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GoldMerchant - Affiliate System

GoldMerchant - Affiliate System

Developed by Strife Professional

11 reviews
Price: $21.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Flexible types of affiliate program to choose from
  • User-friendly affiliate system to manage your affiliates
  • Watch your sales increase as your customers bring in other customers

About Gold Merchant

Gold merchant is an affiliate program specially built for Shopify. With this program, customers of your store can now refer friends to purchase at your store and earn commission!

How It Works

  1. Easily setup your affiliate program with the built in tutorial

  2. Customers who sign up for the program in your store can now use a link to get referrals to your website.

  3. If a purchase is made by the person referred, your affiliate customer will get a commission that is decided by you during the setup process

Shopify Standard

Using Shopify standard admin user interface, you can easily track how much sales each of your customers are bringing you and how much you need to pay them

Join Over 800+ Satisfied Merchants Who Are Using This Affiliate System To Bring In More Customers!

This app is current and last updated in September 2016

GoldMerchant - Affiliate System reviews

11 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

There appears to be a serious problem with your affiliate system, paying affiliates multiple times for a single order.

I have emailed info@strifeprofessional.com, several times, and have received no response/support!

Does anyone WORK there?!?


No support at all after several emails .... and the app does not work.... I have made several tests and sales are not in the back office... And it is the same with my affiliates. And now I do not know how I can explain that to affiliates who are asking why the sales doesn't show in their account....


POS - LOL - Cant get the cart to add code without errors


Without a doubt, the most cost effective way to offer an affiliate program on your store.


I didn't want to have to write a poor review, but I've contacted support several times over the past 6 days and have had no response whatsoever. I'm new to this app and it does seem like it could be a very great thing, but without customer support it's not useful. I've also been getting an error message lately when I try to load the app, giving me no access to my dashboard. Is anyone else having these problems? Hope to come back to this review with updated good news!


We've only just started but in terms of ease to get started, nothing, I mean nothing could be easier and actually, a little bit of fun too! Will keep you posted Gold Merchant!


Easy to use - would highly recommend!


GoldMerchant is working very well for us. It was very simple to install, and it has been very accurate. I like that my customers can sign up from their account right within our store. Customer service has been most excellent. We were using a different system previously that we kept having to upgrade to add additional affiliates, and it slowed down the website speed. We are so happy to have found GoldMerchant. Site speed is back up, and there are no caps on affiliates. A great affiliate program at a great price.


Perfect app does exactly what i want. very easy to use, would recommend to anyone that wants their sales to blow up!


Very Talented Guy indeed ! , he helped me understand the app , and he didnt just install it and do everything for me for free !! but he also fixed a major theme bug ! , i have never actually seen a man like him before ! he gets a big vouch ! now im pain free . Big Vouch for you sir .
Thanks !

$21.00 / month
14 days

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