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26. mars 2024

I am compelled to share our deeply unsatisfactory experience with Adnabu for Google Shopping, a Shopify app designed for transferring and optimizing products on Google Shopping. Despite its promising features, our journey with Adnabu turned into a nightmare of inefficiency and unprofessionalism.

Over several weeks, we painstakingly optimized over 18 feeds, each tailored for a different country and language. This involved numerous bulk edits and extensive manual optimization with Adnabu's AI tools. We even hired a freelancer, investing over $500 to ensure our feeds were meticulously refined. However, our hard work was obliterated overnight on March 15th when all our optimizations disappeared following a bug fix by Adnabu's technical team. This loss represented not just a significant financial blow but also weeks of wasted effort.

Our attempts to resolve the issue were met with endless, unsatisfying email exchanges. Initially, Adnabu's team denied any system logs indicating resets on our end. When we demanded compensation for our financial losses, the blame was unjustly shifted onto us, with accusations of manually or bulk resetting our products. This unprofessional behavior escalated, portraying us as liars unwilling to accept fault for our actions, despite our nearly decade-long experience running an online shop.

Although Adnabu managed to recover 1,800 of the 6,000 optimized products through backups, this was a small consolation. A conversation with CEO Salil, who promised to look into the matter, led nowhere. After days of silence, he claimed that backups from March 14th showed no signs of the optimizations we had made, further casting doubt on our efforts and integrity.

This experience has not only resulted in significant financial and time loss but has also exposed Adnabu's inability to stand by their product's failures and their quickness to blame customers. Such unprofessional conduct and lack of accountability are unacceptable. I strongly advise against using Adnabu for Google Shopping if you value your time, effort, and business integrity.

2 måneder bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 27. mars 2024

Dear Ruben,

I understand this is far more than an inconvenience. I'm truly sorry for the impact on your efforts. We tried recovering your data, and we were successful in recovering the customizations of about 1800+ products, as you mentioned, but we did not have the remaining customizations available in our DB, as we informed you.

You can continue to optimize products using our platform, and I request that you immediately flag anything that looks wrong to you. I also request that you note that our initial review didn't uncover any platform-wide errors during the time period when you reported this. We also do not have any other instances of lost data in this period, and such a situation has arisen for the first time in this app's history. We're taking this extremely seriously and conducting a thorough investigation. This shouldn't have happened, and we're determined to understand why. We will explore this situation further to arrive at a better result than the present resolution. We're also implementing safeguards to help prevent this from happening again.

As a gesture of goodwill and to partially offset your losses, I've already issued a refund for your two months of usage of our app, i.e., $79 x 2, to compensate for your loss. We will also attempt to be more transparent in our communication going forward. Thanks for your feedback.

Team AdNabu

8. februar 2024

Didn't workout for our Store. Support takes too long to respond.

Hair Color USA
2 dager bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 15. februar 2024

Dear Nick,

Thank you for sharing your feedback on our support services. We're sorry to hear your experience didn't meet your expectations, particularly with our response times.

While we've consistently aimed to provide prompt and attentive support, we acknowledge there may have been instances where we fell short. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are actively working to improve our processes.

Considering the positive experiences you've had overall, we kindly ask you to reconsider your review. Your updated feedback would not only reflect the quality support we strive for but also help us enhance our services for you and other customers.

Thank you for your feedback and the opportunity to serve you. We're committed to regaining your trust and exceeding your expectations.

Warm Regards,
Ashwitha A.
Team AdNabu

6. januar 2024

Does not comply woth google policy and can't sogn in at all.
All the other reviews have too be fake. App will not let me do anything at all

The Bearded Man
14 minutter bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 9. januar 2024

Dear Brian & team,

I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you faced, and I apologize for any inconvenience you were caused. I have investigated the issue.

Ours is an embedded app that is built for Shopify. When you want to sign in to the app using your Google account, there is a restriction as per Google's policy that Google will stop the sign-in until you do it through some browser. This is done to help protect your account by Google. You can find more information in the help article below.

I hope you understand that this is not a limitation of our app and we are bound to Google's policies.

Thanks for your understanding and as discussed via email, please feel free to return to our app whenever you resume your e-commerce operations and I will get your products on the Google Merchant Center.

Warm Regards,
Team AdNabu

Redigert 11. juni 2024

Despite friendly customer service, especially Shubham, I am extremely on it, and angry. I have no more patience with them.
I've been installing their app since June 3. But nothing works. The FR feeds are incomplete and not at all optimal. The other feeds don't work. It was agreed that if I activate a $79 subscription, they should take care of setting this up for me. But it doesn't work and I have to wait. The answer is Shopify's, Google's and other apps' fault, and it's up to me to do things I don't understand. My international configuration is very simple.
If I have to pay $79 a month, I have a right to expect it to work. A lot of frustration and wasted time.
I'll give them another 48 hours.

Rundt 18 timer bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 6. juni 2024

Dear Magbella,

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experience! I'm thrilled to hear that working with our team, especially myself, has been a pleasure. I am dedicated to providing excellent service and it's wonderful to see the efforts recognized.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your experience once everything is fully functional. If you have any questions or need further assistance in the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your success with our Nabu for Google Shopping feed app is very important to me. Thank you for choosing our app! Happy selling! 🚀🌟

Thanks again.

Warm Regards,
Team AdNabu

7. februar 2024

Estou tentando usar o sistema hoje

SL Silvia Decorações
8 dager bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 15. februar 2024

Prezado Higor,

Agradeço por você experimentar o feed do Nabu para Google Shopping! Estou aqui para ajudá-lo e garantir que você tenha uma experiência tranquila.

Como você pode ver, entrei em contato pessoalmente com seu endereço de e-mail e número de telefone várias vezes para ajudá-lo com a configuração, mas não consegui entrar em contato com você corretamente. Por favor, responda no tópico de e-mail existente se tiver a oportunidade de lê-lo. Basicamente, você precisa clicar no botão CONFIGURAÇÃO COMPLETA no aplicativo para que o aplicativo possa começar a enviar os dados do produto para sua conta GMC.

Eu ficaria feliz se você considerasse atualizar sua avaliação depois de iniciar o teste de nosso aplicativo e enviar seus produtos.

Equipe AdNabu

4. oktober 2023

Kinda a scammy plan, it is said there is a free plan, and once the app is installed, it will push you to subscribe for a paid plan otherwise your products will not be pushed to Google

Rundt 2 timer bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 11. oktober 2023

Dear acacuss admin & team,

I hope that you are doing great.

I am incredibly sorry that AdNabu's pricing plans did not meet your expectations. We never meant to disappoint you. We believe in value-based pricing. I also tried reaching to you multiple times via email & phone calls but could not establish a connection.

I am willing to help you properly understand the pricing. At the same time, I am also willing to provide the best value of the app to you so that you get the proper worth of the app's charges.

To summarize, if you take the freemium plan of our app, you will only get charged if you get more than 10 online orders in your store during the billing cycle. Please reach out on the existing email thread if you want to try it again. All the necessary help is extended to you from my side.

Team AdNabu

Redigert 5. juni 2024

I had problem with this App, some products are rejected and when I contact them, they said google need to crewel but that not true, after they push the feed from there side, then all okay, after time, they asked me to have the Advanced plans with 79 USD and I did, they said, this issue will never coming back BUT NOTHING CHANGED, just talk talk, I want the exact service which I pay for it

Tiptop - Einrichtung
Nesten 2 år bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 5. januar 2023

Dear Tiptop - Einrichtung admin & team,

Many thanks for your valuable review of our Shopping feed app that you earlier posted.

I am glad to know that you are finding the app functionalities & also the app useful & easy enough. Please make use of the automatic opt-out function as I had earlier mentioned in our phone call. And, please feel free to write to me at for any help that you may need with updating your product feed.

Thanks, again.

Warm Regards,
Team AdNabu

Redigert 27. januar 2023

Apps charges for orders that have nothing to do it. I sync to other countries that have no sells and this apps instead charges for the orders done in my home country, thats a scam!

FixOEM:Refacción Celular+Gaming
5 måneder bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 22. august 2022

Dear Carlos,

I hope that you are doing great.

I am incredibly sorry that AdNabu's pricing plans did not meet your expectations. We never meant to disappoint you. We believe in value-based pricing and we also believe in refunding the amount that our customers feel is incorrect. Hence, I have already refunded you more than the $150 that you were charged.

I had also tried to get in contact with you via email/call but could not establish contact since your last email. Please feel free to get back to us and re-install our app so that we can try to improve our services this time. Our app also has better plans that are more suitable for you.

Team AdNabu

Redigert 12. november 2022

UPDATE: PLEASE BEWARE OF THEM!!!! IF YOU LOOK AT THE RECENT REVIEWS YOU WILL SEE THERE WAS ANOTHER STORE SUSPENDED BECAUSE OF THEIR APP. THEY CREATE YOUR MERCHANT CENTER FOR YOU MAKING YOUR MERCHANT CENTER A SUB-ACCOUNT SO YOU CAN'T DELETE IT AND START OVER. They got my google merchant account and google ads account shut down for misrepresentation because they pushed the compared at price to google shopping as the actual price. If you run sales on your store this app is not for you. Your account will get shut down. I recommend simprosys app for your google shopping feed.

Elevated Love Shop
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 1. november 2022


Please reach out to our support, and maybe we can help you get your account back.

Concerning compare at price issue, We send compare-at-price as price and price as sale-price to Google Merchant Center as recommended by Google. Failing to send data this way can get your products disapproved due to price mismatch.

Coming to the misrepresentation issue, This is a store-level violation and not related to product data. The most common reasons for this error are missing privacy policy, contact info, etc.

We have thousands of stores using our app and running sales on their store. None of them are affected due to sale-price or compare-at-price.

There is a misunderstanding. Do reach out, and we can help you out!


5. juni 2020

It's really bad I have to leave this app negative feedback, the app does not work as described or as expect. It will not update the products feed very well, it does add feed, though. When I contact online customer service, or send email to support, they just provide an expert phone number, and ask to contact expert, but no reply your question directly, or solve your problem in email or live chat.

Hobbymate Hobby
21 dager bruker appen
AdNabu Global, Inc. svarte 6. juni 2020


Your questions were slightly advanced and our customer support executives did not know the answer right away. Sorry about that. We ask you to get on a call so that our experts can answer your queries.