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2. Mai 2023

First I don't write reviews normally, good or bad, but because there is no trial period, right off the bat you have to pay $10, whether this app will work for you or not. There are only 4 gallery options, and the galleries do not have any setting options. I only tried 3, but none of them will work for me. The slider automatically scrolls through the images, so if you want to have multiple galleries on the same page (which I do for color charts), then this is highly disturbing when they all start changing. The carousel images are too small, and don't enlarge when you click on them, and the grid overlaps images on top of each other (even though mine are all exactly the same dimension), with no way to adjust the image size or spacing in between images.

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38 minuten mit der App
25. Januar 2021

I went here specifically to leave a good review because I feel happy about using this application at the moment.
I am that person who needs a lot of galleries on the pages. I have tried almost everything presented in the application section.
This gallery is perfect for me at the moment, a really good gallery. I tried the free plan, checked the work and upgraded to a paid one. Everything works perfectly for me. I hope this will continue to work well. I'll come back here in a year and write how everything worked perfectly for a year and the gallery did not stop displaying images due to technical problems. Or I'll go here if I want to uninstall this application due to its problems.

4 monate mit der App
27. August 2019

A link to app appears beneath the gallery; all images must be same height or nav arrows will be centered weird.

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4 monate mit der App
12. März 2020

Great App! Does exactly what I wanted. Its a little tricky in the beginning. But as soon as you figure it out its really awesome.

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Bearbeitet am 6. April 2020

App doesn't work at first, I think because of my theme. I contacted the support and they fixed it right away. They even adjusted some CSS for me. Thanks!

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