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30 de enero de 2024

It will improve testing scores, but not in the way you think.

The app installs an obfuscated script which recognizes when testing tools like Google Pagespeed and GTmetrix are visiting your website. It then disables features like Javascript only for these testing tools in order to artificially speed up your website in tests. This does not actually increase speed for your users, and it is a VIOLATION of Google ToS.

Expect SEO penalties from Google. *Uninstall this app!*

Wonder Flavours
4 días usando la aplicación
Tapita respondió 1 de febrero de 2024

Hello there,

This is Keenan and I am one of the founders. My deepest apologies for the bad experience that you had.

Our tool removed all of the unused JS or unused variable js and lazyload js libraries via our bundle code, so this is the reason why your mobile version was broken, and we did fix them when reported.

So if we just apply it to Google or the GTmetrix tool, theoretically, your mobile view should be fine instead.

In general, we try our best to show the correct result on Google tool and core web vital , too. But each website is different so there is always a different approach to each of them

I hope we can re-connect and solve this misunderstanding.


Fecha de modificación: 22 de septiembre de 2023

My day-1 review: An interesting app. I tried several apps before and they didn't improve my scores well. With Tapita, both my Desktop and mobile scores increased by 25 bps. And these are not the numbers app tells, but Google tells. So I am with this app.
My review after weeks: My score has decreased and despite getting in touch with customer service, they did nothing. Then after they requested my store access and got it for more than 2-weeks, without even saying anything. When I asked them, the answer was "remove most of your images". Really? I am selling posters and I need to remove images? They tried not to answer me smoothly and finally accepted to remove the code before uninstalling it.

Long story short, after installing it, they somehow improve the speed, but in the long run, it has no meaning.

Studio Moien
Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
Tapita respondió 8 de octubre de 2023


This is Keenan from Tapita again. I want to personally thank you for using our app.

So our tech team has already given you an answer about your case that:

1. Our code (logic) is using optimize for customers and still runs ok.
2. Based on this analysis, we recommend
A> Reduce image size. This is a free tool
B> Focus on improving the home page. Because your Home page is very heavy. For example, reduce the number of products. On the home page, you should only show important data. You should not show more than 10 products.

However, there was no reply from you regarding this. You also mentioned that you have given us your details 2 weeks ago but it was only 2 days and it was also on the weekend. We replied you right away on Monday once we are back to work.

Al in all, the system did still increase your store speed. but not as much as the beginning. Just a reminder is that any changes to your website could alter the speed score.

We are here to help so if you wish to have this taken at a deeper look. Please let us know.