Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard


Track your site and sales with Google Analytics.


Google Analytics Simplified

Simplify Google Analytics reporting data into actionable insights that you can use to improve your overall sales and site traffic

Check Google PageRank

Easily check and monitor your official Google PageRank and your positioning in Google for search terms/search phrases

Track & Monitor Your SEO

Now that you’ve put so much work into your SEO, you probably want to see how those efforts are paying off and whether it all works

有關 Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics for Shopify

If you run an eCommerce store, then you should be aware that data and web analytics is crucial to the success of your store. Knowing what is working and why it is working helps you make the best of decisions. Whether you’re looking to decide the next hot product to boost with ads, or looking to find out how successful your marketing campaign is, Google Analytics Dashboard provides you with all that data and more.

Let’s take a look at all the valuable data that you can capture from your Shopify store when using the Google Analytics Dashboard App.

Page Ranking:

One of the most important, and yet overlooked aspects of eCommerce marketing is SEO. With a good SEO strategy in place, you can generate regular organic traffic, which increases the revenue of your online store. The Google Analytics Dashboard shows you your site and Pagerank for a set of search terms/search phrases.

With this data, you can see how effective your SEO efforts are, as well as knowing what aspects to focus your efforts on. The results? A steady stream of organically generated traffic that is ready to make purchases from your store.

Reports on User Actions:

Another key metric to track and take advantage of is the data of what your website users are doing on your store. By knowing what they do or do not do, you gain an insight into their minds and from there, you can easily create solutions, funnels and offers to maximize revenue on your store.

Store Traffic Reports:

Do you know where the traffic on your store is coming from? Do you know what they do once in your store? What about your most popular pages and products. With the Google Analytics Dashboard, you can track all this valuable data.

Fortunately, the reports that are generated are simple, easy to use and extremely detailed, ensuring that you can start making the required changes and doubling down on the marketing channels that are proven to work

Sales Reports:

The Google Analytics Dashboard provides you with sales data from your store. You get to see purchases made, the average price of an order and many other useful data.

Real Time Store Statistics:

The Google Analytics Dashboard allows you to view the statistics if your store in real-time. In other words, you’ll see exactly what your customers and site visitors are doing right away. This is very beneficial if you are running a sale or a promotion, as you can track it’s effectiveness in real-time.

With the data that Google Analytics Dashboard generates, you can begin to make more informed decisions, which will increase your chances of boosting sales on your Shopify store.

With the Google Analytics Dashboard for Shopify, you’ll be at the top of your eCommerce game.


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