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15 de maio de 2023

I like the concept of the app, but the instructions are really not that clear. However, the customer service makes up for the lack of instructions on the setup.

ValAsta LLC
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 7 meses
7 de abril de 2023

It works good, support really kind and available. We need to do some customization so that other plug in were going to work in the proper way and they helped us.

Tempo gasto no app: 3 meses
2 de abril de 2023

Fantastic app and great support staff

Has given us what we've needed in terms of functionality and when we couldn't figure out what to do the support team have been able to help

Revivify Health
Tempo gasto no app: Mais de 1 ano
6 de março de 2023

A great service that seems to bring reasonable results. However, more automated payment options besides Paypal are definitely needed.

Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 1 ano
19 de novembro de 2022

It seems to me an exciting app with exciting tools and quick assistance. I will comment more when I have the result

Tempo gasto no app: 19 dias
10 de novembro de 2022

I absolutely love it, just have one problem I can't upload my CSV files. I get as far as to open it, but does not give me the option to import my orders so that they can get allocated to the affiliates.

África do Sul
Tempo gasto no app: 7 meses
9 de junho de 2022

We've been using the Free version for about 3 months now. Very happy with results. Somethings a little awkward, but may be because of our lack of experience with these. It is our first time in using. Things we like. Lots of affilliates signed up. :-) A few have been selling consistently so a nice little revenue boost. It has also allowed a final after sale offer to customers to refer some and earn money doing it. We've had a few people refer that is a little extra. If you are going to try the free version. And if you have a lot of products and intend to have different Affiliate rates for different collections, then the free version is a little clunky to implement and doesn't show great for affiliates. You can do have the capability to segragate this with the upgraded version, so this is not a complaint..just a note for anyone thinking about trying on a free version that has a lot of products and collections and want to do different commision rates. I also noticed that when doing payments outside of the GOAFF tool, you can't mark and show each order paid. You basically are only shown the aggregate total owed to them and the total amount paid. without seeing which order is marked paid. This could be something I just don't see or it coudl be available on the upgraded version. I plan to write to support to get a view. Well that is it. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it. If I see a larger increase in sales that makes upgrading worth it, I will consider doing to see how that works.

The Air Purifier Store
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 2 meses
19 de maio de 2022

OK, but i can't figure out how to pay the affiliate, set up seems to work well, so lets see what happens.

Reino Unido
Tempo gasto no app: 4 meses
GoAffPro deixou uma resposta 19 de maio de 2022


Thanks for the review, With regards to payouts, Broadly speaking, You have four options to pay the affiliate

You can either pay the affiliate yourselves (i.e. outside the app), and then mark the payment as completed (Mark Paid button) in the Payouts Page


You can integrate PayPal Payouts (Settings -> Integrations tab) and then pay them in BULK from the PayPal Payouts page in the app. This method adds an extra 25cents per-transaction fee. (from PayPal) - With paypal payouts, it takes literally 2 minutes to do the payouts. You just have to click on Review and Confirm button on that page.

Same as above, you can integrate TipAlti Payouts (Settings -> Integrations tab) and then pay them in BULK via Bank Transfer, Check, Venmo etc.

You can enable "Store discount coupon" in Settings -> Payments tab with "Allow self payment" to allow your affiliates to pay the amount themselves from within their dashboard as discount coupons for your store

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks and regards
Anuj Tenani
CTO @ Goaffpro

16 de fevereiro de 2022

I love this app damn much. The Service is on point. I gave just 4 Stars, cause there is no option to send push notifivations to our affilliates. For example: a new sale is made, or a new affilliate sign up under you. If this would be possible, they would get 5 stars plus

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5 de novembro de 2021

we use this app to handle our affiliate program. Support team is brilliant and answers our questions all the time and in timely manner. Just wish there was better reporting and timestamp can be of the country we are in.

Lebert Fitness
Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 2 anos