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Location United States
Time spent using app 6 months


Developer reply

September 19, 2022

Hi Shelly (A-listbossybags)

This is ridiculous. How can we help, if you don't tell us what you need help with ???.

You last contacted us on 7th June and the support team promptly replied to you, but could never get you to answer back

Attaching screenshots below for anyone who is reading this review


Our team is here to help you get the most value out of the system if only you care a little. Our system has helped merchants scale from nil sales to hundreds and thousands in sales but this all requires cooperation from everyone involved

Thanks & Regards
CTO @ Goaffpro


Location United States
Time spent using app 5 days

I downloaded the app and got stuck on the settings. Was asked to write my company URL for the affiliate platform and I did that, " https://ooomanna-com.goaffpro.com", this was provided to me after downloading.
But it was not recognized so tried many variations,all of them denied.
I immediately sent message requesting support, this was 4 days ago, there's no response to these day.
I have seen lots of complaints on customer service but I didn't expect it to be this worse.
I appreciate you developing very useful app and offering it for free, but what's the use downloading if it not applicable.
I need some body to help me with the setup otherwise I have to look elsewhere.
Thank you

Developer reply

August 26, 2022


We are confused, all of your emails were replied to promptly. Attaching screenshots of the emails threads below as proof from our customer support team.


please confirm if your registered email address mennademena@gmail.com is able to receive emails correctly.

Update: Just confirmed, your registered email address on Goaffpro is incorrect. Gmail bounces email sent to your address back with NO SUCH USER error
See below

And the portal URL provided - https://ooomanna-com.goaffpro.com is also working correctly.

If you want to change it, you can use Look & Feel -> Store profile tab -> Affiliate portal URL section.

We have also tried reaching out to you via your store contact form, hoping we can connect and resolve whatever issues you were having.

Evorie Australia

Location Australia
Time spent using app 3 months

I used this app to start my affiliate marketing and while the core functions work OK, there is a bug with creating influencer seeding orders for my affiliates where the address doesn't get populated into the Shopfiy order. This means that I need to go in and manually populate the order address fields in Shopify. Because it's bugged, these orders are completely missing from GoAffPro and you can't make changes to it from Shopify either. Contacted their support about this 3 months ago and at first, the replies were quite responsive but they have chosen to completely ignore my emails completely and still have not fixed the issue. Will be switching to another product and I advise others to find a product support that actually fixes major bugs instead of just going for the low hanging fruit.

Developer reply

June 26, 2022

Hi Harri

Thank you for your candid feedback. As stated earlier you will need to have correct shipping address in the affiliate's account for the full order to get created via Influencer seeding.

But even without that the orders once created can be edited directly in Shopify backoffice to correct their shipping address

See here for more clarity

For eg. in your test account we corrected the postal code and the full order was created. But even before that, the orders were getting created in Shopify.

Note: The orders created via Influencer seeding have the same order number sequence as your store like #1119, #1120 etc. So if you find the influencer seeding orders missing in Shopify orders page, that is perhaps a question for Shopify. The orders do appear in the Shopify API (I have personally confirmed this in their API)

Please do try out with a few test accounts and ensure that they have correct addresses and you'll see the orders getting created at both places.

Shopify API will not accept orders without correct shipping address, and unfortunately, there is nothing us or anyone can do about that. Currently there is no way to by pass that restriction.

Hope this helps.
You can get in touch with me directly anuj@goaffpro.com if you have any queries.

Thanks and Regards
Anuj Tenani
CTO @ Goaffpro

The Sense of Doubt

Location Germany
Time spent using app About 1 year

WARNING!! This app will cause you a headache. The app registers and allocates previous and non-affiliate sales to affilliates before they have even signed up! Then it is your problem to get in touch with the affiliate to inform them about this issue and to tell them that the sale was not made by their referral links and that it instead a cookie related issue from the app. Customer service answered very fast, but not really an enjoyable experience I'd say. Clear instructions on cookies and other tech related warnings should be mentioned up front!

Developer reply

June 3, 2022

Hi Aleandro

As clarified by the support email, this attribution was done by the admin having the affiliate's referral cookie in their browser. That is how every system does referral sale attribution.

By clicking on the referral links of the affiliate, your browser was "tagged" with their referral cookie for sale attribution and that is exactly how the attribution works for regular customers too.

I.e. customers click on the link -> referral cookies are set -> when they complete the purchase -> the sale attribution is done.

We can disable the admins from getting referral cookies set BUT that again prevents them from testing the system at will. So it is kind of like catch-22 situation for everyone.

So we have built some capabilities in the app
The system also gives you the ability to clear the browser cookies via noref links like

https://shop.thesenseofdoubt.com/?ref=noref , will clear all referral cookies

and/or you can easily manage the sales via the Sales page.

Finally, you can also set a shorter Cookie Duration for auto-expiration of cookies or perhaps just a simple "Remove tracking after order" toggle (which can be enabled in the Settings -> General Settings tab)

The app does explain this in the setup wizard when you set the app. Maybe we can add a feature to allow the users re-run the setup wizard to learn the referral system

Hope this misunderstanding does not sour our long term relationship.

Thanks and Regards
Anuj Tenani
CTO @ Goaffpro

A Pet Shop

Location United States
Time spent using app 4 months

I figured this app would be great to use for affiliate marketing and getting people to my store and buying. The problem started when I had my first referral and now I can't payout the person, the app itself shows all of these options to pay the affiliates, but only paypal is an option? Really? I tried to integrate it with paypal but nothing. I do not recommend this app and I will be uninstalling. I also wanted to point out there really was no guide in this app to help new users and I didn't know I had not set up a way to pay the affiliates.

Developer reply

April 24, 2022

Hi Nick

You were unable to payout as there was insufficient balance in your PayPal account. The same was reflected in the PayPal payment history page. You need to fund your paypal account with the payout amount + 0.25c (the paypal transaction fees) for the payout to succeed.

See the screenshot here

Also, the app also supports, Bank Transfer, Check etc. via Tipalti payouts. So if you want to payout via those modes, you can integrate Tipalti payout processor.

See https://i.imgur.com/Zdi5V1J.png

With regards to guides, we have a full documentation portal @ https://docs.goaffpro.com, a youtube channel with almost 300 videos @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo95DNTq0v3WDjqECo3eKWQ

All the videos are also embedded in the admin panel. The same can be easily seen in the admin panel as well.
See screenshots


Finally, if you need any help, you can contact me personally admin@goaffpro.com, and I will try to help in whatever ways we can

Thank You
Anuj Tenani
CTO @ Goaffpro

JM Designs Oklahoma

Location United States
Time spent using app 3 months

Was hit with multiple spam affiliate accts. Now I don't trust this app at all. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

Developer reply

March 30, 2022


Please see if you had the marketplace option activated in the app (see marketplace option in the app sidebar). If you had activated it during the setup process, your program is listed on various affiliate marketplaces across the web, from where the affiliates can discover and join the program

Most likely you have received affiliate sign-ups from those directories

In any case, simply turning off the marketplace option delists the program and you can run your affiliate program privately

To note: Marketplace listing is an opt-in feature provided as a convenience to the merchants to quickly list their programs for traction.

Hope this clears away any confusion
Thank you

P.S. Don't blame our service for this. The app did exactly how it was set :)


Location United States
Time spent using app 6 months

This app gave affiliates access to my store that on a gated, locked page that caused thousands of dollars in losses.

Developer reply

July 29, 2021

Are you for real @Round21 ??

You installed the app on 28th January 2021. This was an explicit action. Apps just don't get installed on any store.

There is "locking" in the app, you can access the app from Shopify Admin panel -> Apps page.

Then you had explicitly set the app to automatically generate 15% discount codes for the affiliates. You had a few signups where the affiliates got the discount codes as set by you.

The affiliates then sent you customers, the customers used the discount code to make the purchase. Of course this is what was supposed to happen.

Once you removed the app, the discount codes were invalidated and no longer can be used.

In any case, if you don't want the customers sent by the affiliates, just cancel those orders.

Not only you are not paying the affiliates their earned commissions, it is unbelievable that you are angry because you got the sales. Wow!


Location Germany
Time spent using app 3 months

I do not trust this app. I sell exclusively in Germany and strangely enough the affiliate members are Chinese names that seem to have generated any sales in Germany.


Location South Korea
Time spent using app About 1 month

It couldn’t be worse.
It's been a week since I paid a fee of $24 a month, but no one joins the alliance. For other applications, 20 people joined immediately. I asked the developer about this, but he only answered me recklessly, and it seems that the market was not activated in the first place. Never download it.

Developer reply

May 29, 2021


If you are looking for overnight success, then the app/affiliate marketing is probably not the right way to go. It takes a while for the affiliates to develop trust in your store and products and then they will actually start joining and getting you sales

Since your website is just 9 days old (domain registered 21st May 2021), and currently has a very low domain rating score, give it some time before it's Domain rating improves and your program becomes more prominent

Our marketplace has vetted affiliates so you won't get fake or fraudulent registrations, only the interested affiliates and agencies

If you are a new store and are getting a lot of signups without advertising your affiliate program, that itself is a BIG RED FLAG. Be aware of coupon sites, cookie stuffers etc, which will claim your organic sales as referral sales.

Also, the marketplace is available on the free plan itself, so you don't have to pay if you are not running a private custom label program. So we don't see what the downside can be of such an approach

Attaching a screenshot of the email thread from customer support, where our rep has guided you correctly on how to grow your program and you can see, there is no "recklessness" or "rudeness" in the messages

Hoping this message clarifies any confusions or miscommunication

As always, we thank you for your support and patronage

Cat Janiga Jewelry

Location United States

It's awful. doesn't track referred traffic and I'm assuming orders properly (impossible to tell at this point).
Asked for support and their response basically boiled down to "yeh its not working with your store, you should fix it"
Like what the actual eff?!?!
Obviously, this is potentially damaging relationships with my affiliates which is unacceptable. Not using this app and you shouldn't either. Period.

Developer reply

February 17, 2021


As mentioned in the email reply, there is an app/product variant which is causing automatic redirects of the URL's. So you will see the same problem with any tracking tool (since the URL is changed to something else)

Copy pasting the reply from earlier email

Do you have any redirection (app or other setup) which redirects the product to it's first variant ? Do you have any product variation app in your store ? Your setup is currently redirecting every query parameter to the variant id (not just for the goaffpro app, but for other analytics too.)

eg. if you are running a facebook/google ad, with campaigns eg.


You will again not get the correct results, since if you notice, the URL is again redirected to the variant id and the utm_campaign parameter gets removed (just like the ?ref parameter gets removed)

For normal shopify stores, if you visit a URL like

You will notice that the URL is not automatically changed. So, there is indeed an app/other configuration issue on your store which is causing this unintended redirect.

You should also connect with shopify customer support to know why the product page is redirected automatically to VARIANT ID query parameter URL.

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