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I'm reaching out to share a concerning experience I've had with the Symprosys app, and to caution you against installing it on your Shopify store.

This app has caused severe disruptions for many businesses, myself included, by leading to the loss of Google Feed in Merchant Center and, in some cases, resulting in accounts being banned from Google Ads. Despite these significant issues, it's astonishing that Symprosys is still active on the Shopify platform.

What's even more troubling is the app's vindictive behavior upon subscription pause or uninstallation. Users have reported that Symprosys maliciously deletes their Google Feed as a way of "thanking" them for using the app. This is not just a betrayal of trust but a deliberate sabotage of your Google presence.

Please heed this warning: do not install the Symprosys app on your Shopify store. It's imperative to safeguard your Google control and avoid the potential harm this app could inflict on your business.

Spread the word among fellow merchants to prevent them from facing similar setbacks.

使用應用程式 接近2年

Unsatisfactory, inaccurate tracking, contact handling was patient but unaware of the problem.

使用應用程式 2個月

WORST APP EVER - i dont understand how this app still active on Shopify after making many stores lost their Google Feed in Merchant Center. Some accounts even banned from Google Ads. Once you are pausing your subscription or uninstalling the app Symprosys will delete your Google Feed to thank you for using their app. DONT INSTALL THIS APP or it will takes controle of your Shopify Store Google Channel without your agreement then you will have to restart from zero! Lost a lot of TIME and MONEY

使用應用程式 3年多
Simprosys InfoMedia 已回覆 2023年8月1日

Dear Merchant,

We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our app. We always strive to provide the best service and support to our customers. However, we would like to clarify some points that you have raised in your review.

First, our app does not delete your Google Feed or take control of your Shopify Store Google Channel without your agreement. When you install our app, you grant us permission to manage your Google Merchant Center account using Content API. This is necessary for the app to create and update your product feed according to Google's requirements and best practices. You can always revoke this permission at any time from your Google account settings.

Second, when you uninstall our app, we do not delete your product feed from your Google Merchant Center account. We only stop updating it with the latest information from your Shopify store. This means that your product feed may become outdated or inaccurate over time, which can affect your Google Shopping performance and compliance. You can always reinstall our app to submit the most updated and optimized product feed for your store.

Third, when you pause our app, we remove your product feed from your Google Merchant Center account, which was submitted by our app, to prevent any potential product disapproval that could escalate to an account-level issue if not addressed promptly. You can always reactivate our app to resubmit the most updated product feed for your store to your Google Merchant Center.

Moreover, we informed you about the feed removal on the live chat when you expressed your intention to pause your app subscription. We also offered to resubmit the feed for you if you reactivated the app and we suggested a Google Meet call to assist you with that process. Below are the links for the screenshots for your reference:


However, you declined our offer and instead posted a negative review about our app. We regret that you did not take advantage of our support and we hope you reconsider your decision.

Fourth, we are not responsible for any Google Merchant Center or Google Ads account suspensions or bans that may occur due to violations of Google's policies or guidelines. We only help you create and manage your product feed or help create PMax campaigns in your Google Ads Account. But you are solely responsible for following Google's rules and regulations when advertising your products on Google Shopping.

We hope this clarifies some of the issues that you have encountered with our app.

We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration that this may have caused you. We value your feedback and we are always working to improve our app and service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at support@simprosys.com.

We would love to help you resolve any problems and get the most out of our app. Thank you for choosing Simprosys Google Shopping Feed App.

Milan Vaghela
Product Lead - Simprosys InfoMedia


Way too many errors with this app. You can actually drop way down on Google shopping if you're not careful using this app. Our ads dropped way below our competitors because of the errors. We contacted this company several times about the same errors, and it's a constant run around of nothing getting done. It's been several months now. We just wish they would help us fix the errors.

Monaco Jewelers
使用應用程式 接近2年
Simprosys InfoMedia 已回覆 2023年8月1日

Dear Merchant,

We apologize for the errors you are experiencing with our app. We know how important it is to have a high-performing product feed for Google Shopping. We are committed to helping you fix the errors and boost your Google Shopping results.

We have checked your case and we found that most of the errors/warnings are due to selling pre-owned (used) products, which are not allowed for Buy on Google Listings. This causes your products to be disapproved for this destination, but they should still be active for Shopping Ads.

To solve this issue, we suggest you exclude your products from Buy on Google from our app. Alternatively, you can disable the Buy on Google program from your Google Merchant Center, which will be discontinued by Google in September 2023 anyway.

Another error/warning related to product condition can be fixed by correcting the structured data markup for your online store. This requires some technical skills, so you may need to hire a developer to do it for you. If you don't have a developer, we can offer you our tech support team to help you with that.

We have explained these solutions to you via email, and we have also sent you detailed guides and tutorials on how to use our app to fix the errors. We have also invited you to a Google Meet Call where we can show you how to fix the issue together via screen sharing. Alternatively, we have asked you to grant us access to your accounts so we can fix it for you.

However, we have not received any response or confirmation from you regarding these options. As a result, the errors remain in your Google Merchant Center account.

We urge you to take action and use our app to resolve the errors as soon as possible.

We are always here to support you and guide you through the process. Please contact us at support@simprosys.com if you have any questions or doubts.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience. Thank you for choosing Simprosys Google Shopping Feed App.

Milan Vaghela
Product Lead - Simprosys InfoMedia


We've been with the app for a good amount of time. Unfortunately, they are now charging us for having 100,000+ products on our store, while we only use their app to advertize less than 20,000 products on Google.

I think this is unfair since we're simply not using their app for those other products, we shouldn't get charged...

MPR Tools & Equipment
使用應用程式 1年多
Simprosys InfoMedia 已回覆 2023年11月6日

Dear Merchant,

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your loyalty and support for our app.

We understand your concern about the app charges based on the number of products in your store. However, we would like to explain why this is necessary and fair.

Our app charges are based on the total number of products in your store, not the number of products you advertise on Google. The reason for this is that our app processes and submits all product updates in real time to Google Merchant Center directly through Update Notifications (a set of Webhooks triggered by Shopify).
As part of this process, Shopify sends webhooks for all products whenever they change, regardless of whether the app is processing those products for product data submission or not. The app decides whether the webhook is worth ignoring or updating to Google, Microsoft, or Facebook after processing it. This process consumes a lot of resources and bandwidth, and we have to pay for it in order to maintain and improve our app.

We hope that you understand our app charges and continue to use our app for your Google Shopping needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at support@simprosys.com. We are always happy to help.

Milan Vaghela
Product Lead - Simprosys InfoMedia


Really a bunch of problems, first of all, all the products reported errors, a total of five or six times to contact to solve the problem, and one after another more than three months to take a long time! Now, one-fifth of the products are always in PENDING status, which seriously affects our ad conversion results, and the technical and customer service support is always 24-48 hours to provide service!
I am really fed up with this app!!!Please return all my money to me!

使用應用程式 10個月
Simprosys InfoMedia 已回覆 2023年8月28日

Dear Merchant,

Thank you for your feedback. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the issue of your products being stuck in the Pending status for a long time. We understand your frustration and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We would like to explain to you the actual root cause of this issue so that you can trust us again and continue using our app. Our app uses the Content API method, which creates a job for submitting a large number of products in bulk to Google. However, while doing this for your store, Google detected a foreign character "�" in one of your products, which caused it to reject the entire product batch. This is why so many of your products were stuck under the Pending status.

We have already fixed this issue for your store and implemented changes to prevent it from happening again. Our team has already communicated this to you via email.

However, we noticed that you have left feedback about our app on the Shopify App Store, where you have requested "Please return all my money to me!".

We would like to request you to reconsider your decision and give us a second chance. We value your business and we want to meet your expectations. We can assure you that our app is reliable and efficient and that we are always ready to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

We also want to clarify that sometimes we may need 24-48 hours to fulfill your requirements, because we may need to make some custom changes to our app just for your store. This is not something that can be done instantly, and we hope that you can understand this. We always try our best to deliver our service as fast as possible, but we also want to ensure the quality and accuracy of our work.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at support@simprosys.com. We are always happy to help.

Milan Vaghela
Product Lead - Simprosys InfoMedia


Worst customer service in Shopify app. Install only if you do not need customer service. They have a chat feature which does not work. They give total silent treatment, no response or chat message even does not work

使用應用程式 15天
Simprosys InfoMedia 已回覆 2023年12月20日

Dear Merchant,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you experienced with our customer service.

We have tried to reach out to you via chat and email so many times to address your issues and provide you with the best possible solution. But we have not received any reply from you, so we are wondering if you have seen our messages or not.

Please check your email inbox & spam box once as our email responses might have landed in your spam box. We are here to help you and we want to make sure that you are satisfied with our app and our customer service, so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing the Simprosys Google Shopping Feed App and for your patience and understanding. We hope to hear from you soon and resolve your problems.

Milan Vaghela
Product Lead - Simprosys InfoMedia.


I would like to share this incident, i had 4 accounts and all of them suddenly vanished after using this app, I don’t know what happened, something they have done

Floorcare Parts
使用應用程式 5個月
Simprosys InfoMedia 已回覆 2023年8月23日

Dear Merchant,

Thank you for sharing your incident with us. We are sorry to hear that you have experienced a problem with your accounts. We value your feedback and we want to assure you that we (or our app) have not done anything to cause the disappearance of your accounts.

Please note that our app's primary job is to submit the product data feed from your Shopify store to your Google Merchant Center. We do not get access to any of your accounts automatically when you complete an integration process within the app. Account access must be granted manually by any Admin user.

Therefore, we believe that the disappearance of your accounts is not related to our app, but rather to some other factors that are beyond our control.

We would appreciate it if you could confirm when and how you lost access to your account. Did you notice any other unusual activity before or during that time? For example, did you install any other app or add any new team members to your accounts?

There are some possible reasons why you might have lost access to your accounts, such as using weak passwords or credentials for your account or adding another user to your account who might have removed you from your accounts.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We value your trust and loyalty and we hope to continue serving you with our app.

We are again assuring you that there is nothing wrong done by us as Simprosys or our App.

We have already tried to get in touch with you via email but we haven't heard back from you. So kindly get in touch with us by replying to us at support@simprosys.com, so we can discuss the issue you are actually facing and help you suggest a possible solution for it.

Milan Vaghela
Product Lead - Simprosys InfoMedia


Esperienza negativa, dopo aver installato questo schifo ha distrutto il sistema di spedizione gestito in maniera automatica. Nonostante aggiunti manualmente rimane lo stesso errore. Lontani da questa app

Tuning Forever
使用應用程式 3個月
Simprosys InfoMedia 已回覆 2023年7月21日

Dear Merchant,

I am Milan Vaghela, Product Lead at Simprosys InfoMedia.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

We want to assure you that our app does not interfere with your account-level shipping settings in Google Merchant Center. These settings have to be added manually by you in your Google Merchant Center. However, we understand that sometimes other apps or sales channels in your Shopify store may affect your shipping settings or product data feed attributes, which could lead to the issue you have experienced.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused you. We value your business and we would love to have another opportunity to assist you with your Google Merchant Center account. Please contact us at support@simprosys.com and we will do our best to help you resolve any problem you may have.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


1/4/24--not responding to requests for help!!!!!!!!!!RUBBISH! Products appear in google merchant center as "in stock" and in google shopping when they show "out of stock" in the App. Overseas company, requires 2 am phone support over Skype if you want "real" help. The App does NOT work, this has happened countless times. RUN from this App. Your solution to solve a problem requires additional work by us. The idea of hiring and PAYING for an App is to make our lives easier. You work for us-we don't work for you. Improve your App.

使用應用程式 4年多
Simprosys InfoMedia 已回覆 2020年12月4日

You have already been informed that the issue is in your StoreFront Theme's Schema markup. Unfortunately, you are not showing any willingness to read the solution shared. It would have taken less time in implementing the correction than venting your anger everywhere.

You have been using our app for more than a year and still using it. So, I don't see any point in running away from the app.