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5 de marzo de 2020

I can't even set up coupons for my affiliates so none of them have discount codes they can use with their followers

Khai Clothing
Reino Unido
10 meses usando la aplicación
GoAffPro respondió 5 de marzo de 2020


You can set coupons in the Coupons page. You can also enable Automatic coupons to be generated and assigned to each affiliate when they register.

Please get in touch with us at so we can help you better.

Fecha de modificación: 4 de enero de 2021

He intentado volver al plan gratuito y no tienen ninguna opción para hacerlo. He intentado contactar con ellos en repetidas ocasiones por correo electrónico para solucionar este problema y no responden. Para cualquier otra consulta responden en 24 horas. Es una pena porque la aplicación es buena.
¿Al desistalar la aplicación pierdo todos los datos de mis afiliados? quiero seguir utilizándola pero en el plan gratuito

Zeta Drinks
9 meses usando la aplicación
GoAffPro respondió 29 de diciembre de 2020


As stated earlier, Simply uninstalling the app cancels your subscription, you don't have to do anything else to cancel your plan


Data will not be deleted. Simple reinstall the app to continue with the free plan. Your affiliate data, sales etc does not get affected during a reinstall

Let us know if this works for you

11 de enero de 2023

This app is a scam artists dream, we have had a successful 3,000 affiliates sign up, zero actual customers have made any sales, all the affiliates signing up are using some type of coupon code advertising on coupon sites, which is prohibited in the terms and conditions. I do not think it is GO AFF PROS goal, but it is a tool for scammers to profit off.

Murphy Door, Inc.
Estados Unidos
8 meses usando la aplicación
19 de septiembre de 2022


Estados Unidos
6 meses usando la aplicación
GoAffPro respondió 19 de septiembre de 2022

Hi Shelly (A-listbossybags)

This is ridiculous. How can we help, if you don't tell us what you need help with ???.

You last contacted us on 7th June and the support team promptly replied to you, but could never get you to answer back

Attaching screenshots below for anyone who is reading this review

Our team is here to help you get the most value out of the system if only you care a little. Our system has helped merchants scale from nil sales to hundreds and thousands in sales but this all requires cooperation from everyone involved

Thanks & Regards
CTO @ Goaffpro

29 de julio de 2021

This app gave affiliates access to my store that on a gated, locked page that caused thousands of dollars in losses.

Estados Unidos
6 meses usando la aplicación
26 de agosto de 2022

I downloaded the app and got stuck on the settings. Was asked to write my company URL for the affiliate platform and I did that, "", this was provided to me after downloading.
But it was not recognized so tried many variations,all of them denied.
I immediately sent message requesting support, this was 4 days ago, there's no response to these day.
I have seen lots of complaints on customer service but I didn't expect it to be this worse.
I appreciate you developing very useful app and offering it for free, but what's the use downloading if it not applicable.
I need some body to help me with the setup otherwise I have to look elsewhere.
Thank you
Estados Unidos
6 meses usando la aplicación
2 de febrero de 2020

Paid for the premium membership because it promised integration with ReCharge (another Shopify app). Integration did not work at all. Tried to downgrade my subscription, but no option. Contacted support, no reply. Writing this in the hope that I get a response. I would like a refund for the 2 month premium and my subscription downgraded.

Dr Heffs US
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando la aplicación
23 de diciembre de 2020

No support what so ever. Plainly sad. Emailed them bunch of times and never got an agent to email back.

Alea Inc
4 meses usando la aplicación
24 de abril de 2022

I figured this app would be great to use for affiliate marketing and getting people to my store and buying. The problem started when I had my first referral and now I can't payout the person, the app itself shows all of these options to pay the affiliates, but only paypal is an option? Really? I tried to integrate it with paypal but nothing. I do not recommend this app and I will be uninstalling. I also wanted to point out there really was no guide in this app to help new users and I didn't know I had not set up a way to pay the affiliates.

A Pet Shop
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando la aplicación
5 de julio de 2020

Não estou conseguindo integrar minha plataforma de pagamento, faço as compras através do link do afiliado e não aparece nenhum pedido para meu afiliado.

OSSCO - Original Street Style Co
3 meses usando la aplicación
GoAffPro respondió 5 de julio de 2020

[Merchant update required]

Thanks for the review. Which payment platform is it ? Did you contact support for the helping with the integration ? If yes, please let me know of the support ticket number. You can also contact me directly at and I will make sure this gets done.

Thanks and Regards

Update: Still waiting for communication from your end. If possible kindly contact us at as soon as possible so we can get this resolved at the earliest.