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Data de edição: 5 de julho de 2021

SECURITY WARNING! Review Updated. The Goaffpro signup page does not look to have a Captcha or any other human verification method. That means bots can create fake affiliate accounts to attempt fraud. I got a fake account created today and confirmed that. This is sad because it looks like a great app, however, security is highly important.

Japan Treats
Estados Unidos
8 meses usando o app
GoAffPro deixou uma resposta 5 de julho de 2021


You can activate Google Recaptcha in Settings -> Integrations tab -> Turn on Google Recaptcha option

We also recommend that you turn off Marketplace option (marketplace option in the app sidebar) if you want to keep your program private and delist it from our affiliate marketplace

If the program is listed in the marketplace then affiliate’s can discover and join your program from there

Hope this helps, Let us know if this resolves your issues

Data de edição: 4 de setembro de 2020

App is well made and support is fast to answer. Would have been perfect if there would gave been A/B testing. I might be wrong but all mailing app or apps allow to do A/B testing (sending people to different mailing lists).

Here you can do this if you can code or they can do it for you but it's 199usd...

Ambiance Cosy
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
7 de fevereiro de 2021

The app is awesome, and using the free version has been great for working with affiliates! I am trying to upgrade, and it seems to have a system glitch so that I can’t, but once I get past that, I’m sure it’ll be great too!

Elephant Ears Sound
Estados Unidos
11 meses usando o app
9 de dezembro de 2019

Easy to setup and use, but in affiliate point of view this is not affiliate network site. There is no list of merchants using this app, so for affiliates this looks kinda unprofessional.

Mais de 3 anos usando o app
16 de abril de 2020

J'adore cette app exactement ce que j'avais besoin pour dévellopé mon projet dommage quelle ne sois pas traduit en francais !
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
24 de abril de 2022

Je trouve cette application incroyable mais le gros problème c'est que l'apli pour les affiliés est en anglais ce qui bloque beaucoup de personne .

7 dias usando o app
GoAffPro deixou uma resposta 24 de abril de 2022


The affiliate portal (and the mobile app) supports 18+ languages. To change the language of the affiliate portal, see Look & Feel -> Store profile tab -> Affiliate portal language section.

Also see attached screenshot below

Also, your affiliate portal is appearing in FRENCH too. See below


Le portail d'affiliation (et l'application mobile) prend en charge plus de 18 langues. Pour changer la langue du portail d'affiliation, voir Look & Feel -> Onglet Profil de la boutique -> Section Langue du portail d'affiliation.

Voir également la capture d'écran ci-jointe ci-dessous

Hope this helps. Looking forward to hearing back from you. (

Thanks and Regards
Anuj Tenani
CTO @ Goaffpro

1 de março de 2021

Can someone please assist. The Goaff pro affiliate marketing page on my store gives a 404 error all of a sudden. I cannot access the app dashboard to see what's going on as it just loads.

All About That Wine
África do Sul
5 meses usando o app
25 de julho de 2019

It is not easy to handle, and many functions I need are not available. I even can not assign the existed discount code to my affiliates directly.

Hong Kong, RAE da China
Quase 3 anos usando o app
GoAffPro deixou uma resposta 26 de julho de 2019

Thanks for the reviews.

To assign existing coupon to affiliate, simply uncheck the "Also create coupon in store" when assigning coupon to affiliate in Coupons Page

I have sent you the details on the support ticket.

Data de edição: 7 de setembro de 2020

I don't know why I have almost 30 affiliates who have signed up, but up till now nobody uses it yet?

Sparkly Dolls
Reino Unido
10 meses usando o app
31 de março de 2021

Bonjour, l'application est superbe, cependant nous rencontrons des problèmes actuellement avec celle-ci. En effet, l'application ne fonctionne plus. Merci de corrigé ce problème. Bonne journée.

4 meses usando o app
GoAffPro deixou uma resposta 31 de março de 2021


The issue that you mentioned in your email looks like a browser cache issue. The app itself is working fine on our end. Did you try with a page refresh ? Did that solve the issue ?

Hope to hear back soon