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Google Shopping

Google Shopping

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  • Connect with Google Merchant Center
  • Automatically sync your store with Google Merchant Center
  • Sync all of your products or only a collection

Sync your Shopify Store with Google Merchant Center, simply and easily using a direct, automatic API feed to keep your listings up to date.

Once your store is syncing with Google Merchant Center and you have a Google AdWords campaign set up, your store's products are more visible around the web.

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  • List products on Google Product Listing Ads - Paid AdWords product results on Google's main search engine.

  • List products on Google Shopping - A paid directory and search engine of products, based on your Google Product Listing Ads.

  • Update your Google Product listings directly from the Shopify Admin

Google Shopping reviews

374 reviews
  1. 5 stars (186 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (66 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (26 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (17 reviews)
  5. 1 star (79 reviews)

I think there should be an option for someone to set this up for you. It's too many steps. You have to create a Google AdWords account to use this, then set up a campaign, the publish your products to this app, it's even more steps then I listed. This was exhausting and I still haven't finished setting this up after 3 hours


Have the same 500 error others are reporting. Google does tend to make a lot of changes so they may have done something on their end to break the app because they changed something. It was working well, did well through holiday season with it but can't get anything on it now. This is t-shirt season so I'd like to get my store running!


This app does not work correctly. It pulls the product title and description into the Google Merchant Centre but you can not alter the title or description for keywords. My products have specific brand names which my target audience would not use. When you manually upload products to the Google Merchant Centre you can tweak this.


Pretty pathetic app to be honest. I imagine it was written by the intern that has no understanding of work flow nor the need for an app to be dependable.


I can't seem to figure it out, and there is not good help. I know if I could learn it, it would simplify my world. I wish it were easier to use. I'm no computer programmer so make it easy please!


Great for small stores (very small stores). The app requires you to manually update all your products for google( via web form or csv upload). I have thousands of products.

Its a pretty easy fix. If the app had settings like if product type A then google product type. That's all it needs is some logic to tell the app if my product is this then that means it is that in google.



maybe this app is great for some stores (or those who have few products) - but I have thousands of unique items and this app is the absolute worst for synching with google. You have to MANUALLY add each variant (color, gender, new/used, and size) - which you have to do via a CSV. the kicker is that once you do this - and upload the CSV there are so many glitches that you receive really descriptive errors such as "unknown can't be blank" or "domain not registered" - all of which changed once I edited the CSV (I followed the taxonomy of a successfully published item, and when I re-uploaded the file, even that specific item returned an error - and it remained unchanged)

If you joined shopify with inventory - this app will cause you more pain that any thing else. And sadly, its an app you need.


This app does the integration - but it is the most tedious thing I've ever used. Typically, every single product has to be updated to set the Google Product Category. This means you have to set every product manually. It takes forever. This could have been automated to flag groups of products with the desired category, which would have made the app pretty good.


The Good:
- Slick Shopify-worthy UI and workflow. A pleasure to use.

The Bad:
- Outdated. Based on past Product Feed Specification.

The Ugly
- Just plain wrong. App is not only outdated, but also based on some unfortunate misinterpretations of Google's Product Feed Specification. It makes me sad, only because Shopify's in-house features are usually so much better executed by comparison.

The Resolution:
Ultimately I was able to write my own feed generation tool, thanks to Shopify's amazingly excellent API.


Very time consuming and meant altering product setup to conform to the requirements. Good idea but a bit of a waste of time!


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