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12. Januar 2024

The "instant" speed fixer takes no experience or expertise to set up, and it is shockingly effective. If you Google PageSpeed report tells you that you need to reduce main thread work, or that you need to reduce unused javascript files or render blocking resources, you've just found your answer, no expensive dev consult needed.

There are so many apps in the Shopify store that promise instant speed boosts and almost all of them are total garbage. This one, somehow, really truly does work, confirmable by PageSpeed Insights, and every other analytics app I can find. Their customer service is fantastic, and they're good at what they do. I can't reccomend this app highly enough for big or small stores alike.

Huttonian Designs
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7 monate mit der App
22. Januar 2024

I recently hired a PageSpeed expert on UpWork to get a higher speed. During her work, she installed this app. Using it, she managed to get my main page to a 98 on mobile speed.

I decided to buy a paid version and am happy I did. I just came across a Critical Error. Through chat, I had them jump onto my store, fix the error, and then let me know they would work on the remaining issues and let me know when those items were done.

You can't find better customer service than that!

Broome County Quail
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Etwa 2 monate mit der App
12. Januar 2024

i would absolutely recommend this app to anyone who actually wants their SEO&speed to increase. Most of the other apps just say that your SEO & website speed has increased but you really don't feel it and when you check with google, they say the same thing. Point is, you are most likely getting scammed by other apps who just want your money. This is the best app on the market for SEO&speed, they say you have to give credit where it is due and the creators of this app and their support team deserve it. This app makes everything easy.

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25. Januar 2024

I'm a new Shopify store owner and couldn't be happier with this app. With so many things to be taken care of, I wanted to make sure that the SEO of my store was not suffering from my 'learn by doing'. In only a couple of days, my website was very fast in loading and reached a 100% SEO score for the whole website: SEO that was done in 3 different languages.
Mary from the support team was great in helping out with every question and discrepancy I couldn't figure out myself. Very happy about my choice and would totally recommend it to everyone

Etwa 2 monate mit der App
5. Januar 2024

I've been using this app for a few months, and I must say it's the best speed-boosting app I've used. Now I'm using more of their SEO tools and I'm very impressed. SEO is not something I've done well with, and if you're in the same boat, I'd suggest reaching out to their fast and friendly customer service. Probably the best customer service for any app on shopify!

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6 monate mit der App
19. Januar 2024

Tapita SEO is a fantastic app that revolutionized my online store's performance. The speed boost was immediate, providing customers with a smoother experience. The SEO tools are top-notch, optimizing visibility without breaking the bank. What sets Tapita SEO apart is its affordability – a rare find in the world of SEO apps. It covers all the essentials, from meta tags to image optimization. Kudos to the developers for creating an app that delivers real results. I highly recommend Tapita SEO to any store owner serious about enhancing their online presence. It's a game-changer!

wellvy wellness store
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6 monate mit der App
5. Januar 2024

I have been using TAPITA for several months, and after trying many apps and spending countless hours scratching my head, this app has been a game changer, making things much easier for me. Liam has been incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. It has really exceeded my expectations; my score on mobile view just jumped from 39 to 85. The end result is truly outstanding, and I couldn't be more satisfied with it. I highly recommend it for its effectiveness and the great support and work.

4 monate mit der App
17. Januar 2024

I'm amazed at the results! Everyone MUST try this app. I've tried many other apps, and none can even come close to the results that this one produces! After using the app my store speed increased dramatically, I am so impressed! Obviously, I recommend it instead of any other similar app. Not only does it produce great results, but it also is easy to use and their support is very helpful. Don't delay, try it right now!

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26. Dezember 2023

The App can help you to optimize the site within minutes. It takes care of very basics things that are utmost required for Site Performance Optimization, which otherwise would take huge man hours of effort. I tried to use several apps for page speed optimization but didn't get good results.

Finally, I found this app and got great a result. GTmetrix score increased from 45% to 99% on desktop and from 50% to 80% on Mobile. Still working with the team to achieve an overall score of 95%+.

Just incase you get stuck-up, then the team sitting at the backend is there to help you out to get the best scores ...

I would surely and always recommend people to use this App on Shopify

Sans Drinks
Etwa ein monat mit der App
18. Januar 2024

Our store was slower than other stores and needed help. Liam was a huge help with optimizing the rest of our site and now our site performs comparatively faster. Thank you Liam!

The Happy Camper
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