpro for the past three years and have relied on their service to manage our affiliate program. However, my recent experience has left me deeply disappointed and frustrated. Over the last three months, we decided to make the transition to the GoKwik custom checkout system, believing it would improve our user experience. Unfortunately, for the past 20 days, we've been encountering persistent issues that have hindered our operations. What's even more frustrating is Goaffpro's response to the problem.

They claim that the issues we're experiencing are solely due to the custom checkout system, but I strongly disagree with this assessment. I have conducted a thorough analysis of our setup, meticulously testing different scenarios, and it is evident that the problem lies within Goaffpro's platform, not the custom checkout. It is deeply frustrating that they have swiftly shifted the blame to the custom checkout without conducting a thorough investigation.

Our frustration has been exacerbated by their reluctance to investigate the matter further. As loyal customers with a long-standing relationship spanning three years, I expected Goaffpro to take a more proactive approach to address this issue. Instead, we've encountered resistance and a lack of willingness to explore potential problems originating from their end. This approach is far from the customer-centric service we had come to expect from Goaffpro.

In conclusion, my recent experience with Goaffpro has been disheartening. While the service has been reliable and efficient for years, their handling of the recent issues related to the custom checkout has left us frustrated and dissatisfied. We urge Goaffpro to reconsider their position on this matter and commit to a comprehensive investigation into the issues their customers are facing. It's time for them to restore the trust of loyal customers like us by addressing the issues promptly and effectively.

4 monate mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 24. Oktober 2023


So the app was works fine with shopify chekout but not with gokwik checkout.

In such a case, Logic dictates, then the issue is with gokwik checkout not with goaffpro.

Over 40,000 merchants use the app with no issues whatsoever because the goaffpro app is fully vetted, thoroughly reviewed and regularly re-reviewed by shopify App Store team to ensure everything works as intended

Gokwik is not a shopify approved app.

You can ask gokwik team why they are not in Shopify App Store.

Apps on the App Store are thoroughly reviewed by shopify for their compatibility to ensure smooth experience for merchants

Unapproved and unauthorised apps not only violate shopify merchant terms but also breaks compatibility with other apps.

Our support team also mentioned the same to you that custom unapproved checkouts cannot be reliably supported as they don’t follow shopify best practises

Just ask yourselves, why is gokwik checkout not in Shopify App Store ? And you’ll have the answer as where the real issue is

18. Juli 2023

Unfortunately, the app can no longer be opened recently. In the corresponding area, "Just a moment" (or something similar) flashes very briefly, then the screen goes white. Thus, GOAFFPRO must unfortunately be removed from our store again.

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16. März 2023

Don't ever install this app. they keep your store connected after you uninstall it and generating codes on the web.

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GoAffPro hat geantwortet 16. März 2023


Uninstalling the app automatically invalidates the codes. You don’t need to do anything else. Once you uninstall, all affiliate discount codes become invalid and your program is turned off automatically

Bearbeitet am 26. Juli 2023

UPDATE 26 JULY 2023 ***DOWNGRADED to 1 sTAR***** Declining Service has lead to changing our review. Please read below The Customer Service has declined
Keep this in mind when you buy an app, you are paying for the Customer Support as much as you are paying for the functionality of the app. Anuj is amazing. The response time and quality of responses is superb. I would recommend this to anyone simpLy because the service is excellent. The App itself does what is required for Affiliate Tracking. Recommendations: allow for more branding on the Affiliate Dashboard itself. Adding branded imagery in the background would be great idea as well as offering more branding on the Affiliate Welcome Email.

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5. August 2019

I couldn't find an option to downgrade my plan , apps are designed to rip off store owners. I sent an email didn't get any response how to downgrade.

Mehr als 3 jahre mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 5. August 2019

Hello HealthPulze

For downgrade, please contact our customer support team at Our team should respond within 24 hours with a list of breaking changes with the downgrade (if any) and after your confirmation, your plan would be downgraded.

If you want to do an urgent downgrade, you can simply uninstall the app to cancel the bill. This approach is not recommended for the fear of service disruption to the affiliate. A clean downgrade works best.

I wish you would give us a chance to help you with this. We sincerely wish to hear from you.

Update: as it appears the matter was resolved in a couple of hours by the support team. Thank you for giving us a chance to resolve this issue.

23. April 2020

Right now I am about 3 days into my 15 day trial and my experience is not making me want to stay with the premium. The discount codes for my affiliates don't seem to work and I can't find anything helpful online to resolve the issue. I sent a message to them, but I am not hopeful for a quick resolution. Sent a message 3 days ago with nothing but a confirmation in response. I also didn't get an email about the affiliates that were waiting approval recently. I had high hopes, but right now I am thinking I may need to find another app.

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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 24. April 2020

Hi Kristin

Your support ticket was replied to within hours of submitting, but probably because your contact email was incorrect you did not get the reply. Please check the Contact Email in Settings -> Notifications tab.

Currently it is set to, which doesn't seem right.

Now coming on to your question. Since you had manually set the expiry of the automatic coupons to 27-Nov-2019 (by editing the [APP]GOAFFPRO discount rule in Shopify), the coupons stopped working on that date. To make them work again, we ask you to either extend the expiry or remove the expiration date altogether.

Also, your automatic coupons are set to apply on limited sets of products, so during testing, please ensure that your cart has those products, or you can also remove this limit in the Coupons -> Automatic Coupons section.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need help with anything else.

3. Juni 2022

WARNING!! This app will cause you a headache. The app registers and allocates previous and non-affiliate sales to affilliates before they have even signed up! Then it is your problem to get in touch with the affiliate to inform them about this issue and to tell them that the sale was not made by their referral links and that it instead a cookie related issue from the app. Customer service answered very fast, but not really an enjoyable experience I'd say. Clear instructions on cookies and other tech related warnings should be mentioned up front!

The Sense of Doubt
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 3. Juni 2022

Hi Aleandro

As clarified by the support email, this attribution was done by the admin having the affiliate's referral cookie in their browser. That is how every system does referral sale attribution.

By clicking on the referral links of the affiliate, your browser was "tagged" with their referral cookie for sale attribution and that is exactly how the attribution works for regular customers too.

I.e. customers click on the link -> referral cookies are set -> when they complete the purchase -> the sale attribution is done.

We can disable the admins from getting referral cookies set BUT that again prevents them from testing the system at will. So it is kind of like catch-22 situation for everyone.

So we have built some capabilities in the app
The system also gives you the ability to clear the browser cookies via noref links like , will clear all referral cookies

and/or you can easily manage the sales via the Sales page.

Finally, you can also set a shorter Cookie Duration for auto-expiration of cookies or perhaps just a simple "Remove tracking after order" toggle (which can be enabled in the Settings -> General Settings tab)

The app does explain this in the setup wizard when you set the app. Maybe we can add a feature to allow the users re-run the setup wizard to learn the referral system

Hope this misunderstanding does not sour our long term relationship.

Thanks and Regards
Anuj Tenani
CTO @ Goaffpro

Bearbeitet am 30. August 2023

Update on 8/31 2023
The customer support Melanie is very unhelpful and the way they talk to us seems they are the boss and can ask you to do anything!
Their report is very inconvenient, they cannot allow you to do a custom report that contains all the data, which is completely understandable because nothing is perfect! But their attitude to this really upset me, Melanie said it is a good suggestion to improve their app, but it is not their responsibility to send this to their tech and asked me to write an email to them again about this!
I mean????? No matter if you will take my suggestion to improve, but I already told you this, and you are not communicating or submitting this inside your teamwork? If that's the case, let me know, I will make my business somewhere else!

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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
22. Oktober 2020

I've been using this app for the last 2 months. The app is stellar and the documentation is thorough and detailed. However, the customer support is non-existent. GoaffPro mentions 24/7 customer support, but there's absolutely no responses. Even after contacting the support multiple times and sending follow up emails, no one gets back to you. Interestingly, my emails have read receipts and they're being opened; however, no one is replying back. Facing a glitch? Good look getting in touch with someone. Have a particular use case? There's no one to help. Need further explanations or clarifications? That's not going to happen. This is extremely unprofessional given that many people's businesses rely on this app's performance and the support team behind it. Overall a solid app, but if you're hoping for a useful customer service, look else where.

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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 22. Oktober 2020

Hi Ismael

Thanks for the review. But on further inquiry, I did not found the customer support lacking in your case

Your last email to us was 9 hours ago.

Before that the last communication was on 30th September. Which was responded to in < 4hours time. Screenshot below

Please allow for some time for the support team to respond to the tickets before giving reviews. There is only so much we can offer you on the FREE plan. Our premium plan comes with phone support, which might be better suited for you if you have a mission critical query.

Hoping for a long lasting relationship.