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Product Feeds (by GoDataFeed)

Product Feeds (by GoDataFeed)

Developed by GoDataFeed

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  • Automate your Shopify inventory and data updates across channels
  • Optimize product listings, modify content and customize attributes
  • Monitor performance and set thresholds for automated actions

GoDataFeed is the powerful product feed app that streamlines how you publish your Shopify catalog on Amazon, Google, Walmart and 200+ channels, allowing you to optimize product data, automate feed submissions and boost performance quickly and effectively.

A CMS for Your Product Data

  • Automate Shopping Feeds: Refresh product and inventory data on all channels with automated product updates
  • Filter and Suppress: Apply filters and suppress products to adapt product selection per channel
  • Supplement Product Data: Add and concatenate data from dropshippers, manufacturers and other sources

  • Sync Marketplace Orders: Synchronize marketplace order fulfillment to your ecommerce platforms or custom API

Quick, Powerful Listing Optimization

  • Content Modification: Quickly and efficiently modify product titles, descriptions and other attributes
  • Optimize and Customize: Optimize product data for compliant, unique listings on every shopping engine and marketplace
  • Fix Errors: Get feedback from marketplaces and correct processing report errors on the spot
  • Adjust Pricing: Change pricing at the channel level without altering original source price

Trend Monitoring & Performance Alerts

  • Monitor ROI 24/7: Intelligent analytics watch for trends and alert you to take action
  • Actionable Analytics:Maximize profitability by dentifying best-sellers and under-performers
  • Cost Reporting: Spot products with high ad costs eating into profits and trigger automatic removal
  • Performance Insights: Track KPIs across SKUs and channels to uncover winning product/channel combinations

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These people know what they are talking about, and their service is WICKED FAST!

It really helped me understand feeds better to see how they set up my first two for free. I'm still a bit of a dummy with the feeds, but support is pretty dang helpful (take into account that they aren't supposed to hold your hand and do everything for you ... this is more of a self-service app).

That duly noted, typed and proclaimed from the rooftops, this app is VERY POWERFUL and well worth the money, assuming you have the competitive and right products to list in the feed. Remember that not all products will do well in all feeds. Test test test.


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