GoodCarts—Free Traffic & Sales

GoodCarts—Free Traffic & Sales


Grow sales, traffic, loyalty & social impact for free.

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Get new customers for free

Stop spending $$$ on ads. Exclusive digital coupons and cross-promotion to help you reach more customers and improve your ROI—for zero cost.

Elevate your social impact

Join our growing community of mission-driven ecommerce brands dedicated to doing business better, and grow your impact together.

Put your sales on autopilot

Create your offer, then launch seamlessly. In under 5 minutes, your store can attract more customers and sales—without the headaches.

GoodCarts—Free Traffic & Sales 정보

GoodCarts is the easiest way for mission-driven stores like yours to build customer loyalty, scale your impact, and gain new customers for free.

  • Build customer loyalty and maximize your impact by sharing smart digital coupons with shoppers post-purchase from other “shop for good” stores in our community
  • Get more customers and sales from other mission-driven stores for free Think of us as a coupon on the back of the receipt—only smarter and more sustainable.

Boost your sales—without the headaches

GoodCarts’ smart discounts help you cut back on customer acquisition costs and grow your store—without expensive and unpredictable ads.

Grow your impact—and your bottom line.

Join our unique community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and independent merchants working together to make a difference for people, communities, and our environment.

Launch in minutes & get started for free!

You're busy running your store—let us get you more customers. Set up your first offer and start promoting your store in minutes, without needing a degree in tech.

How does GoodCarts work?

  1. Install GoodCarts and create your first coupon offer. Customize your coupon with an eye-catching feature image, create your unique discount code, and just let it run or set an end date.
  2. After a customer checks out from other stores in our network, we invite them to view your offer on receipts via a one-time link to exclusive offers.
  3. The customer then selects your coupon and shops your store using their discount code. You get the sale and a new customer—all without spending a dime!

How many new customers will I get?

We'll start sharing your offer with like-minded consumers straight away—most stores see new first-time store visitors from GoodCarts within days, or even hours. Our seamless coupon creation tools help you design the most attractive offer to maximize your success—and your sales. Every store in our GoodCarts community works together to help you grow!

Do I need to promote other stores?

Yes. Customers on your store will be invited to view offers from other stores in our community from your receipt—but you'll always be in control. It's easy to exclude specific stores or limit your offer to certain products or one use per customer. Don’t worry about cross-promoting objectionable stores—every member in our network of mission-driven ecommerce stores is carefully vetted by our team of experts.

Can you help me get started with GoodCarts?

Absolutely! We want to set you up for success, so we offer free white-glove setup and support to large and small retailers alike. To learn more, simply email us with a link to your store and any questions you have, and you’ll get the support you need.

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Appreciate being part of an alliance of like-minded brands. GoodCarts delivers buyers (not just traffic) to our store for FREE. It is our most used discount code on Shopify. Thank you GoodCarts!