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22 december 2020

Looks simple and easy to use and will start running it soon.
Assistance from Shums Tak is most helpful in resolving issues identified as conflict with Google's feed app.

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3 mei 2020

I used this app to import my products and then send them to the Merchant Center. The app is very user friendly.

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19 oktober 2021

App syncs well with Google Merchant Center, at the moment no big issues since use. Mixed support, some responses are quick and effective while some takes longer for response to be received or solved.

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27 oktober 2020

This app is great but I wish two things....1) That I can manually enter a page number and go to it instead of having to click on one page at a time to get back to where I was before. 2) The "Do Edits in Bulk" is terrific but why can't we edit more than one assignment at a time? Instead we can edit one assignment only, then after we save, we end up back on page 1 which can be frustrating.

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31 maart 2019

It works great if you have all your products identified properly. I set up a hidden folder and submit the products to the feed which automatically syncs with Merchant Center. However, it does not delete the products you are testing. It is removed from the feed but it counts towards your products submitted and you are charged for products you don't have in your feed so you could go to the higher payment plan.

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24 november 2018

I use this app to help me control the synchronization between my Shopify store and Google Merchant Center. I like how it includes support for promotions on specific products.

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13 augustus 2020

Prompt and simplified customer service. Easy to understand help videos. Hoping to track data/ results well from the app too.

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Bewerkt 1 juni 2021

Have raised a query 4 days ago, still not received any response on it after more than 5-6 follow-ups. Every time they are saying the issue is resolved but it hasn't. Duplication happening in Facebook pixels Edit 1: they are working on it now. Problems now seem to resolve.

Art Galore®
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7 april 2021

this great app helped me a lot to submit my products to google merchant and google ads ... thanks ... and please keep us updated

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6 september 2020

The app is great and the customer service responds fast. The only issue that I have with this app is the growing errors that I receive every day about the mismatched value and having to crawl my website. I have no idea why this happens and although customer service fixes it quickly, if I'm running Google ads my ads stop running and ranking and it takes 7-8 days to recrawl my sites so I'm losing money and every day more items have this issue and I never have this issue with the regular Google shopping app but customer service is great.

Smart Safe Fit
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