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11 augusti 2023

Have reached out to support numerous times, emailed, called, absolutely no response. The app has not been functioning as usual since the Summer '23 issue of Shopify came out. We also are unable to use the banner function because no one will answer us and there are no instructions on how to enable it

9 månader användning av appen
Gold Feed Inc. svarade 17 augusti 2023

Hi there. I have no record of you being a customer and if I search "Minted Market" it seems you have never installed our app. I respond to all emails. If you have a question email info@gold-feed.com. We have many users on our app who use it successfully. You must be the developer. I will reach out to the shop owner directly regarding this review so that I can help.

Redigerat 9 maj 2018

Lots of promises very little support. Overcharged for 4 months, changed to woocommerce. Site advertises that the plugin can be installed in 4 minutes. Was told will be emailed in 2 hours asked 6 hours later, its now 26 hours later and the owner hasn't bothered to reply.


Will be posting a review on our site with full email transcripts in the coming days

Swan Bullion
6 månader användning av appen
Gold Feed Inc. svarade 23 maj 2022

Hi there. Please watch the video and you will see how easy our app is to use. We have many clients using our app. It would be good if you could give it another try. You can always stop your subscription at anytime by uninstalling the app. We are not able to uninstall the app for you unless we have access to your store.