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16 de febrero de 2024

only make sense app. start here and stop wasting time with anything else out there. At the end this is where every other app takes you.

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12 de febrero de 2024

Hi Team,

I've been using Google and YouTube since my childhood, and I'm grateful to the teams behind these platforms. With almost 1000 subscribers on YouTube, I appreciate being a part of these companies. Thanks to the developers and everyone involved for creating and maintaining these incredible platforms.

Owner of Hiccupzz

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26 de febrero de 2024

Working with Google is always smooth and seamless. Quickly move through options, get access to all the newest tech, and have a flawless page with all the most relevant features.

Love Light Minnesota
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10 de febrero de 2024

I love this extension, makes it really easy to not only publish feeds but also setup conversions out of the box. After upgrading to Shopify Checkout Extensibility, I've encountered issues with Google Ads purchase conversion tracking not functioning correctly. Does this extension maintain compatibility with Shopify Checkout Extensibility?

RoadRunner Scooters
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26 de febrero de 2024

Long story short lot's of effort 1 day wasted for nothing at least for my store.

Here the full story :

First i got this error code when i put my gmail account with all my youtube channel


No clear message to tell you what the error really is.
I used my gmail account with no youtube channel and it's worked,
after that i had to found a way to transfer my brand youtube channel and i found it it's not easy and there is an error when you input email where it's said undefined instead of showing your email.

Just to have a message that said i cannot link my youtube channel with with this app and have access to youtube shopping because i need it to have 1000 subscription & monetisation.
Pointless then for a new youtube channel .

back to the app to add google merchant , i had a issue with the policy as i made separate page for it on my shopify, figured out that you have to fill every input field in policy section in my shopify to make it work,
You have to check that you have contact field manualy and you can proceed.

But you need to make a google merchant account first, and dont do anything on it because it not really synced, i transfered my domain on the same email adress between the app and the google merchant to figure out that.

After a while it's will import all your product to say , that none of them are approved and you dont know why .

Long story short it's was a huge waste of time, all that for nothing, maybe the only good part is i installed googe Analytics v4.

Habitat Bois Lumière
Google LLC respondió 28 de febrero de 2024

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave a review and feedback. We will pass along the details of this to our product team. We apologize for any frustrations you may have encountered but hope that we can help you resolve any open issues you are having with your Shopify and Google integration. When looking at your account, it appears you are having a "Missing Shipping" error. You can read more about how to address that here:

Additionally, we have our support team standing by and ready to assist you. They can be reached through this form:

Thank you again for taking the time to leave a review.

8 de febrero de 2024

Nice app and does what it says it should do. Coming from other experiences it's very nice.

However, how is there no sort or filter for managing products to edit them? It's just an infinite scroll? Who thought this up?

I have 1600+ SKUS and to make edits on an infinite scroll page is absolutely mind meltingly tedious work.

Please fix and I would happily give 5 stars.

Hats Unlimited
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8 de febrero de 2024

Works well, just something to remember is that obtaining Product status is not immediate, with me approx. 48hrs from initial connection to completion - Don't worry it will happen. Diagnosis of product issues could be clearer

Stucco Veneziano UK
Reino Unido
26 de febrero de 2024

awesome needs more AI built into this APP

A4R store
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6 de febrero de 2024

I have the 'Google and YouTube' app installed and it is linked to my GA4 analytics account. It works great.

I have a problem though. I am importing conversions from GA4 into Google Ads. That works well. But I cannot seem to be able to implement 'enhanced conversions' in Google Ads.

All the information on enhanced conversions says to install either GTM or Google ADS TAG. Evidently I should not have both the 'Google and You Tube' app GA4 AND GTM set up on the same site.

But I don't want to uninstall the 'Google and YouTube' app.
How can I implement enhanced conversions?

Reino Unido
21 de febrero de 2024

Oh, shopping on Google is so convenient! You can find almost anything you need just by typing it into the search bar. Plus, they have a wide range of products and great deals. Have you tried shopping on Google before?

Arya Store
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