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2023년 6월 2일

Hello, I encounter a problem when I press "Manage Products" in "Product Status" I cannot remove any value that I have accidentally used, such as "Age Group", "Gender", "Condition," etc. Could you please advise how I can set those values to default since I have accidentally used the "Adult" age group while my products have nothing to do with this group? Thank you.

Home Wonder
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답글 Google LLC개 2023년 6월 2일

Hi -- Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're raising this with the product team and with Shopify to help improve the Bulk Editor experience and address this. In the meantime, if you go to the individual product page > scroll down > Metafields > Show All, you'll see all the Google-specific fields listed. Here you'll be able to edit and clear the value for these dropdowns.
In the meantime, feel free to contact us through Get Support in the app if this doesn't resolve your issue and we can address your situation with our agents.

2023년 6월 2일에 편집됨

Hi I will improve the star rating once I get some help! I have the refund and terms of service policies linked from the footer nav, but the app is saying I still need to have this done. I'm not sure what else I can do. This is for Merchant Center options are all grayed out until this is resolved.

RESOLVED - GREAT APP, great customer service

Herd & Grace
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답글 Google LLC개 2023년 6월 2일

Hi, thanks for your feedback. The best way to get support is through the Get Support link within the app. In the meantime, Onboarding with the Google & YouTube App requires your Shopify Store to have the sections within Settings > Policies filled out. I've followed up with you through private email to ensure we can resolve your issue.

2023년 5월 30일

Muito bom, aprovou todos os meus produtos, sem nem eu ter que configurar nada. Instalei e configurei apenas uma vez, de verdade, é muito bom.

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2023년 5월 29일

thanks very nice app and usefull , thank you google !! we are getting more excited with this app !!!!

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2023년 5월 29일

top d+ esse app. Link direto de nossa loja com o google onde conseguimos divulgar nossos produtos rapidamente sem muito conhecimento

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2023년 5월 23일 uses Google advertising and it has been an absolute excellent integration for free remarketing and dynamic free listings on Google's shopping network. The only downside to this is that it is limited on what you can sell based on Google's policies, however, for most people this is a quick and seamless way to get your items listen and seen. Thank you!
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2023년 5월 22일에 편집됨

Perfekter Match in der Integration mit Shopify. Die neuen Tools zur Verbesserung der Auffindbarkeit sind gut gelöst. Vielen Dank Google Team

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2023년 5월 19일

If this app is giving you issues it's better to understand what you're doing wrong first.

Third-party apps are expensive and offer the same results as this one. No updates sync limits.
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2023년 5월 16일

You will never get full success without this app. It makes that much difference. Take the time to use and work with it

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2023년 5월 14일

Estoy comenzando con esto y no es para nada fácil. Creo recomendable contratar a un Asesor Experto en SEO. No sé cuando será que concluya, pero sigo avanzando. Ojalá todo vaya y finalice, si lo hace, bien.

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