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Continually asks to confirm contact page on site, which we have done repeatedly. It shows completed for a couple hours then goes right back to needing verification, again. We have multiple points of contact on our site. Also, will not let us enter Merchant Data...the only option is to create a new account.

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Google LLC已回复 2023年7月5日

Hi there and thanks for the review! We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble onboarding. We will reach out directly to see if we can get you setup correctly. Thank you for your patience.


I wish Google would work with independent distributors. Google isn't very user friendly with Shopify online stores who are distributors of products. These products have a logo and the company requires the logo to be a part of the picture. Google doesn't support pictures with logos, and therefore a lot of my products are advertised.

VJ Bedazzled Jewelry
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Google LLC已回复 2022年10月26日

Hi there,

Charlotte here from Shopify support, thank you for taking the time to install and use the Google channel on your store and leave a review. You are correct that one of Google's requirements is to have images that are free from logos or watermarks. You can learn more about this policy here: https://bit.ly/3f9mtvb. While Shopify does not have any control over these policies, I am going to follow up with you via email to see if there is any way I can support you further.

Charlotte | Shopify


Really easy to roll out and start using. Three main critique points:
Uses weird ID's in feed and ecomm_prodid making it difficult to work in tandem with other tools and supplementary feeds.
Second is a general Shopify issue: Bulk editing is very ineffective!
Third: No control of when products are synced, and which fields. E.g Google Product Category is not synced and sunk hours into setting them!

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Google LLC已回复 2020年4月15日

Hi there, thank you so much for your review today! My name is Jonathan and I'm a member of Shopify's Support team.

We really appreciate hearing from our merchants, as it helps us to continue working with our developers to improve the Google Shopping app.

There is a few points here to unpack, so I'm going to follow up with you directly via e-mail! Keep an eye out for that.

I will mention that we use specific Shopify Product IDs to help us clearly identify the product data that we're importing to the Google Merchant Center. This is important since we want to be able to easily identify what product data is from us and what product data is from a third-party feed.

As for the application failing to sync certain fields, this is certainly not what is expected! I'll speak to you more about this via e-mail and our next steps, but just know that all Google fields should be synced without a problem. I'm sorry that that error has affected you!

With that being said, I will be shooting you an e-mail later today with more information and next steps!

Talk soon,

Jonathan E. | Shopify Support Guru


Very bad app, the only thing that caused me was that my Google Shopping account were disapproved. Through this app you can't even install Google Ads tracking. I don't recommend it.

Empacadora Fritz
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Google LLC已回复 2023年8月17日

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to leave a review and feedback. For your disapproved items, please review this help center article on "checkout incomplete". It also includes instructions on how to request a review when you think you have resolved the issue: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/10249082?hl=es#zippy=%2Cstep-make-changes-and-request-review

Regarding ads and conversion tracking - this is possible by linking to your GA4 account. You can read more about that here: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/13494537?hl=es&ref_topic=13402337&sjid=16268134624840234208-NA

Hope this helps! Thanks again for the feedback.


Lot of issues with the feed, lack of support. I recommend not to use non shopify app if you can avoid it

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Google LLC已回复 2020年4月1日

Hi there! My name is Jonathan and I'm a member of Shopify's support team. Thank you for your feedback!

I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling with the sync between Google and Shopify and that our support team hasn't been able to resolve this problem. I'm going to take a look at your store for you and determine if I can locate the issue!

I will follow up with an e-mail to offer some more support once I investigate the situation! Look out for that message.

We'll chat soon,

Jonathan E. | Shopify Support Guru


I followed the process but don’t understand what I have set up. Some more information would be helpful during the process.

Huda’s Healing & Health
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Google LLC已回复 2020年5月21日

Hi there! My name is Jonathan and I'm a member of Shopify's support team. Thank you for leaving this feedback! We really appreciate hearing from our merchants.

I can appreciate looking for some more information about the set-up process! I have some great resources I'd love to share with you. I'm going to send them your way via e-mail, so look out for that message!

Talk soon,
Jonathan E. | Shopify Support Guru


Doesn't work well. Shopify, you built it, please fix it.

I tried support but that didn't help so I will write this review.

You have a mandatory field on the product page, why I don't know, it is called "vendor". Ok? Well some of us are small businesses who sell one of a kinds. Vintage would also have issues with this.

So you force us to add a "vendor", I have used my shop name. Well, Google takes that information and adds it as BRAND. There is no brand! So they punish me and keep asking for a GTIN etc. I had to go to the merchant center and change every product. Tick off the box they have, for "custom or vintage". Days later it is back to what it was!!! I assume because it keeps pulling the information from Shopify?

Why don't you add a box on the product page, where we can check "custom or vintage" because there is no brand and not force us to write something that isn't true? Also, product category should work as it does on Google, so we can easily pick category. I get warnings all the time, I click on the yellow google, the window to edit pops up and same thing there. No suggestion about category. Do you really think we know those long categories? I tried adding the number I knew it was, didn't work.

Your programmers are changing the dashboard weekly, unnecessary changes and not always for the better, how about fixing actual issues? Adding things we can use instead of meaningless moving things around so we can't find them?

Just asking!

I guess I may have to remove the app and try something else. i am not sure what to do right now. I really wanted this to work. I can't believe this hasn't been known before and fixed. So did you know and never did anything about it or weren't you aware?

Energy Peace Shop
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Google LLC已回复 2023年4月11日

Hi there,

Mario here from Shopify. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. We definitely want to make sure that you get the support you need and that your feedback is heard - I'll be in touch with you via email shortly to discuss this further.

Mario | Shopify


I have been using this app for nearly three years. There has recently, not sure how recent, been an update to the Google Shopping app that has changed to bulk editor. This change has not only increased the time to make bulk changes with an infinite scroll, but also while loosing some flexibility in the interface. Additionally, I noticed that a lot of my product attributes have been automatically changed without my consent. All of my apparel now says "infant" and all the genders on my clothing were switched to "Male". What a terrible experience. I will now spend hours correcting all this data. In addition to hours more spending on adding new items. Stop the infinite scrolling, bring back the page numbers for starters. It is too much data to compute with larger catalogs. Update on 6/1: This has been awful. The Shopify team reached out to me after my review, and after I spent over 24 hours of continuous work on my Google Merchant Center fields, to state they "fixed" the problems with the attributes shifting from Adult to Infant, and the Genders switching to Male. Their "fix" reverted all of my hard work back to its broken state of Male and Infant. I spent HOURS of my life changing them back to the right age group and genders. This has been terrible. Since I have highlighted this issue, their support staff has not responded to any of my follow-up. It's like they made my life more difficult and just forget about my business. Which has had an impact on sales due to this problem.

Plain Clothing Store
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Application pas au top, elle crée des conflits entre les produits shopify et votre compte marchant center ensuite votre compte est suspendue.

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Funktioniert oft nicht richtig. Filter werden nicht korrekt anzeigt. Bulk Bearbeitung schwierig. Farben und Größen werden nicht übernommen.

Leja Concept Store
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Google LLC已回复 2023年8月16日

Thank you for the review. For now you will want to edit variant color and sizes in the Shopify product page. Shopify actually owns the Bulk Editor feature and they are aware of the painpoints you brought up and while I don't have a date to share we expect improvements in these areas in the coming months.

If there is anything else we can assist you with, don't hesitate to reach out: https://support.google.com/merchants/contact/shopify_3p_support_app