GOGETTERS ‑ EU Dropshipping

GOGETTERS ‑ EU Dropshipping


Sell products from dropship suppliers & automate your store

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Add products to your store

Import thousands of products from Dutch dropshipping suppliers to your store in just a couple clicks. Start earning now!

Automate orders & tracking

No more manually copying and pasting customer info. Now your orders will be send directly to your dropshipping supplier!

Save Time And Money

Focus on selling your products and let us do the work for you! Enjoy other time-saving options like: inventory updates, product updates etc.

GOGETTERS ‑ EU Dropshipping 정보

Easily import products from reliable suppliers into your webshop.

We offer a simple app that saves you all the headache of time-consuming activities that doesn’t lead directly to profit. The activities are important, but can also be done for you. Focus on sales, focus on growth, and let the app do the rest!

All benefits at a glance:

Dropship with Dutch suppliers

If you work with Dutch suppliers, you can usually deliver within one working day. This leads to high customer satisfaction, returning customers and good reviews!

Choose from thousands of products

Choose from 300,000+ items in several markets such as: baby, interior, electric bikes, children's bikes, toys, hobby, automotive, party supplies, pet supplies, adult, camping and many more.

Automatic order processing

Orders are automatically sent to the supplier. Therefore, orders come through quickly and can also be packed, shipped and delivered quickly.

Send track & trace codes

The app also ensures that the customer receives updates on his or her order through track & trace codes. This saves time because you have fewer questions to answer from customers with "where is my order?".

Stock updates

The stock is kept up to date so that you know exactly how much is still in stock. This way you never sell products that are out of stock.

Category import

Do you want to import a whole category at once or rather import product by product? You can do it both ways in our app!

New products

Keep up to date with the latest products from your supplier and add them easily.


The app imports the supplier's recommended prices. Of course, you can adjust these yourself. In the import list, you can also immediately see how much profit you make.


When you install the app, you will see a walk-through. In three simple steps, we will guide you to your first product import. Install the app and try it out yourself now!


What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a way to open a webshop without having your own stock. This way you have no purchasing costs and no risk of holding stock. Simply add products to your webshop and start selling. Once you have an order the supplier will process, pack and ship it for you! Dropshipping with our app allows you to focus on customer service and marketing.

Can I cancel my subscription?

The app is cancelable on a monthly basis, so you' re not tied to anything!

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또는 연당 $425 로 $35.42/월 청구

  • Import up to 5000 products
  • Collection import
  • Inventory updates
  • Automatic order processing
  • Automatic tracking codes
  • Connect one supplier



또는 연당 $535 로 $44.58/월 청구

  • Import up to 15000 products
  • Collection import
  • Inventory updates
  • Automatic order processing
  • Automatic tracking codes
  • Connect one suppliers



또는 연당 $640 로 $53.33/월 청구

  • Import up to 25000 products
  • Collection import
  • Inventory updates
  • Automatic order processing
  • Automatic tracking codes
  • Connect two suppliers



또는 연당 $1,080 로 $90/월 청구

  • Import up to 50000 products
  • Collection import
  • Inventory updates
  • Automatic order processing
  • Automatic tracking codes
  • Connect three suppliers

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가장 최근 리뷰

Beauty Buy󠀫 +

Useless app for any other dropshipper outside NL as they suppliers are more making excuses about why they do not as try to work out and resolve problems. The TWM excuse is Economic scales, which is a wonderful excuse. Never heard in my life that Economic scales would work out without sales. Then you have left only with EDC supplier as other suppliers don't ship to other EU countries and then it's not worth the money of $39 p.m. Even with my masters degree I cannot understand are Gogetters and their suppliers luck of skills (while thinking that they are really smart) or willingness to work. Anyway, if they not able to take care of their customers, then their competitors will. And then we can see clearly why this app is so unpopular on Shopify, and why noone wants to choose them.


Echte doorpakkers! Ideaal voor je dropship-voorraad, ze houden de stock uptodate en handelen de bestelling af. Verder denken ze ook actief mee met alternatieve vragen(en Ja, ze reageren snel op je vragen). Oftewel een Must Have App voor de Dropshippers.

Minasari Home

has big potential but no one takes care of it. search does not work with brands. you cannot bulk upload. over expensive. selecting "home" items does not work. translatations are nog good enough (german).