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25. helmikuu 2023

Ik hou van de werking van de app, enkel is het jammer dat er geen knop is om alle producten ineens in de app te plaatsen. Dit zou zeer veel tijd en werk besparen om al onze producten erin te steken. Idem met een algemene instelling voor opvolgen van stock.

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26. joulukuu 2022

extremely hard to connect and terrible customer support from shopify. Indirect responses and no one seems to care its extremely hard to connect

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Shopify vastasi 28. joulukuu 2022

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to install and use the Google channel on your store and leave a review. I'm going to follow up with you over email to open up the lines of communication and see how we can provide more support for you on this.

Charlotte | Shopify

Muokattu 28. marraskuu 2022


apop //
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Shopify vastasi 23. marraskuu 2022


Jackie here from Shopify. Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. We're going to follow up with you over email to open up the lines of communication and see if we can address some of the issues you were having with the app.
Jackie | Shopify

Muokattu 3. maaliskuu 2023

Before, I could edit the product information needed by my Google channel on the product background page, such as product category, color size, crowd gender, etc., but today I can’t find the intersection of editing, as if the Google channel is out of order, in the background of the product page , the place to edit product information on the Google channel has disappeared anyone help me

Udressshop - Women's Dresses Online Shop - Meet a New Self
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Shopify vastasi 18. lokakuu 2022

Hi there,

Cathal here from Shopify. I will be taking a look at this for you to see if we can help and will reach out to you by email shortly. Thank you

Cathal | Shopify

15. syyskuu 2022

I am currently trying to use this app so I can connect my google merchant with my Shopify, but because I am located in Canada the required shipping details needed for Google merchant are limiting and hard to follow/use. I am still trying to configure the shipping manually within Google Merchant, but it has proven to be extremely difficult and has been a constant battle to set up....

Worthy Jams
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13. syyskuu 2022

I am a big Fan of GOOGLE. Now a days every person use google for searching his/her requirements. In India, google is lacking for business support but still the available services are good. Keep it up and keep improving.

Indian Petals
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24. elokuu 2022

Perhaps because it was installed on Shopify, the HTML tag cannot be authenticated on the Google Search Console.
It does not register on the site map.
Tell me the solution

Hongkong – Kiinan erityishallintoalue
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Shopify vastasi 25. elokuu 2022

Hi there,

Nate here from Shopify. Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding your experience with the Google channel app. We definitely want to make sure that you get the support you need regarding the issues you are facing with the Google Channel. I'll be sending an email out to open up the lines of communication and help where I can.

- Nate | Shopify

12. elokuu 2022

It kinda does the thing, but has some issues: 1) It uses UA instead of GA4. 2) When using UA, you are prompted to migrate to GA4 3) If you do it, many important Goole Ads conversions stop working, because they depend on UA at the moment. So Google is basically guiding you to break their own product atm.

💮 Camisetas Guays
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19. heinäkuu 2022

The app works OK and generally functions as expected but it has its challenges when managing a large library of products. For example, if a product has a UPC, you need to select the Google Channel, then Manage Availability, then toggle each product to false (every product!). Once a barcode is entered into the field, it should automatically be assumed that the product is not custom. It's also very time-consuming to scroll all the way through large libraries to get to products further down the list loading small groups of products at a time just to enter data or toggle the Custom Product field to false. Having the ability to filter by a brand or product would be ideal. Google Metafields disappear often too, causing delays and challenges when updating a large number of products. These issues would ultimately be solved by provided the True/False custom product drop down on the product page, instead of a checkbox to indicate "custom" or leaves the field blank instead of false.

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Shopify vastasi 26. heinäkuu 2022

Hi there,

Vance here from Shopify. Thank you taking the time to leave feedback for the Google channel app. I've sent you an email to connect and offer further support to work through any issues you're facing.

Vance | Shopify

7. heinäkuu 2022

I installed Google channel and it automated a Smart Shopping campaign for me and it was working beautifully for about two weeks, but then Google Ads Manager prompted me to upgrade my campaign to Performance Max, indicating that ALL Smart Shopping campaigns would be switched to PM in July and that I should do it early to reap greater results sooner. So, as there was not an option to do this in the Google sales channel, I did it directly in Google Ads manager. Now, the old Smart Shopping campaign was disabled and the new PM is not getting as many sales. And, both Google Merchant Center and Ads Manager appear to have completely disconnected from Shopify. Conversions, budget, cost not updating in Shopify at all. When I go to the Merchant center, it tells me the I should connect Shopify's Google channel to advertise, but I'm already advertising! I'm concerned that my conversions are being missed, and that when I update or create new products in Shopify they will no longer sync automatically with Merchant Center or Ads but I have searched high and low for tutorials on how to fix this problem, as it's new. If google is forcing all Smart Shopping campaigns to switch over to PM, then surely this is going to be a big problem for everyone using Google Channel? PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

Vintage Green Review
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Shopify vastasi 12. heinäkuu 2022

Hi there,

Vance here from Shopify. Thank you for taking the time to share your review. Your feedback is extremely important to us. I'm sorry to hear that you've run into issues with Google wanting you to upgrade your Smart Shopping campaigns outside of Shopify. I'm going to look into this further and follow up with you in an email to open up the lines of communication and offer you further support.

Vance | Shopify