Precious Metals Price Updater

Precious Metals Price Updater

Gold Feed Inc.

Easily integrate precious metals pricing into your products.

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Real Time Spot Pricing

Integrate real time precious metals spot pricing into your online products in your store.

Adjust Markups

Easily adjust markups above spot with either a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage.

Stop Loss Pricing

Set the lowest price you want your product to sell for in case the market drops.

Precious Metals Price Updater 정보

Precious Metals Price Updater

Are you tired of updating your gold, silver, platinum and palladium products manually with the large fluctuations in precious metals spot pricing?

Do you want to stay competitive and have your precious metals product prices update every minute in conjunction with the ever changing spot price?

Our app solves this problem by allowing you to configure precious metals spot pricing into your products. You can add product details such as metal type spot price, weight, purity and markup. From there our app will update your products according the precious metals price settings you have configured.

How cool is that? Our app allows you to save hours per day updating your precious metals products! Now you can spend more time running your business instead of sitting at the computer updating prices every day.

Integrate real time precious metals spot pricing into your Shopify powered products with the following options:

  1. Fixed dollar amount above spot.
  2. Select metal (Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium).
  3. Weight (Gram, Troy Ounce or Pennyweight).
  4. Set purity of product.
  5. Add markup in percent.
  6. Lowest allowed price.
  7. Set stop loss pricing


  • Our ticker generator to design and embed a custom spot price ticker on your website.
  • Our chart generator go design and embed a custom precious metals chart on your website.
  • Our table generator to design and embed a spot price table for the sidebar of your website.

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Swan Bullion

Lots of promises very little support. Overcharged for 4 months, changed to woocommerce. Site advertises that the plugin can be installed in 4 minutes. Was told will be emailed in 2 hours asked 6 hours later, its now 26 hours later and the owner hasn't bothered to reply.


Will be posting a review on our site with full email transcripts in the coming days


Ben was extremely helpful. Made it a point to follow through. And the app works flawlessly. I highly recommend it.
Thank you Benjamin.

G47 Marketplace

Benjamin has been so incredibly helpful with every question and request for this app. The app integrates into Shopify smoothly and easily. Definitely happy to have gone with it.