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23 mars 2024

The App working well and give you really good results. But now they want make more money a lot of offers came in the app for backlinks and more.

What i also miss, if you like to check the page or find them was has a bad performance is not possible.

Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application
Tapita a répondu 25 mars 2024

Hi there,

This is Keenan and I am one of the founder.

We receive your 1-star review this morning and I want to send you this email to explain further about the points you raised in the review.

1. For the offers, those are additional services which are not included in pricing, these services are not implemented by our app, they are handled by our expert team which require manual works, these are extra steps too boost your performance in term of SEO, speed, traffic, ranking.

We do not force anyone to pay for these services, it's totally up to customer's choices, and we don't make money from you store with these services. Our pricing has clearly described what benefit each plan provides.

2. For the "bad performance page checking", according to the chat with Krystal yesterday, we had explained that our app has improved your whole store speed. Some pages have heavier content/logic so they have worse performance comparing to other pages.

To check them, user will need to check each pages individually by google page speed tools.

It's not possible for any tool to list out every single page performance because:

a,. Google doesn't allow any one to send 100 request at same time => Google server will block any app doing so.

b, If we send request one by one, you have 168 pages, each pages take 5 minutes => it will need 840 minutes to finish loading our dashboard if we're doing so, that is not possible and no one will develop their app that way.

Currently no app in the market can do that feature because it is technically just not possible.

Other than that, I'm seeing your speed has improved a lot with our app, we're also working on your Technical SEO errors to help you gain higher SEO score,:

Details can be found here:

1 star review does not accurately reflect the quality of our company's products and services. This will not help other merchants have a more accurate view of Tapita's service quality

I hope you can reconsider talking with us.


Modifié le 9 avril 2024

It's a terrible program, do not download or use it, it slows down the site and is very disrespectful to the employees.
4 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Tapita a répondu 10 avril 2024

Hello there,

This is Keenan and I am one of the founder.

Although we value every single customer, we can not tolerate lies and harassment.

We are not your content writers, this is completely out of scope of the work that we do with the app. You need to hire your own writers to carry out any content work that you have.

While we were working with trendbazarrs ( but you are using this ( to provide us a review.

We have been nothing but being nice and supporting you with everything that we have. We went beyond our support by providing you with 13 blogs otherwise you threatened us with 1 star review (which, again, are not within our app's scope of support). But what we received was a series of harassments and curses.

You gave us 1 star, even though we already explained that those problems are YOUR content and they're not covered by the app's scope.

You also threatened us that if we do not bring his website to 100 on Google page speed, he will give a bad review, this is impossible since different website behave differently. Website A is 100, which does not mean your Website can get that too.

All in all, I thank you for your time using our service, but your manners and harassment are never welcome and appreciated.

Good day and goodbye

4 août 2023

The worst part is the support team. They are rude, unprofessional, and even blackmailing. They threatened to review instantly after installing the app and disabled app functions after 3-4 hours when they failed to get a review. This is unacceptable and illegal. Do not download this app or trust these scammers. You have been warned.
They are just collecting the reviews to may use it further for their premium subscriptions with the same or another app name, currently the app name is “Tapita SEO & Speed Optimizer”. The app is free and the review count is around 400. That is the only reason they got the best rating but the point is that 99% of reviewers placed their reviews after using the app just a few hours even some reviews were placed after a few minutes using the app which is inconsistence.
They are practicing unethically to grow their business. We will put a comprehensive complaint at the Shopify help center with proof of their emails. We may pursue it further with Better Business Bureau (BBB).
So, please be aware and place your review after 5-6 months of using the app otherwise they may stop or put down your site on slow servers after getting an early review because their main purpose is to use these reviews for their premium subscriptions same as their other apps.

3 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Tapita a répondu 6 août 2023

Hi Ijaz,

This is Max from Tapita. Above all, we thank you so much for your time and effort into using our app and we do apologize for this unwanted mis-understanding.

As explained in our conversations, we are receiving multiple complaints about store merchants being charged hundreds of dollars while the freelancers are exploiting our service for free.

While the app is free, we detest exploitation. We operate on trust and result and the reviews you are referring to as fake are made by extremely happy merchants with store much much faster than before without any additional cost. We want the result to speak for itself and we do not have the capability and moral to deceive thousand of merchants using our app. We are a team of young and ambitious people who work day in and out to bring nothing but "true value" to the Shopify market. By the way, Shopify does not allow fake reviews too, we would not in a million years doing what is against the rules and get effort throwing to the sea.
Our system recorded the store owner with the email while yours is ijazmahe****, which rings freelancer red flags to us. The conversation tone was also extremely demanding and argumentative too: "we'll use the app for 1 year to test...etc" (by that time the merchant was already get charge and we can not catch the freelancer) (Same traits as numerous cases discovered by us before with freelancers).

You are our first 1 star review and we take that as a great lesson to learn in our way of approaching certain cases. We again thank you so much for your feedback that will make our sevice greater than ever.

We will let the merchant decide if the results are true or we are just a bunch of "greedy" app creator as you seem to think of us.

CEO of Tapita

28 août 2023

don't install this app. this app has ruined my theme entirely that i had worked on for days. Unfortunately I hadn't taken any backup. On top of that their customer service is very bad, they don't help with anything.

Gripster - Official
3 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Tapita a répondu 29 août 2023

Hello there,

This is Keenan one of Tapita founders. First off, I still want to apologize for what you are feeling about our app and I want to take full responsibility for your feedback.

I was also present during your chat with one of the agent. Just to confirm the following to make it clear for you and also ther people reading this review as well:

1. The problem reported was NEVER caused by our app, since none of the feature was turned on. Our technical agent also took a close look right away and confirmed that it was never our code that caused your misallgined text. We can easily prove this. We also try to reaching out right away after seeing that you reverted your website back.

2. You mention in your review that there was no back up, but up on further checking and as mentioned above we can see that you do have a back up. So I am not sure why you said that.

3. When you mentioned that you have a problem on chat, we immediately and actively want to understand your problem and fix it for you. But the second sentence that you sent to us was "F*** you". Straight up to my customer success agent without any explanation. This behavior should not be tolerated but we were still asking for more information to help you before you signed off.

4. Your store is in the USA while you are from India, this was already considered a red-flag to us as we are receiving multiple complaints about store merchants are being charged hundreds of dollars while the freelancer is exploiting our service for free. So it is unclear if you are one of those freelancers or one of our competitors.

Either way, we thank you for your effort in trying our app. Our service and products should speak for itself and we will let the reader decide.

Thank you again.


22 septembre 2023

The business model is as follows:

1: You install the app
2: You are denied access to the advertised features. With them providing an excuse... not even a rational excuse.

In my case, the excuse was that they claimed freelancers had been using their service for SEO, and then passing on a charge to their customers for the free service. Then the website owners were somehow holding Tapita accountable for this. It makes 0 sense at all, and is a poor excuse.

3: You will talk to them on live chat for a bit, and they will enable the service for you.

4: Before you have any time to verify the service is providing you any value, before google can crawl your website, and before you even know if it's doing anything useful outside of page speed improvements, they will immediately ask you for a review of the app.

5: If you ignore them, they will send a subsequent email including the following:

"Page speed feature when enabled will be completely free. But we are very new in the market and it is very challenging for our human resources and server to keep this feature running free of charge."

"So If you are serious about using Tapita, please let us know. Otherwise, we will have to give the opportunity to another merchant as we are receiving multiple complaints about store merchants being charged hundreds of dollars while the freelancer is exploiting our service for free. "

They are essentially going to force you to give them a (presumably good) review, and if you refuse, they will deny you access to the 'completely free' service. It's free but when you read between the lines, it isn't free.

This is not a reasonable or ethical way to run a business, is misleadingly advertised, and potentially breaks the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations of 2008. The product itself might even work, but the way they are going about it is very unethical. In essence, they only want to provide the service to people who have provided them a review as payment.

Edens Drawer
Environ une heure d’utilisation de l’application
Tapita a répondu 25 septembre 2023

We appreciate your effort to write such a detailed review. Please accept our deepest apologies for any uncomfortable experience that you had with our app.
Please let us explain some things here:
1. We have provided in our latest email proofs of cases where there are actual freelancers and developers exploiting our app with bad intentions.
2. As we've tracked read receipt from our email and see that you haven't seen the email that we sent to the store email, we assumed that you are not the owner of the store and therefore a developer or a freelancer. This is indeed a hasty assumption from our part, and we are deeply sorry about this.
3. Please understand that we did not force you to give us a review by disabling the feature or anything. We waited for two days after you used the feature to make sure that everything runs well, before sending an email asking for a feedback.
Again, this is still an overly-cautious practice from our side, which we're deeply sorry for. We hope that you can give us a second chance and explore the many other useful features that we have to offer.
Thank you so much!