Google Reviews & Rating Badge

Google Reviews & Rating Badge

da SetuBridge

Add Google Customer Reviews & Rating Badge on Your eCommerce

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Google Reviews & Rating Badge

Set review and rating badge by entering Google merchant center ID & position. Display Google shopping reviews for Ad & Search Campaigns.

Easy To Integrate & Configure

This app provides quick configuration of Google Reviews program. Integrate within minutes.

Display Google Seller Rating

Collect reviews from all customer & display it with Google reviews & rating badge.

Su Google Reviews & Rating Badge

What is Google Customer Reviews?

It is a free service by Google which enables to collect reviews and feedback from customers who've made a purchase from your site.

  • Note: Currently we're not providing Google Business Reviews.

About Google Reviews & Rating Badge

Up until 2017, Google had a program known as "Google Trusted Store", which has now been replaced by Google Customer Reviews. This is a free program by Google that allows users to review and rate their experience on a particular shop through surveys after checkout, helping business owners garner qualitative feedback.

SetuBridge brings an exclusive easy-to-integrate and efficient Google Customer Review App for your Shopify store that makes the process much easier and more efficient!

Why Should You Go With the Customer Shopping Reviews Program?

  • It is a free service by Google to collect & display reviews with a badge
  • It’s a free certification designed to boost businesses credibility
  • Consistently great shopping experience by showoff customer review
  • The endorsement from Google should lead to a boost in sales
  • Almost it covers 95% of countries over the world
  • Higher CTR in Google shopping ads. More revenue due to increased conversion rate

The App developed by SetuBridge Developers facilitates easy integration of a code script to the front end as well as back end configuration for your Shopify store. Further, once the success page of an order is verified, the App injects a piece of code meant specifically for the success page. The app also allows shop owners to customize options like Google Merchant ID and Badge Positioning.

Admin can manage all of this easily through the backend options available in the app. Quick Integration and High Utility are the cornerstones of this App!

1. What happens if I don’t have several seller's ratings?

  • Your Google Customer Reviews badge will state 'Rating not available' instead of a rating (i.e. the numerical value and star rating). Minimum 100 reviews are required within the last 12 months to establish a seller.

2. Is the Google review badge is necessary to show on the Shopify store after installing the app?

  • No, it's optional.

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Easy to use and implement. Does what it says on the box! The support staff was very helpful with helping us setup our Google Merchant Account as well and followed up by making sure the app is working well within our store. Would highly recommend SetuBridge.

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14 agosto 2020

Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. :)