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July 19, 2020

if you remove this app this people remove all your google feeds
and they that help you.
i see this app high reating but that is not true.

Walrus Oxford
United States
Time spent using app: 7 days
Simprosys InfoMedia replied July 29, 2020

Whenever any merchant removes our app, Merchant is sent an email. That email contains a link that helps merchants to remove the products submitted by our app. If you don't click on that link, your products are not touched at all and we get out of the business without any further communication or process.

In your case, you had clicked on that link to remove the products submitted by our app. That is the reason products have been removed. In fact, you had come back to us(with the help of Shopify Support) too if we have any cached data to resubmit the products again. But, it was too late.

So, this is not true that we on our own removed the products. You had clicked on that link that removes the products.

June 30, 2020

Very bad support service, i don't recommend this app at all. You can choose an other one, you will find better!

Time spent using app: 6 months
Simprosys InfoMedia replied July 3, 2020


Yes, we acknowledge that there was a delay in the task you had requested us to do. But, let me be frank that, the request you had sent us was beyond the scope of our support, but we still agreed to do that.

I would request you to kindly reconsider your call on the app and review you have written.

Also, in the past, you have had installed our app 6 times. Based on this install history, I would presume, that you were not happy with other apps while trying them. That is why you have come back to us again and again.

We will be more than happy to support you once again whenever you plan to use our app again.


March 29, 2020

No Good at all On the facebook app I try to change my email and It disconnect
all my accounts I have lost 4 days trying to recober my accounts and now I find out merchant center and my ads are disconnected I'll never use Facebook on anything. Long time ago they get into my phone and I have to smash it. Now have fix these.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Simprosys InfoMedia replied July 3, 2020


Whenever you change the email of your Facebook account, it is bound to disconnect any Authentication have you made through the older email.

Change in the email simply needs you to reconnect again all the connections or permissions you have given to any third party app like ours.

I can see you are still using the app since then. So, there is no issue now.

Changing of Email Account on any major platform needs a special care. I hope you could do it properly.


Edited December 18, 2019

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. We spend a lot of money on this app and the customer service was horrible. False promises made and the quoted us a custom price for high volume of products we had which after months of billing turned out they were charging us more than agreed. After we left a negative review for this app the owner has assaulted our business by disabling the google shopping feed and making us non complaint with Google Shopping. The owner of this app is absolutely pathetic and childish.

Exact Tooling
United States
Time spent using app: 10 months
Simprosys InfoMedia replied July 3, 2020


1 - It is very unfortunate to say that we were charging more than agreed. Whenever any merchant approves the charge for any app, the Monthly Recurring charge is clearly communicated in the app and in the Shopify Page as well. It is not just for our app, it same for all the apps charing merchants through Shopify's Billing API. In our case, we don't have a usage-based charge on any of our applications. So, charging any merchant for more than what is agreed is not possible. Merchants can see the "Exact Amount" before they approve the charge.

2 - We did not block your access just because you had left a negative review of the app. Actually, we did not block it at all. Your store had more(3.5M+) products than the agreed limit on the approved charge. Also, anyhow, our system would have blocked "manual resyncing of all the products" as products on your store were more than 2M(see screenshot https://bit.ly/3f91wvj). Please keep in mind that, we block the "manual resyncing only", not the continuous syncing of already synced products.

We block resyncing for any store that 2M products and request them to get in touch with us. In fact, in your case, I had made it very clear to you that our system does not remain efficient for the stores having more than 500K(very safe limit) products. (See screenshot https://bit.ly/3f91wvj of you being informed on 24th Oct 2019).

3. Regarding Pathetic and childish behavior, I just tried to be clear to you that we can not support the merchant with these many products, but you wanted to have your way anyhow. In fact, I had tried to make it clear to you long ago and you had confirmed that you will try other solutions provided you cross the product limit.

Also, in the past you had around 4k products more than agreed limit with pricing, we did not force you to pay for those extra 4K products. (See attached screenshot - https://bit.ly/38nOtU1)

So, with the above-given clarifications, I would like to add that, we are not money-hungry people. What we tried to do was to make sure that our serviceability to other merchants doesn't get affected by the crashing of servers because such a large volume of products go in the manual re-syncing.

Other than that, the resyncing of 2M+ products' store would have taken at least 5 days because of Shopify's API call limits and Leakage possibilities. That would have proved to another major issue.


November 15, 2019

Pathetic App, took off the products from Merchant centre without letting me know.. caused me to lost hundreds of dollars in the peak season. Be careful.

Smart Ware Co Australia
Time spent using app: About 1 month
Simprosys InfoMedia replied November 15, 2019

You had installed the app on 14th Oct. As per our app's trial policy, you must get 21 days of Free Trial. (See screenshot of log on this URL - http://bit.ly/2XijV0h)

We could have stopped our services and removed your products on the same day of the expiration of the trial or the next day.

But NO, we waited for 10 more days before we suspended our services to your business.

Also, it is not true that you were not informed about the suspension.

During the trial period, you were sent 3 reminders, 7 days, 3 days prior to the expiration and on the same day of expiration. (See screenshot of email log on this URL - http://bit.ly/2Ob1giY)

Out of these 3, as per our logs, you had opened 2 reminders.

For other merchants, this merchant is using our app on 3 of his stores and two already have charge activated. (See screenshot - http://bit.ly/2NNtm4N)

November 12, 2019

I unistalled the app and ALL my website images disappeared. DO NOT install it. Please, fix your app.

Fortnite Shop
Time spent using app: 9 minutes
Simprosys InfoMedia replied November 12, 2019

Do you even know which app caused you this issue? I can see you have written the same review on another app. See screenshot on this URL http://bit.ly/2O45N6U

About our app's probably, Please check the permissions you grant us to our app when you install the app. Our app has "Read Products" Permissions only and "Not the Modify or Delete or Create permission on your Product data" on Shopify. So, there is no remote possibility of app modifying the images or removing them.

You could have reached out to our Support team for any kind of clarification or assistance you needed on this issue.

Although this issue was not in our app support's scope, we would have helped you deal with this situation.

Edited October 1, 2019

I have issues of submitting some products to Google. Support seems nice enough, but after some emails, they stop replying me, I guess it's because they can't find the solutions or answers either. Finally I have decided to remove this app and start to upload the feed myself -- manually, through a file I created.

Some people said that once they uninstall the app, the app will delete all your data on the Google Merchant Center. But I told myself that I have removed the old feed already and replaced with the data that I created myself, so this shouldn't happen. But it did happen, they removed all the data, data that I created myself.

To be honest, this is not good. You could say this is your data and you want to remove it, but since you can't access my data on Google, you wouldn't know whether data has been replaced or not, you have no right to remove other people's work either. People should have the right to like or dislike an app if they feel that this app isn't helpful to them.

Artful Stickers
United States
Time spent using app: 18 days
Simprosys InfoMedia replied November 15, 2019

After this experience, we have decided not to remove the products when a merchant is un-installing the app.

The onus of removal of products submitted by our app shall remain on merchants.

September 24, 2019

Problème = ERROR , ils me disent de supprimer les cookies chose faite, et encore error, imposible de l'utiliser

FITOSTIC | Vêtements de Sport pour Femmes et Hommes | SPORTSWEAR
Time spent using app: 4 months
Simprosys InfoMedia replied September 24, 2019

Hello, I regret the inconvenience caused to you.

I suggest you to kindly try opening the Shopify Store Admin from a new browser or "incognito mode".

We are getting more than 100 Installs everyday and already catering more than 12k merchants. More than 1k merchants open the app everyday. So far today, nobody has complained.

It must be something limited to your computer or browser.

Kindly reach out to support@simprosys.com if you still face any issue, I will be happy to find the solution for this issue on your computer.

Edited August 15, 2019

FK OFF this app,it's totally rubbish,after you removed this app,they will removed all of your items from google shopping,even the products not upload by them ,totally fk,don't use it anymore if you want face such a loss

United States
Time spent using app: 20 days
Simprosys InfoMedia replied August 15, 2019

When you say that, "We removed the products including the ones we did not submit". It means you did not submit all the products of your store from our app.

But, our reports say opposite to this logic. You had selected "All products and All variants" to be submitted by our app. (See the screenshot given on the link)

Let me be frank here... When you request "All Products & All Variants" to be fed in the merchant center, we reserve the right to remove "All" of our work when you remove our app. Nobody can deny it.

May 29, 2019

The app is good but support is very poor will not recommend this app to anyone as I was trying to get the support from last few months but did not get any answer for my problem yet.

Time spent using app: 8 months
Simprosys InfoMedia replied May 29, 2019

Hello Sanjay or Geeta,

You have been using our app Since January 2019. In this period, as per our records, you have tried to get in touch with use twice.

1 - Feb 7. We responded back within 3 mins of your message. But, then there was no further communication from you. No details of what kind of help is needed. See the screenshots on the URLs - http://bit.ly/30S3hGa and http://bit.ly/2W34XcB

2 - May 29. We responded to you within 60 mins of getting your message. That too at after 2 AM India time(We are from India). See the screenshot on the given URL - http://bit.ly/2W22uig

But, after that no response from you. Rather you choose to write a review requesting other merchants to refrain from using our app.

I suggest you to check your inbox before trying to ruin someone else's business.