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14. květen 2019

i can bet this app has fake reviews. the poorest customer support i have come ever by any of shopify app i have ever used. don't ever try to use this.

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Vývojář Simprosys InfoMedia odpověděl 2. červenec 2019


I beg to differ from you. You had communicated with us twice since you installed the app on March 30. Both the times, you were responded within 5 hrs of your messages. See below-given Screenshots. If you have proof of any other communication, kindly share the details that you were not responded with the correct resolution.

1 -
2 -

There was no further communication from you after both the responses...

Datum úprav: 16. červen 2024

We had to uninstall the app. Because we have a problem with our Google Ad conversions. The support team will get back to us to fix the issue.

Jarlia By Jolina
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Datum úprav: 20. prosinec 2023

I uninstalled this app on December 19, 2023. The last bill is "Subscription: 2023-11-18 - 2023-12-18". As a result, another month's monthly rent of US$4.99 was immediately deducted, showing "Subscription: 2023-12-18 - 2024-01-17". I actually only used it for 1 extra day. Please return the remaining money.

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Datum úprav: 10. červen 2022

This has been a useful app for us but as of the past months they've seem to have done some changes to it because we suddenly got google notices of large dropped inventory for every campaign. All sales dried up. The app is extremely buggy, and the more new changes they make, the more buggy it seems to get. Support will do nothing to improve on it. All they do is make excuses and waste hours on end with monologues and lecturing, while they really need assigned campaign support who can set the campaigns up FOR YOU, not waste time with the constant monologues. All settings have already been correctly setup in Shopify with categories, attributes, descriptions, quantities etc for each product, but these details end up feeding wrong into google all the time with nothing that is on Shopify showing up in the right place. This gets the listings rejected and your ads can therefore not be displayed. Since the simprosys app is regularly refreshing itself and refreshing content, this repeats itself again and again.... you can't keep manually correcting the same issues for hundreds of items that are created by their buggy app. You'd spend your entire work week, each week, doing this if they don't fix these bugs and admit to themselves their app is not working properly.

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11. duben 2023

This APP works not so well as you expected. I sync the feed to Google ads, some products always report error. Today I don't find any way to contact the service team, the email they never answer. Avoid this APP.

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Vývojář Simprosys InfoMedia odpověděl 24. duben 2023

Dear Merchant,

Hope you are doing well.

I am Milan Vaghela, Product Lead at Simprosys InfoMedia.

We have already looked in your Google Merchant Center and found that the issue you are facing is raised due to the manual edits made for the product attributes in your Google Merchant Center directly. We have already fixed it for you even though it does not come under the scope of our app support.

Here is the screenshot of edits made in your Google Merchant Center:

After fixing the issues, We have tried to contact you via Live Chat as well as also replied to the queries you have raised in our Support email box, bud did not get any feedback.

So can you please confirm if you still have any issues with the app or anything else?

You can also reach out to us via email at or use our Live Chat facility from the App interface using the "Get Support" widget.

Awaiting your reply.

Milan Vaghela
Simprosys Google Shopping Feed App.

15. březen 2019

Gives you a limit on how much you can upload. I did not notice this and marketing same products over and over. This cost me thousands of dollars!!!

All Hail Express
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Vývojář Simprosys InfoMedia odpověděl 16. březen 2019

Dear Merchant,

We follow one of the best practices when it comes to disclosing the pricing structure and billing the merchants. Our app's pricing is one of the most transparent with no Hidden Charges or Hidden Extra charges when you try to use the additional features.

Regarding the comment of thousands of dollars' spend, most of the merchants who opt for Google Shopping as one of the marketing channels of their store know that Google Shopping Listing is "Sponsored Listing" Program in most of the countries. Although merchants get full control of their advertising spends by setting a daily budget in the Google Ads Account, by setting proper CPC/CPA bids to avoid high-cost clicks/cost of acquisition.

Let me clarify one more thing, our app is one of the best solution available in the business when merchant knows what needs to be done to optimize the Adspend and offset the cost of App.

It is very unfortunate that without asking for any further clarification about the app's pricing, functioning and Shopping Campaigns' way of functioning during the trial period itself, we are blamed for not so properly planned and executed endeavor of the merchant.

3. září 2020

It has been two weeks since I uninstalled this app and they still charge me. The customer service cannot help solve my problem and my GMC is blocked. Finding other apps successfully brought me back to GMC. Using this app is a waste of money.

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Vývojář Simprosys InfoMedia odpověděl 19. září 2020

1 - You uninstalled the app on Aug 27 and wrote this review on the 3rd of Sept. So, it is a period of 1 week and not of 2 weeks. See the screenshot on this link Also, when it comes to app charges, Shopify Charges you for the Billing Cycle during which the app was installed. So, that must have been the last charge to you for the app.

2 - As far as our support for Blocked GMC is concerned, we can only review your accounts for possible violations detected by Google and guide you. Rest of the corrections you have to make on your website and other properties. For this, you had written to us on Aug 25. You were responded within 3 hrs(see the link for the screenshot ) with a proper help doc which you were supposed to follow.

3 - Waste of Money? You used our app for more than a year. You did not feel it was a waste of money in that period! See the screenshot on this link -

27. duben 2023

Horrible. I was asked by Simprosys google shopping feed to ad them to my goggle merchant center account so that they could help with feed issue(s). I did as instructed as we had a google video meet on Sunday April 23, 2023. When we had the meet, there was no identification photo's, simply names (I was present on video with full live stream ... and suddenly I could not log into my merchant center account. I had never before ever added any users into my merchant center acct, and the one time I did, per request from Symprosis, I am informed by google that my account was taken over by the only other user(s) ever added by me (Symprosis) and that I could not get back in!!! That was 10 years of google merchant center account down the drain!!! I deleted all access to Symprosis, I changed all passwords, and am literally starting over with google! I am beyond sickened by this. Never EVER ALLOW any users access to your merchant center account! I learned the hard way. Hopefully my story will help others.

The Village Country Store
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Vývojář Simprosys InfoMedia odpověděl 12. květen 2023

Dear Merchant,

We are sorry that you have lost your Google Merchant Center account built over the years. We understand how this may have affected the marketing of your products and business revenue.

But believe us, Simprosys has no role in it. Just like we do for our other app users, we have scheduled a call with you to help you troubleshoot the problem you were facing.

It was just a sheer coincidence that you lost access just after inviting us to your account. Even before we accepted your invitation you had already lost your account.

Also, as per the Google team's findings, it is someone with has unauthorized access to your Google Merchant Center account. They have also denied restoring your access.

We are still in touch with our Google Partner Manager to get this case investigated. We'll let you know if we make any breakthroughs.

Simprosys is committed to providing the best services to clients and merchants. We sometimes go the extra mile by providing solutions to clients that may not be part of our core products. We strive to ensure that our clients and merchants have a positive experience with us.

As a preventative measure, everyone needs to set strong passwords for their accounts as well as enable two-factor authentication. Finally, we remind everyone to be vigilant and to keep their account information private.

We have also requested Google to send a notification email to the account owner and all the admins, whenever a new user is added to or an existing user is removed from the Google Merchant Center account. It should also provide the details of the user who performed that action.

Milan Vaghela
Product Lead - Simprosys InfoMedia

Datum úprav: 7. říjen 2023

Go find other apps. Products showing different amount in different country since we're using Shopify markets pro. Worst support they just sending you a video and articles and you will do it all by yourself. They cannot fix disapproved products. Conversion tracking? better use Elevar and Triplewhale or do it manually. Go for Multifeeds for Google Shopping now our products Best match in google shopping and organic search also the best support for fixing disapproved products. Thank me later.

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13. srpen 2021

No response from support to help with good feed issues. I've sent several messages for help without any reply back.

Oh It's Natural
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