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2023년 10월 16일

Why do big and smart companies like Google end up making their products useless? They have best of the minds with them to make apps that function well with their products. And they can't even do that well. What a shame!

This app is supposed to record analytics well. Can't even do that properly.

Monks Bouffe
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답글 Google LLC개 2023년 10월 19일

Hello and thanks for the feedback. We will be sure to pass this along to our product team as we are always looking for ways to improve. We do have a support team trained on analytics standing by to help. You can reach them through this link:

2023년 9월 27일

Avoid it if you can, or at least make it your last priority. I wish I tried to manually set myself up on google rather than use this tool.

Is currently the slowest 3rd party app on my site, will not work out of the box (and may do 'weird' things like add multiple pixels and then connect to the wrong one), and there is 0 support (no contact for months, once I had an employee invite me to a meeting and then not show up) for when your account inevitably gets flagged by some faulty automation.

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답글 Google LLC개 2023년 10월 3일

Hello there and thank you for the review. We are sorry to hear your experience has been less than stellar. We do have a dedicated Shopify support team on standby and they can be contact here:

They will be able to resolve open questions you may have or in the case that you do find a bug, they have the resources to escalate internally. Thank you again for the feedback - we will pass it along to the relevant teams.

2023년 11월 7일

really disappointed with this platform, I advise anyone who is considering advertising to think carefully before choosing this Google, today I am telling you my experience, I paid more than $700 in nothing sometimes they spend 60$ in 30 seconds and I have never had customer service, instead I contact them they respond to me after 5 days to say we can do nothing for you, I don't know if this service is the same everywhere in the world or well only in Morocco in Africa! this is the app.
in addition they say that you are looking for a $250 bonus, I got nothing, I have been in e-commerce for 4 years I tried several advertising platforms and today I tell you that Google is the most zero in terms of customer service in terms of cost of expenditure, and performance, lies...

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2023년 10월 23일에 편집됨

As far as syncing products the app works great. Issues arise when you have a large number of products - thousands to be exact. We are currently at 6101 SKUS and when attempting to bulk edit in the app it freezes once we reach product 1100 and provides a "Page Unresponsive" error from Shopify. Google Tech Support has verified all is fine on their end so this issue is definitely on Shopify's end and seems to only appear when you have more than 1000 products. Others that have left reviews seem to have run into the same issue with this app. They told me this would be fixed by this morning and it is not. With other reviews encountering the same issues in the past months, it is evident Shopify is unwilling or unable to correct the issue. I would look elsewhere. Wish Shopify would take care of issues with their platform as opposed to aesthetics. Shopify platform and support have deteriorated a great deal over the past 3-4 years.

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답글 Google LLC개 2023년 9월 28일

Thank you for the review. We have noted your feedback around the bulk editor. As you pointed out, that portion is actually owned by Shopify but we will be sure to pass on the feedback to their relevant product teams. One workaround you may find useful in the meantime is using the import/export feature available on the Shopify Product page. More details can be found here:

If there is anything else we can do to help you, don't hesitate to contact us!

2023년 9월 30일

The app is terrible for those who have products with multiple variations. I have products that have 40 variations (considering color and size), as they are clothing items. It doesn't recognize either color or size in the variations and limits the display on Google. Moreover, the useful feature that allowed mapping what was size and color has disappeared.

I can't believe that two major companies like Google and Shopify, leaders in their respective sectors, could have such a poor integration. Many other platforms, even smaller and local ones, have a better integration.

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답글 Google LLC개 2023년 10월 3일

Hello and thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you have had a frustrating experience with the app. Color and Size are editable within the Shopify product page in the "Variants" section. You can also add new variants there.

Additionally, we are excited about some forthcoming features launching soon that will make it easy for you to edit products and variants from within the app. Please stay tuned for those.

We value the feedback and will definitely pass it on to the relevant product teams both at Google and Shopify. Thank you again.

2023년 9월 14일

This app doesn't allow me to complete the set up integration with google and YouTube. There is no easy way to contact google about this issue. If I cannot finish the setup or contact google for help, what is the point in having this app as an option to add to my site on Shopify?

August Moon Organics
앱 사용 기간 11개월
답글 Google LLC개 2023년 9월 18일

Hello there and thank you for taking the time to leave a review. First, we are sorry for any frustrations you encountered during the onboarding phase - that was certainly not our intention.

We do have a dedicated support team that is on standby to help you through any of the issues you are seeing. You can reach them at

Our support team should be able to get you squared away. Thank you again for the feedback.

2023년 9월 1일

This is the first time I have ever taken the time to write a review but the service, specifically, the lack of service of I have received from Google is astonishing. My story begins a few weeks ago when I began a PMAX campaign to advertise my company. Granted, these types of campaigns can take weeks to months to fully optimize. Completely understandable since it uses AI to adjust your bidding/targeting. In one week, I had spent $700 to gather data/show ads. In addition, my products were uploaded to the Google Merchant center as Google/Shopify HEAVILY push you to do this. I even began a PMAX campaign for the Google Merchant center as I had read this may be better suited to the products I was selling. This is where EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING went wrong. After two days of running the Merchant Center PMAX campaign in addition to my other campaigns, I received the dreaded "Misrepresentation" warning on my account. Since I am new to Google ads, I didn't think this would be a big deal and didn't fully understand the consequences of having this stamped on your account. I made adjustments to the site to try and be compliant and submitted the site to be reviewed several times until I was put on a cool down period. Again, I didn't fully understand what was happening and thought it would be something that could be easily fixed. That couldn't be further from the truth. After two weeks of calling/emailing Google almost DAILY pulling my hair out trying to get back into their good graces, I was met with NOTHING but "We cannot share the details of why your merchant center has misrepresentation listed, keep trying to fix it, you'll figure it out." No joke, this went on for about two weeks to the point I was going to pay $1800 for an outside company to fix my misrepresentation suspension. That is, until I submitted a question to the forum since Google does not provide you with a reason your account is suspended. I was told because my items are POD, I cannot list them in the store. Google does not specifically list POD and instead states, "Items must be in stock to ship". The items in the POD store are "in stock" and would show "out of stock" if they were unavailable. There is conflicting information from Google forum "experts" as I found some posts that stated POD is allowed and some that say they are not allowed. The problem goes beyond this as my Google Ads account was CONNECTED to the merchant center. Because the Merchant Center was suspended, my Google Ads was suspended as well. The only way to reinstate my Google Ads is to get the Merchant Center reinstated which is IMPOSSIBLE since Google doesn't allow POD in their Merchant Center apparently even though Google Ads DOES allow POD products to be advertised. Do you see where I am beyond upset? I spend $700 for a week of ads to be displayed to have the rug pulled out from under me and have both accounts suspended. I can't tell you the relief I feel that I no longer am doing business with Google Ads and their horrible, nonexistent customer service. You would think paying $700 for a week worth of ads would be enough to get some sort of response or customer service from Google. Its not. This is your warning, if you have a POD service or similar business structure, be very careful and do not upload your products to the Merchant Center even though Google will encourage you to do. You will be put into a doom loop essentially with no way out. I learned my lesson $700 later. You've been warned.

Max's Case Co.
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답글 Google LLC개 2023년 9월 5일

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback. I am sorry that this has been a frustrating experience for you - this was certainly not our intention. I did pull up your account and was not seeing any suspension. It is possible that some merchants have multiple accounts, though. In order to best help you, please contact support through this link where we have a dedicated team of Shopify-trained agents on standby:

2023년 8월 13일

Oh my god. What a struggle this app is. You might think that an app built by Google would be the perfect solution for including Google ads and google merchant account.

The reality is: it’s the worst solution. Attribution for ads is the worst our store has ever seen. Merchant account sync is the only useful thing about this. There is no fixing any of the Google ads or Google analytics problems. Their support policy is basically “screw you”.

앱 사용 기간 거의 4년
답글 Google LLC개 2023년 8월 15일

Hi there and thank you for the feedback. Sorry to hear you are having issues with attribution tracking on the Google & YouTube App. There are a number of reasons why GA4 conversion or attribution tracking may differ from other dashboards such as UA or Shopify analytics. You can read more about them here:

We have noted your feedback around attribution and support experience and will share it with the relevant teams. Thank you again.

2023년 10월 2일에 편집됨

NO support, Suspended day one, They want you to be a programer. The second I got unsuspended i got resuspended. Still have no clue why. "Set apps to use 'Authorized' payment status" isnt a thing


앱 사용 기간 22일
답글 Google LLC개 2023년 10월 2일

Hi there and thank you for the feedback. We are sorry to hear this has been a cause of frustration for you. Google's policies are in place to protect merchants and consumers. If you would like to learn more about this particular policy and how you can request a re-review, please visit:

2023년 11월 13일

Due to your product problem, the product ID in GA4 in our Google Analytics is displayed abnormally. Most of the product SKUs display the product digital code in the shopify backend. I hope you can fix this bug.

Hanna Nikole
홍콩(중국 특별행정구)
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답글 Google LLC개 2023년 11월 15일

Hello and thanks for the feedback. We will be sure to pass this along to our product team as we are always looking for ways to improve. We do have a support team trained on analytics standing by to help. You can reach them through this link: