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Bearbeitet am 23. Oktober 2023

The app appeared to be functioning seamlessly until October 6th. For the past three months, we've utilized a third-party checkout system without any hitches. However, after making minor tweaks to the affiliate application on October 6th, affiliate orders ceased to be tracked.

The support team seems quick to point fingers at the checkout process, yet we're confident the payment gateway isn't the issue. We feel the team is reluctant to delve deeper into the problem.

Upon going through other feedback, I'm beginning to suspect that some positive reviews might be strategically placed to overshadow the negative ones.

Can you please look into this and explain why the app was operating without any issues with the same payment gateway prior to October 6th?

DeoDap Reselling
4 monate mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 21. Oktober 2023


As said previously, you are using an unsupported and unapproved checkout app. Any past compatibilities are purely coincidental. We do not support gokwik checkout

Also, By using an unapproved third party checkout you are also violating section 1(8), 2.1 (3), 4(6). of shopify's merchant terms and conditions

See here:

Instead of pinning the blame on us, try moving back to a shopify approved checkout app and the app will start working flawlessly

Or ask the gokwik team to get their checkout app reviewed and approved by shopify. During the app review shopify review team will ensure that the app conforms to Shopify’s compatibility standards


Bearbeitet am 13. August 2020

I didn't get email notification when somebody signs up. I contacted the support twice via "Get support" dashboard but didn't get any help. Don;t know how to do :((( Also my store didn't work on the app.

Dr.C Lab - Organic, Natural, Vegan Cosmetics - Silicon Valley Smart Beauty Research Innovation Center
Vereinigte Staaten
10 monate mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 14. August 2020


Just to confirm, your contact email set in the app is - Is the email address working ? If not, we request you to kindly update the contact email in the App Settings -> Notifications tab -> Contact section

I am not quite sure what you mean when you say your store didn't work on the app ? As far as I checked, the app is working correctly on your store.

Also, you can contact us directly at to get help and support with regards to the app.

Thanks and Regards

Bearbeitet am 21. Februar 2021

Without any setup change, our commission system changed working differently after Feb 6 and we are having issues with our affiliates due to that. They are slow on resolving our issue.

9 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 19. April 2021

I rated too soon. Unhelpful support and inconsistent terms. It counts for one sale but not another. No way to reverse errors. *While we are talking in email, none of this has answered my confusion at the inconsistency applied between orders. I wish this was addressed with me instead of asking me to respond publicly in a review and still not understanding the root issue.

Soft like me
Vereinigte Staaten
7 monate mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 19. April 2021

CTO of Goaffpro here. I cannot actually understand where the issue is as far as the app is concerned. Please help me out so we can help each other

As per the sent screenshots. You have set to
1. Give commission only for new customers (in the Settings page)
2. You have NOT checked the "Disable commission for self referral" OR "Disable commission for other affiliates" referral in the Settings page
3. You have NOT added the PARTNERS as the personal coupon to the affiliate

So, the rules of an affiliate getting a commission for the sale are
1. The customer should be a NEW customer
2. The customer should use the affiliate's link OR the affiliate's coupon code for placing the order

Now, in the order #1041, both the rules are satisfied.
i.e. the customer IS a new customer AND they used the affiliate's link to place the order.

As a technical person yourself, you can understand writing something in the terms and conditions or verbally mentioning this to the affiliate will not actually tell the app anything. You will have to set the appropriate settings there as well. For this reason, we have an exhausting documentation here
and tons of videos here

(Just like you cannot just write something in the terms and conditions in your shopify store terms page, you actually have to set the rules/prices/charges/taxations etc in shopify as well)

Though as far as I checked, nothing like this was stated in your signup page terms or the actual terms and conditions page. i.e. It is nowhere stated that they will NOT receive commission for personal orders.

Simply put, you just had to add the coupon PARTNERS as their personal coupon AND optionally Tick the "Disable commission for self referral" in the Settings -> General Settings tab and the sale would not have given the affiliate any commission

With regards to your second query, If you notice there is a "Also create in store" checkbox in the popup. This option works with the automatic personal coupons in the Coupons page. So if you have set the "Automatic Personal coupons" in the Coupons page -> the app will create/manage the personal codes. OR you can simply just UNCHECK the "Also create in store" option and assign the code to the affiliate yourself.

To inform your affiliates that they will NOT receive commission for their personal orders or for usage of personal coupon code, you can use the options below
1. Send them email telling them of change of policies of the program (Use the Bulk Mail option in the sidebar)
2. Write the appropriate terms in the Signup page, see screenshot below
3. For existing affiliates, you can also write this in their dashboard via Look & Feel -> Affiliate Dashboard tab -> Extras instructions section

Finally, I personally apologize for any troubles this may have caused.

Hoping for a fruitful discussion so we can maintain the cordial relations and grow together. Your success is our success.

28. April 2020

App works fine. We have some issues with the sharing function though.
Support does not get to questions at all, waiting for several days already.

Minky Mooh
5 monate mit der App
6. Juli 2019

I haven’t really used the app yet. So this isn’t a review. But it won’t let me exit the setup without reviewing. I will review once I’ve used it.

Vereinigte Staaten
3 monate mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 7. Juli 2019

Thanks for the review. To skip the review, you can simply click on skip button below the setup card. We strive to make sure the app offers best possible experience to our merchants. If there is anything we can help you with please let us knlw. We really hope that you would re review in the light of the new information.


24. Dezember 2020

All works well, but at 24 december it does not show me the affiliate pannel, what can i do? The rest things are working well

CNQR | Official Website |
2 monate mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 24. Dezember 2020


Thanks for your review. Your affiliate portal link ( is working fine on our end. Can you confirm with us which link are you referring to ?

Thanks and Regards

18. Oktober 2023

The app offers a lot of flexibility and customization. However, the default email notifications can't be edited as long as you are on the free plan.
Unfortunately, the default Japanese translation in the app is of such poor quality that ALL texts need to be rewritten from scratch. So depending on the language one is using, the free plan is never an option.
I offered to provide GoAffPro with a flawless Japanese translation for the email notifications which would also benefit other Japanese shops, but they would rather force me to subscribe to their premium plan than improve the quality of the Japanese version.
I find it also disturbing that replies to my inquiries don't include the name or contact information of the customer service person.

3 tage mit der App
GoAffPro hat geantwortet 19. Oktober 2023


Thanks for the feedback. We disabled the functionality to avoid spam issues coming from free users. Free accounts users would many times just edit the templates with their custom content and bulk import hundreds of "affiliates" to spam them with the invites, as the free plan supports unlimited affiliates.

Though we strive to provide the most features for a free plan, but I guess we can't keep everyone happy.

The premium plan is also amongst cheapest for the features, so if the email translations are a must have you can upgrade to the $29/mo unlimited premium plan to edit the templates (and in addition support the app and its developers)