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2023년 8월 30일에 편집됨

Update on 8/31 2023
The customer support Melanie is very unhelpful and the way they talk to us seems they are the boss and can ask you to do anything!
Their report is very inconvenient, they cannot allow you to do a custom report that contains all the data, which is completely understandable because nothing is perfect! But their attitude to this really upset me, Melanie said it is a good suggestion to improve their app, but it is not their responsibility to send this to their tech and asked me to write an email to them again about this!
I mean????? No matter if you will take my suggestion to improve, but I already told you this, and you are not communicating or submitting this inside your teamwork? If that's the case, let me know, I will make my business somewhere else!

홍콩(중국 특별행정구)
앱 사용 기간 대략 1년
2023년 1월 11일

This app is a scam artists dream, we have had a successful 3,000 affiliates sign up, zero actual customers have made any sales, all the affiliates signing up are using some type of coupon code advertising on coupon sites, which is prohibited in the terms and conditions. I do not think it is GO AFF PROS goal, but it is a tool for scammers to profit off.

Murphy Door, Inc.
앱 사용 기간 8개월
2023년 7월 18일

Unfortunately, the app can no longer be opened recently. In the corresponding area, "Just a moment" (or something similar) flashes very briefly, then the screen goes white. Thus, GOAFFPRO must unfortunately be removed from our store again.

앱 사용 기간 거의 3년
2023년 3월 16일

Don't ever install this app. they keep your store connected after you uninstall it and generating codes on the web.

앱 사용 기간 1년 초과
답글 GoAffPro개 2023년 3월 16일


Uninstalling the app automatically invalidates the codes. You don’t need to do anything else. Once you uninstall, all affiliate discount codes become invalid and your program is turned off automatically

2022년 9월 19일


앱 사용 기간 6개월
답글 GoAffPro개 2022년 9월 19일

Hi Shelly (A-listbossybags)

This is ridiculous. How can we help, if you don't tell us what you need help with ???.

You last contacted us on 7th June and the support team promptly replied to you, but could never get you to answer back

Attaching screenshots below for anyone who is reading this review


Our team is here to help you get the most value out of the system if only you care a little. Our system has helped merchants scale from nil sales to hundreds and thousands in sales but this all requires cooperation from everyone involved

Thanks & Regards
CTO @ Goaffpro

2022년 8월 26일

I downloaded the app and got stuck on the settings. Was asked to write my company URL for the affiliate platform and I did that, " https://ooomanna-com.goaffpro.com", this was provided to me after downloading.
But it was not recognized so tried many variations,all of them denied.
I immediately sent message requesting support, this was 4 days ago, there's no response to these day.
I have seen lots of complaints on customer service but I didn't expect it to be this worse.
I appreciate you developing very useful app and offering it for free, but what's the use downloading if it not applicable.
I need some body to help me with the setup otherwise I have to look elsewhere.
Thank you

앱 사용 기간 6개월
2022년 6월 3일

WARNING!! This app will cause you a headache. The app registers and allocates previous and non-affiliate sales to affilliates before they have even signed up! Then it is your problem to get in touch with the affiliate to inform them about this issue and to tell them that the sale was not made by their referral links and that it instead a cookie related issue from the app. Customer service answered very fast, but not really an enjoyable experience I'd say. Clear instructions on cookies and other tech related warnings should be mentioned up front!

The Sense of Doubt
앱 사용 기간 대략 1년
답글 GoAffPro개 2022년 6월 3일

Hi Aleandro

As clarified by the support email, this attribution was done by the admin having the affiliate's referral cookie in their browser. That is how every system does referral sale attribution.

By clicking on the referral links of the affiliate, your browser was "tagged" with their referral cookie for sale attribution and that is exactly how the attribution works for regular customers too.

I.e. customers click on the link -> referral cookies are set -> when they complete the purchase -> the sale attribution is done.

We can disable the admins from getting referral cookies set BUT that again prevents them from testing the system at will. So it is kind of like catch-22 situation for everyone.

So we have built some capabilities in the app
The system also gives you the ability to clear the browser cookies via noref links like

https://shop.thesenseofdoubt.com/?ref=noref , will clear all referral cookies

and/or you can easily manage the sales via the Sales page.

Finally, you can also set a shorter Cookie Duration for auto-expiration of cookies or perhaps just a simple "Remove tracking after order" toggle (which can be enabled in the Settings -> General Settings tab)

The app does explain this in the setup wizard when you set the app. Maybe we can add a feature to allow the users re-run the setup wizard to learn the referral system

Hope this misunderstanding does not sour our long term relationship.

Thanks and Regards
Anuj Tenani
CTO @ Goaffpro

2022년 6월 26일

I used this app to start my affiliate marketing and while the core functions work OK, there is a bug with creating influencer seeding orders for my affiliates where the address doesn't get populated into the Shopfiy order. This means that I need to go in and manually populate the order address fields in Shopify. Because it's bugged, these orders are completely missing from GoAffPro and you can't make changes to it from Shopify either. Contacted their support about this 3 months ago and at first, the replies were quite responsive but they have chosen to completely ignore my emails completely and still have not fixed the issue. Will be switching to another product and I advise others to find a product support that actually fixes major bugs instead of just going for the low hanging fruit.

Evorie Australia
앱 사용 기간 3개월
2022년 4월 24일

I figured this app would be great to use for affiliate marketing and getting people to my store and buying. The problem started when I had my first referral and now I can't payout the person, the app itself shows all of these options to pay the affiliates, but only paypal is an option? Really? I tried to integrate it with paypal but nothing. I do not recommend this app and I will be uninstalling. I also wanted to point out there really was no guide in this app to help new users and I didn't know I had not set up a way to pay the affiliates.

A Pet Shop
앱 사용 기간 4개월
2022년 3월 30일

Was hit with multiple spam affiliate accts. Now I don't trust this app at all. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

JM Designs Oklahoma
앱 사용 기간 3개월
답글 GoAffPro개 2022년 3월 30일


Please see if you had the marketplace option activated in the app (see marketplace option in the app sidebar). If you had activated it during the setup process, your program is listed on various affiliate marketplaces across the web, from where the affiliates can discover and join the program

Most likely you have received affiliate sign-ups from those directories

In any case, simply turning off the marketplace option delists the program and you can run your affiliate program privately

To note: Marketplace listing is an opt-in feature provided as a convenience to the merchants to quickly list their programs for traction.

Hope this clears away any confusion
Thank you

P.S. Don't blame our service for this. The app did exactly how it was set :)