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Using this to save order info + keep inventory updated in Google Sheets. Pretty useful (and powerful app). Responsive support team also makes life a lot easier. Combine with AppSheet and you've got a nifty thing going,

Siesta o'Clock

Easy to use, good support. Using it to push my new Shopify orders to a Google sheet so I can then link my designers/artists to the orders and pay them out easily.

Doodle My Pet

As of November 2021 this app is no longer working and not being supported by developers. We reached out to the development team at Bonify and they confirmed that this app is no longer working correctly with Google Sheets for us.

Bonify 已回覆 2022年1月25日

We'd like to apologize that the app was not performing as expected for your store. We always strive to support our customers to the best of our abilities and we regret being unable to meet your expectations.

However, we would like to also make clear that the app is currently maintained and well supported by our staff.

With regard to the issue your store was experiencing, we (and other developers) have found that the Google Sheets API can be slow to respond to requests sometimes. When that happens, we give the API as much time as possible to complete the request. If no response comes in a reasonable amount of time, we drop the request and mark it as an error in our logs for a lack of better options. We 100% sympathize that this is not an ideal experience for merchants, but if left unchecked, this has the potential to impact system stability for all users, regardless of the server resources available.

Again, we apologize that the app did not meet your expectations. If a more elegant solution to Google's Sheets API being slow presents itself in the future, we will absolutely implement it as we share your frustration with this issue.


My shop sells made-to-order items, each with with several variants and custom line items. This app allows me to export my to-make list in exactly the way I need. It’s excellent, as was the support I got.

Plasticsmith Armoury

This plugin is exactly what I was looking for all this while,... I had tried many other plugins but Instasheet is the one that provides the quick fix. I love it!

Saffrons Signature Meals

We use this to export orders into a format we can process much quicker. Instead of the multiple lines that Shopify natively produces, Patrick and Kenny configured a single line export per order which saves hours of time. Fantastic service, a great app, and a reasonable price for a small business. Thanks guys.

Doughies Pizza Kits

This app is amazing!!
I have been using Zapier to send order data to Google Sheets. The problem with Zapier and as far as I can tell every order export app on Shopify is they don't automatically update order data after it's been updated, for example if a customer changes the shipping address. This app does. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and the exports are virtually instant. It also costs a fraction of what Zapier costs. I am 100% sold on this app. Amazing!


Amazing customer support. I tried many apps and this one has so much flexibility. I needed an app to export products with all Shopify product details plus all my custom metafields plus all the image URLs for each product on one row rather than each on a separate row. I like the live sync so our inventory reports are always up to date. The only feature I would add is a function to download to csv or excel. But that's easily done through the google sheets.


I had just installed the app and the customer support helped me set it up right away :) Definitely handy app.

Playlist Centre

InstaSheets allows you to manipulate data to extract the information that you specifically need for your business at a reasonable price. We are able to create different workflows for different departments within our establishment. This allows each team to work more efficiently and stay organized. Their customer service is also great!

Aya Pastry