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Your Products. Everywhere.

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Quickly Optimize Product Data

Create dynamically optimized product feeds in minutes

Easy Channel Integration

Easily connect your catalog to channels no matter the destination

Automatic Updates

Sync inventory changes and new or discontinued products automatically from Shopify to all your channels


GoDataFeed is the all-in-one product feed app for your Shopify store. Sell on Amazon, Google, Facebook, eBay and Walmart. All with one single app.

We help online retailers and brands simplify their digital marketing by providing turnkey integrations from Shopify to marketing channels.

Turn Complex Integrations Into Simple Workflows

Using GoDataFeed couldn’t be easier.

The app breaks down each channel's complicated requirements into three simple steps:

  1. Import and product mapping
  2. Feed modification and optimization
  3. Data feed automation

In other words, importing data (from any and all sources), formatting it, customizing it (without altering original source data), optimizing it for channel best practices and automating it for publication can be done in a few minutes -- rather than than multiple hours.

The resulting data integration? Well that's the best part: Accurate, compliant, up-to-date and optimized product data every time, on every channel.

5-Star Support

Our software is great. But what makes GoDataFeed truly special as an integration tool is our customer support.

From the moment users sign up (before, even), they have access to a team of US-based ecommerce experts who set up their feeds and provide guidance along the way. Just read our Google reviews. Users rave about our support, giving shout-outs to reps by name. We don’t see our users as just customers. From the C-suite to the reps in the bullpen, we are all personally invested in seeing them succeed.

Oh and did we mention email, chat and phone support is included free?


Our pricing is simple and inclusive. It’s designed that way to accommodate for merchants of all sizes and needs. And it’s scalable; merchants can upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. You’ll also notice we don’t charge revenue sharing. We also don’t lock merchants into contracts.

Book a no-pressure demo or start your free trial right now and see for yourself.


  • Google,
  • Amazon,
  • Facebook,
  • Walmart,
  • eBay,
  • Pinterest






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  • Unlimited Users

  • 1,000 SKUs

  • 1 Daily Import(s)

  • 1 Shopping Feed(s)



  • Unlimited Users

  • 2,000 SKUs

  • 2 Daily Import(s)

  • 3 Shopping Feed(s)



  • Unlimited Users

  • 5,000 SKUs

  • 4 Daily Import(s)

  • 6 Shopping Feed(s)

  • 1 Marketplace Category Feed(s)

  • 1 Marketplace Inventory Feed(s)



  • Unlimited Users

  • 10,000 SKUs

  • 8 Daily Import(s)

  • 20 Shopping Feed(s)

  • 5 Marketplace Category Feed(s)

  • 5 Marketplace Inventory Feed(s)

* すべての料金は米ドルで請求されます。 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

3.6 5つ星

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Very rude people and totally unprofessional in the handover from Wordstream.
We wouldn't recommend them at all as they stopped our feed while we were away on holiday. Seriously?



We are sorry that you had a negative experience migrating from Wordstream. We made several attempts to contact you to advise on the next steps or how to opt-out.

We pride ourselves on our award-winning customer service. If you would like to resume your shopping channel feeds, we would be happy to get on a call to sort out any confusion.


I'm really liking this Godatafeed app. It's Next level google shopping optimization. I use it to modify what i output to google and to my other two channels - pinterest and facebook.

Until recently I used the free google app from shopify and it worked fine but it doesn't allow for much optimization and I wanted customize my titles to add keywords and my descriptions to include extra fields of information. Godatafeed has all the customization and optimization options that I was looking for without being overly complicated.

The support is a nice feature too. Really nice crew. They set up my first google feed and I even learned a few tricks by looking at how they did it.

ps. I used to have an issue with throttling! Before with the free google app my uploads were taking a day sometimes two on one occasion 3 days. Godata doesn't slow down. No throttling! It just goes. One less thing to worry about.

Mike the Mason

Much easier to use than other apps and much cheaper than Channel Advisor. Their support team was very helpful every step of the way and the onboarding call is very useful! My feeds are easy to maintain and update now. They've helped me saved more time so I can get back to running my store.