Google Ads ROI Optimizer

Google Ads ROI Optimizer

von Commerce Direct

Cut your Wasted Ad Spend while Boosting Customer Loyalty, ROAS

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Identify Expensive Repeats

Our Tool identifies your customers that regularly return to your e-commerce site via Google Ads.

Offer Targeted Discounts

Using AI/ML, the Tool calculates a personalized discount for these repeat customers using purchase behavior and ad costs data.

Save Money for Everyone!

Eligible customers automatically receive their savings applied at checkout. Our Tool detects when customers change their visit behavior.

Über Google Ads ROI Optimizer

Many online stores spend and waste a significant amount of their Digital Advertising budget on repeat/existing customers. We offer a solution to turn those costs into savings for you and your customers! Our tool enables eCommerce brands to build direct relationships with their repeat customers using machine-learning generated discounts. Our tool identifies eligible returning customers that inflate acquisition advertising costs and persuades them to shop directly with you in exchange for discounts.

This extension for Shopify, the Google Ads ROI Optimizer, will train your customers to shop directly on your site rather than entering through expensive, paid search channels using messaging reminders which expose the standard and direct prices for eligible repeat/existing customers. These predicted ad cost savings of your existing customers can provide significant financial rewards for you and incentivize your customers to change their behavior by shopping on your site directly going forward.

Take advantage of the latest machine-learning technology to detect and reward loyal customers when they navigate directly to your site to shop. The Extension’s messaging and design is customizable and can be white labeled for a frictionless experience for your customers. The Extension uses visitor (Cookie ID) and/or user login ID identification methodology, captured by dropping a JavaScript pixel on your landing pages and transaction confirmation page, to build the most accurate user profiles. Your customers don’t need to install anything to unlock the savings — it works seamlessly with your shopping cart and existing traffic flow with eligible visitors/customers. The Google Ads ROI Optimizer optimizes the cost savings for you and your customers using AI/machine-learning while also allowing configurable options for how you’d like to distribute the ad cost savings.

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