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Place Google Tag Manager snippet & Analytics code to themes

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Copy & paste experience

Just copy & place GTM container ID and/or GA/UA tracking ID into the app hit save and they'll be up and running.

Full basic GA eCommerce events

From tracking pageview to purchase events, just check/uncheck in-app boxes. No need to config events in your GA/UA account or setup the code

Robust & flexible tracking

Spend time exploring GTM. Gain more insights from FB pixel, Google Ads conversion, remarketing tags, and more. All in one place

Over Omega Google Tag

More Ecommerce data = less guesswork + better decision.

Placing the global site tag (UA/GA4) to your web pages is confusing. You don’t know how to create and track conversion events.

With Google Tag Manager, you still have to touch your theme to implement the GTM container’s snippet. Again!

Let Omega Google tag help:

  • For GTM Just copy and paste the container ID, then all tags inside the GTM container will be fired upon triggered.

  • For GA/UA Auto-track some basic events: from pageview, view content, add to cart, begin checkout, purchase. Just place the tracking ID and select what events you want.

Send detailed parameters for all the events. For example: page location, page path for page view events, product ID and price for add to cart events, order value, ID and currency for purchase event, etc.

GTM is powerful. Start learning about it now

  • Fast tags deployment
  • Better collaboration
  • Granular access
  • Manage all changes in one place

Let Omega’s app cover your first step. Now you have all the time to start learning GTM. If you have questions, our support team is always happy to help!

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5.0 van 5 sterren

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So far so good. We are still on the trial basis but Joy has been very helpful in following up with my enquiries.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

13 oktober 2021

Hi Limitee,

Thank you so much for your 5-star review! We will share this with the whole team to let them know to keep up the amazing work, especially Joy.
Let us know whenever you have any questions about the app.
Best regards!
Omega Team


First Class Service if you have questions! Super easy to install, worked in 3 minutes. Thank you guys :)

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

20 juli 2021

Hi Sober,

Thank you so much for your review. We are happy that you had a great experience with our app and customer service. Our team is always here to solve any of your problems. Please feel free to contact us again if you need more help. Have a good day!

Omega Team

Serene Living Co

Fantastic app and super helpful customer service team. I have been stuck trying to set up my google tracking and this app really made everything super simple! Highly recommend

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

20 juli 2021

Hi Serene Living Co,

Thanks for taking the time to leave us feedback! We really appreciate it. We are glad that you are happy with our app and customer support. Please feel free to contact us again if you need more help.

All the best,
Omega Team