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Shopify insists that they can only transmit one shipping option with the feed and that they have to send the most expensive one. The result is that a $10 item shows a shipping cost of $30! I can enter an alternate, more affordable shipping service directly in the Merchant Center, however it gets overridden daily by the Shopify feed. Perhaps they should outsource this app to the folks who developed the eBay feed - that one works great and transmits ALL shipping options and lets you specify the order that they are displayed.


It's not you. It's the app. I called Shopify support to see why google shopping was no longer working for me. There are a lot of things one could "try" but ultimately the API is broken. It's not working for anyone (as evidenced by the reviews here). So you're probably better off not spending a lot of time trying to get this thing to work.

Hootbooth Photo Booth

Terrible App. My ads have been down for 1 week because the feed API won't sync between Shopify and Google Merchant Center.

There is *no* support from Google - this is useless. I will try to reinstall the 'old' Google Shopping app because at least that worked.


Where is the previous app?????? This app is of no use!!!!

Flachsmannwatches Ch

You have to rechange the currency and all of that, only to find out that it doesn't even push to countries outside of the US? Okay...

Dynamic Lighting

The new Google Shopping "app/feed" is a total joke! Completely useless! Why fix or change something that worked relatively well?
1. Does not appear to sync.
2. Items with Barcodes/GTIN's applied, still "Not Approved".
3. Items with no Barcodes/GTIN's applied, "Approved".
4. No way to search the "Approved, Not Approved, Pending" lists in the app/feed.
5. Cannot export the "Approved, Not Approved, Pending" lists.
6. Should be able to access Google Shopping settings at the product level in Shopify. You cannot. Instead you have to manually scroll through lists in the app/feed to find an item.

Is this a Shopify April fools joke? How can a "developer" look at this app/feed and approve it? Unbelievable.

Cat Lovers Australia

WOW what a disaster of an app... I made the mistake of uninstalling the old app because I wasn't using it and now that I'm ready to tackle Google Shopping again this is what we have available? I'm in Australia so of course, can't use it because of the $USD requirement. My opinion is that Shopify did this on purpose so that we have to use the paid apps.

Top Notch Gift Shop

if I could give this new Google Shopping Channel no stars in a rating I would. Do NOT...I repeat...DO NOT use the Google Shopping Channel.

The feed is a huge problem. Does not sync well with Google.

Does not have the ability to send over both the MPN and GTIN numbers.

Multiple problems with data matching between Google and Shopify leading to almost our entire store (8000+) products being disapproved. It took 2 weeks for Google to recrawl the products after we spent hours "fixing" our products. We still have not regained our positions in Google Shopping.

You do not have an option to set up your shipping in Google. The feed pushes over the shipping tables created in Shopify. If you have multiple zones or tables set up in Shopify, the feed sends over all of the tables and Google gets confused. It then selects the highest possible shipping rate for your product to display in your shopping product display. I spent hours setting up zones and rates in Google, removing the API shipping feed only to have all of my work erased and replaced with the information from the feed that next time it generated.

This is a prime case of a company pushing out a new "solution" before testing it properly. They are now unable to make the fixes to make it work.

You have been warned....proceed at the risk of your sanity

Foudebassin Com

With the old app, no problem ! A lot of sales in € but with the update, my store must operate in the USD currency to use this app and I did not want to change my base currency to USD. I'm in France.

Vip Luxury Extensions

My store must operate in the USD currency to use this app and I did not want to change my base currency to USD.