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Google Shopping

Google Shopping

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  • Connect with Google Merchant Center
  • Automatically sync your store with Google Merchant Center
  • Sync all of your products or only a collection

Sync your Shopify Store with Google Merchant Center, simply and easily using a direct, automatic API feed to keep your listings up to date.

Once your store is syncing with Google Merchant Center and you have a Google AdWords campaign set up, your store's products are more visible around the web.

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  • List products on Google Product Listing Ads - Paid AdWords product results on Google's main search engine.

  • List products on Google Shopping - A paid directory and search engine of products, based on your Google Product Listing Ads.

  • Update your Google Product listings directly from the Shopify Admin

Google Shopping reviews

432 reviews
  1. 5 stars (216 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (69 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (34 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (22 reviews)
  5. 1 star (91 reviews)

Guys WHAT is going on with this app?? Its been down for weeks now and i have a new supplier i need to push to google ads!


Piece of crap. Not easy to setup. I have shopify. Too technical, not easy to understand. The Hell with them...


Does not work in all countries where it is already available


the app is not working.
Every time I try to sync, I receive errors with all of the products.
Waste of time


Similar to the comments below after a year of using my google shopping feed and getting some great sales in I used the bulk tool top update a new batch of products. As it only displayed 25 I clicked all thinking it was for the same product group and unknowingly changes all my products to a completely different product group and loaded google shopping. I have lost huge sales because of this.
Also hundreds of products have micro condition warnings so need to understand how these can be fixed


Trying to verify your store is so hard. If you're using Shopify don't bother. I like this idea, it just needs a one button fix - click to verify - would be good.


I've changed my review of this app in the hopes of saving Shopify store owners some money and aggravation. To be clear, Shopify's code has worked well for me. The problem is the crap Google slips in and charges you for. See this post for more details: https://everythingtiny.com/blogs/news/google-sells-guns-for-fun

Original 4 star review below:

A convenient app to send your products to Google Merchant. Like a garden, it takes some weeding, though. You have to check AdWords and Merchant daily. Add negative keywords for things that don't apply to your store. For instance, I sell a pewter saltine cracker sculpture which is in Google's sculpture category. Google sent me several clicks for "Zesty saltine" at $2 a click -- driving expensive unqualified traffic to me for the wrong category and description. "Zesty saltine" was added to my negative keywords the next day. Be forewarned, Google will take your money faster than a casino if you don't manage your merchant center and AdWords accounts.

A feature I would like to see added to Shopify's app is the ability to exclude specific items from the merchant center feed. I have to manually delete items that I don't want to advertise so I don't get charged for ads that drive unqualified or expensive traffic to me. I sell some items that have "tool" in their description. That puts me in competition with deep pocket bidders like DeWalt, PorterCable, Lowe's, and Home Depot, which is a waste of money for me.

I would give the app 5 stars if I could exclude products from the Google Merchant feed because it would save me time and wasted ad dollars.


Horrible app. Tells us we have hundreds of errors without saying what to fix or making it easy to fix. We've spent countless of hours fixing errors without any luck. Why have this app in the app store if it doesn't work properly?


I have 5000 products and 3000+ have google category error but there is no bulk filter option.
Like filter as product type,vender.


deleted because feed wasn't working properly - no resolution


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