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14 de maio de 2024

The app has no support or integration with any apps, so if you use more than 1 different app, this one is useless. None of the ad ons get calculated into the price or at checkout. I messaged customer support and I was told that because i have an ' upload file' app on my product page, the GA add ons app won't work at all. So this is app is pretty much useless, unless it is the only app on your store, i suppose thats why it is free.

5 dias usando o app
27 de janeiro de 2024

This is one of the worst apps we have ever used, and we use a LOT of apps. Everything has a glitch. Asked for help and the customer service was helpful at fist then ghosted us. We launched a huge event only to have dozens of calls, emails and complaints. Even lost money in unnessary returns to customers who couldnt shop like they wanted to becuase the app wouldn't work and add product to the cart properly.

Modern K9
3 dias usando o app
GoodApps deixou uma resposta 21 de fevereiro de 2024

Thank you for providing your feedback. It's possible that the app faced compatibility challenges with other apps installed on your store. We are committed to assisting you, so feel free to reach out with any further concerns or questions.

Best regards,

GoodApps team.

17 de abril de 2024

Awful app. Horrible interface for selecting which products to enable this on not to mention the lack of options (all products or manually select which ones with all the disabled and draft orders mixed up in a 10 products per page window - simply horrible). Used for about 15 minutes and experienced several bugs/glitches as well. Not fit for purpose.

All Jigsaw Puzzles
Reino Unido
8 minutos usando o app
6 de maio de 2023

It worked for a few days and then it failed on mobile and wasn't showing (while still showing on desktop). Then, after a few more days, it failed on desktop as well. It simply stopped showing - despite trying to reset the app and the functions. I reached out for help and unfortunately they weren't able to help and wound up just letting it go completely. Sadly, I had to delete the app and I'll be researching other options.

Rob Kaz Art
Estados Unidos
28 dias usando o app
GoodApps deixou uma resposta 21 de fevereiro de 2024

We appreciate your feedback and understand the concerns you raised. After reviewing your feedback, our team looked into the matter, and we suspect that compatibility issues by other apps may be the cause.

Best regards,

GoodApps team.