GOGOX (GOGOVAN)‑Local Delivery

GOGOX (GOGOVAN)‑Local Delivery


Enable door-to-door pickup and delivery for your shop


Deliver at your doorsteps

We provide instant, 4-hour and same-day delivery and pickup for small items. Our quickest delivery option is within 1 hour.

Real-time tracking

Track courier location and update delivery progress instantly. We keep you informed with notifications.

Free cargo compensation

Provide up to $2000 compensation to ensure you have a pleasant experience with reliable delivery.

有關 GOGOX (GOGOVAN)‑Local Delivery

GOGODelivery/ GOGOBusiness

GOGOX (formerly GOGOVAN) is the first app-based logistics platform in Asia and we connect individuals and businesses directly to millions of drivers and couriers for their delivery needs. GOGODelivery offers a variety of logistics solutions to power your businesses, such as on-demand delivery, 4-hour and same-day door-to-door delivery. Documents, small packages, beauty samples, flowers, food, frozen food...whatever items you have, we are well-equipped to pick up and deliver your goods safely to the destination.

Core features

  • Place on-demand door-to-door delivery service
  • Various delivery options to cater your needs (Instant, 4-hour, same-day delivery)
  • Available on both web and app version
  • Transparent pricing, no hidden charge
  • Real-time tracking
  • Various payment methods

*Functionality might vary depending on the platform you use

What can you do with GOGOX Shopify app?

  • Place GOGODelivery order within Shopify portal
  • One click pre-fill order information
  • Schedule your delivery order
  • Notify clients about fulfilment status and tracking page

(Note: At the moment, we are supporting stores with Hong Kong location address only)





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