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8. februar 2022

This app doesn't work. It got my Google Merchant Center account suspended. I get blank screens when I try to access it.

8 dage bruger appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarede 11. februar 2022

Dear Menachem,

We are extremely sorry for the total inconvenience caused to you from our side. It's unfortunate that you did not have a good experience with our app.

We were earlier able to solve the blank screen issue that was happening on your end. I am sure that you must have now cross-checked it, as informed earlier over email.

I have also cross-checked your Google Merchant Center account. I can assure you, as per the info available with me, that your account is ready to serve ads. Your main account that is connected with the app is not suspended.

You should feel free to write back and we can take your concerns forward and try to help you in the best possible way.

19. maj 2022

I have thousands of products and the app fails to import my products. I am sure you be fine with a small product range. But for me, it's not working. I will give the technical some time to get it working. But currently, I have wasted two days which is very disappointing.

Apparel Warehouse
En dag bruger appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarede 25. maj 2022

Dear Evan,

I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience that was caused to you. We tried our level best to fetch your product data from your website.

I earlier notified you via email that your products not being visible in the app was being caused because the response was pending on the Shopify side regarding BulkGraphQL. Our app uses this method to fetch the product data from the website. This was not directly a bug on our side and products get immediately displayed in the app in all cases.

We have already taken care of this from our side.

You should always feel free to write back to me if you wish to give it a second try. Thanks for your understanding.

Redigeret 17. januar 2022

I am not sure how it's possible for this app to get so many 5 star reviews. It's completely covered in bugs which makes it pretty much non-functional. For example, it doesn't pull the SKU/GTIN and causes a lot of faulty errors to the feed data, it doesn't pull all the images for the listings, it can't pull the product categories for Google, it fails to pull the shipping information.... an app with this many errors can actually get you blocked and banned with Google. It's a pity because the menu structure is clean and nicely structured. And what we really found completely unacceptable is the immediate misuse of our contact details for constant calls and emails, without our permission. We've been stalked with emails from this company, even after uninstalling the app, with the latest response being: "Sod it, I am assuming that you opened our email but chose not to reply. No problem. Thank you for being yourself. I humbly request you to never try any of our other apps! " Hm, yeah. Thank you for showing YOUR true colors. I can assure you none of your apps are of ANY interest to us whatsoever. Why on Earth would a bug-infested app be of interest to anyone? There are thousands of other apps to chose from. Your assumption that a potential customer is obligated to waste work time providing feedback on the many bugs in your app and be in constant communications with you to please you, is pretty sad. A professional developer use tools to be aware of any bugs - yours is covered in them and it's not our job as a user to keep resolving them for you, keep listing the seemingly endless ones yours have, or keep waiting for your 'developers' to fix them.

En dag bruger appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarede 15. januar 2022


We call our customers only if they are facing any issues. We do this to proactively help them fix whatever issues they might have, as email and other async communication take time.

Coming to the issues you faced, SKUs are mapped to MPN by default as recommended by Google. Barcode is what is synced as GTIN by default. If you want to map SKU as GTIN, we can do that. You just had to ask our support team.

Images, shipping information, etc., are all synced by us by default. I don't know the issue you were facing, being honest.

Our app can also sync Google Product Category via metafields. Documentation on this is available in our help articles.

But unfortunately, we never got an opportunity even to understand your issues.

You said the app is not working via chat and immediately left a 1-star review. You also did not respond to our chat/email/calls. We are a small team, and I think this is unfair.

Anyway, If you ever want to work with us again, feel free to install the app. But please allow us time to at least understand your concerns.