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Google Shopping

Google Shopping

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  • Connect with Google Merchant Center
  • Automatically sync your store with Google Merchant Center
  • Sync all of your products or only a collection

Sync your Shopify Store with Google Merchant Center, simply and easily using a direct, automatic API feed to keep your listings up to date.

Once your store is syncing with Google Merchant Center and you have a Google AdWords campaign set up, your store's products are more visible around the web.

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  • List products on Google Product Listing Ads - Paid AdWords product results on Google's main search engine.

  • List products on Google Shopping - A paid directory and search engine of products, based on your Google Product Listing Ads.

  • Update your Google Product listings directly from the Shopify Admin

Google Shopping reviews

318 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (15 reviews)
  5. 1 star (58 reviews)

This app and google shopping is way too confusing to use. I think i will stick with fb ads.. I continue to get errors after errors Ensure that Google can access and crawl your images.. Shopify cannot even fix the damn issue.


I finally got it to work on my own, whatever you do, do not upload a csv file, it will cause the error cannot access and crawl images.

Make sure to upload every single one of your products to shopify manually.


I can't seem to figure it out, and there is not good help. I know if I could learn it, it would simplify my world. I wish it were easier to use. I'm no computer programmer so make it easy please!


Integrates well, i find it difficult to use though. it needs a little getting used to.



App is so easy to use. It automatically updates my google shopping feed. Once I got this activated, the traffic on my website increased even when I dropped my Facebook Ads. Totally worth to get this set up. Thanks Shopify!


Let's be honest, it's a pain to use if you don't know what you're doing - but once its up - it is fantastic


very nice, recommended.



Great app to push product listings to Google Shopping. Once set up, makes it very easy to sync the product feed from our store (https://www.KawaiiSquishyStore).


I think that this app is slightly misunderstood. It is not a solution but more of an aid. In other words you will need to expect error messages when you upload your catalogue to Google Merchants. This is not because of the app, but because Google requires certain information such as a category and barcodes or part numbers etc. which in my experience is not automatically added when you create your product in Shopify.

We have a large catalogue of hundreds of products so entering them in the Google spreadsheet manually would be too time consuming. This app has definitely reduced our workload.

As a suggestion going forward, I would ask that the developers find some way in which format the Shopify product page so that we can add the Google Merchants data at the time of creation and therefore save time.

Even though this is a free app, I think the developers should set expectations that there will be some tweaking needed.

If you have a large catalogue of products then I would definitely recommend that you use this to help you.


Looks like all the products are uploaded, I'm excited to get a sale on Google Merchants.


It might take a fair bit of work to set up. This is mainly due to extra requirements of Google. I had to add colour variant on all my stock (google requirement for apparel) and then add some code to my product.liquid (which took a fair bit of finding on shopify uni).
Next suprise is how slow the crawling and checking in Google Merchant Center is. Patience. After a day my product has moved from red to orange.... come on green. Will it work? Time will tell. The potential is enormous and I am optimistic!


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