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Perfect Friends Gifts

Still trying to figure it out. I previously placed Google Ads directly with Google, which also was quite complicated and hard to stop ads. I am correcting everything that they ask of me, but I have to constantly wait for the updates.

Developer reply

September 12, 2019

Thank you for reaching out with this feedback on the Google Shopping app. I understand that waiting for updates can cause delays, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience with this. Google individually reviews each product on their end once it's edited, so this process can take some extra time.

However, I would really like to speak with you in more detail about your experience to get a better idea of the issues you're running into and how we can help further. I'm going to reach out to you via email so that we can discuss this. Looking forward to hearing back from you! - Rae, Shopify Support

Shoppinn Paradize

I have been using this app since Oct 2018 with some success to around Apr 2019 when I increased my ad spend to $10 per day and my sales basically dried up. I reduced back to 5$ per day and got a few sales but not the success I had earlier and now this app has not generated a sale in over a week!! Am I missing something ....Have there been a change update to this app? I like the simplicity of this app and will be so disappointed to have to find another app.

Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver

The app helps you post images into the Google Shopping area of search results. It easily keeps the product information one place to adjust like a table.

Handes of a Woman

Note: Most recent update is at the end.

Installation in progress; 3 stars because I don't have an app opinion yet. There are some technical issues being sorted out by gurus and technical team. Support team is responsive, helpful and interested in finding solutions so they get 5 stars. Thanks to Jam, Paulo, Megan, Nicole for all your help. We will see what happens next.

Update: Today 7-20-19 I started Google Shopping on my Etsy shop and tonight my products are getting impressions. If Etsy can do it, so can you Shopify. What are they doing differently than you? I know you can figure it out!

7-22-19 Aoh'an from the technical group sent email today with instructions and a bit of code to add to my theme to fix the problem. The problem has been identified and a solution offered. Well done. Thank you, Aoh'an. I will check with Mile High to ask for help. Let's see what happens next.

7-22-19 pm Mile High is engaged and collecting information; re-check of products available for google shopping has changed from 'not-approved' to 'pending'

7-23-19 in my launch group for google some products now approved, some pending, none rejected. Now we're talkin'.

7-23-19 It is the considered opinion of the technical staff and theme developer that no intervention is required on my Showtime theme and that the warnings were of no consequence. The approved products are showing up now on google searches. So I am going to call it a day on installation.

Revue is now at 3 stars for the app; 5 stars for Shopify gurus and technical, Mile High theme developer. We will see how she runs. Thank you everyone, job well done.
7-25-19 All products in test group are now approved and show up on a targeted search; now we can evaluate the function of the app. Impressions are delivering based on the report. Thanks to all those who helped get this thing going. Let's see what happens.
7-26-19 App seems to be running. 625 Impressions, 1 site visit, $1.54 in charges. A click seems to take the customer to a staging area where a second click is required to take them to the product web page. My understanding was that a paid-for click took a customer to my product web page. Inquiry sent to the gurus for clarification.
7-30-2019 Gurus have confirmed that indeed, Google Shopping has me paying for clicks that go nowhere. This information was not in the app information so my expectations were in no way managed on this. It is too soon to say if the now very expensive cost of a click is worth it. Update: Ira sent new docs that show the information on charges-new for clicks-that-go-nowhere to be on the google shopping copy. I recommend that Shopify clarify this in their app copy as well. I have been assured that there is no additional charge for the click that actually DOES go to the website product page. I am surprised that all the bad reviews I read here did not mention all of this. I plan to let this run until the end of August to see if the expense is worth it. Right now I am being charged $2.36/website visit, have had 2695 impressions, 12 visits and 1 sale. Analytics do NOT report the number of clicks for which I am paying, only visits. Start was 7-13-19, 17 days, but the app was not running until around 7-23-19 so really more like 7 days. See you on the flip side.

9-4-19 We are currently at 4 stars for the app and product. We are getting traffic and sales, but it is a very expensive product for us smalls. Getting it up and running was not very funny, so be ready for a process. We are keeping it going, but reducing to just advertising our best seller for the next phase of testing. Support still stands at 5 stars.

9-19-2019 Down graded to 3 stars on the app. During testing phase, still ongoing, I learned that once Google has acquired products and gone through a 30-day optimization process....leave the products acquired unless you want to do it all again. Removing products, to promote fewer products with a smaller budget, means the acquiring process and optimization process starts over when you put the products back into the system. And Google does spend all the budget you give them.
There is very little control for vendors in Google Shopping. Amazon Sponsored Products is easier and more flexible. Testing still ongoing to see if a cost effective budget can be accomplished. Sigh.

Your Pureness

Ich habe diese App schon eine weile in Gebrauch.
Um Produkte bei Google Shopping hoch zu laden, ist diese App sehr bedienerfreundlich und einfach Gestaltet so das selbst ein Leihe es benutzen kann. Jedoch gibt es da etwas das verbessert werden muss!
Wenn Sie Bekleidung bei Google Shopping Hochladen möchten, überlagert diese app die Google Shopping Plattform. Es werden alle Varianten von einem Produkt Einzel bei Google Shopping aufgelistet, in der Größe und in der Farbe. Ich würde dies bezüglich eine Verbesserung erwarten da ich diese app weiter nutzen möchte

Flea Market Rx

App is good way to get started but if you are a more advanced ppc user it is frustrating as you cannot optimize your campaign within Google Adwords. You have no way to see what terms are converting, optimize bids, ad negative keywords etc. Great for getting your feet wet but not good if you want any control over your campaign.

Developer reply

June 10, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback with us for the Google Shopping app! You are correct that the Google Shopping app is great for creating Smart Campaigns but with more specific requirements, you will need to operate within your Google Merchant Center for some features as this is required from Google.

Our team works hard to improve our app functionality and even if it's something you want added that is not currently available in the app, we would like to hear about it. This way we can improve the app for you and other merchants! I’ve reached out to you via email, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

- Alex, Shopify Support


My products on The HBCU Alum have been "Pending" for 3 weeks now. A tad disappointed, as I hoped this would have been resolved by now.

Intentionally Sustainable Ltd

This app seems to tick over ok in the background, I keep the spend low and leave it and it seems to grow momentum the longer it stays active. But i wouldn't expect too much?

Many places are not perfect and need to be optimized again. Many places are not perfect and need to be optimized again. Many of the structural attributes required by the customer's merchant center have not been added, and batch editing operations are not convenient.


Easy to install......................................................................................

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